Justin Forsett becomes "instant Pete Carroll favorite"

NFL_forsett1_250.jpgAttention, fantasy football aficionados.  (That’s the kindest synonym we could conjure for “geeks.”)  There’s a new sheriff in Seattle, and he likes one of the tailbacks with whom he used to contend at Cal.

Former USC coach Pete Carroll has taken a shine to tailback Justin Forsett, according to our good friend Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times.  Specifically, Farmer says that Forsett has become an “instant Pete Carroll favorite.” 

That’s good news for Forsett, and for anyone who may be inclined to acquire Forsett for his or her fantasy football team.

In his final season at Cal, Forsett rushed for a season-high 164 yards against the Trojans.  He added 45 yards receiving, for 209 yards from scrimmage.

Three years later, Forsett lands on Farmer’s list of 10 potential breakout players.  For the other nine, give the writer named Farmer (somewhere in Iowa, there’s a farmer named Writer) a visit at his regular hangout.

18 responses to “Justin Forsett becomes "instant Pete Carroll favorite"

  1. Good player and a good person. Finds the hole, hits it. Keeps his legs moving. The draw he ran in the two minute warning against the 49ers was amazing how he dragged several 49ers despite being 5’8 190 or something. Wish him a long and successful career. And to think Tim Ruskell tried to put him to the practice squad and we nearly lost him to the Colts!

  2. Forsett has always been one of my favorites, too.
    /Cal grad and Colts fan who wishes the Colts hadn’t released him

  3. This is old news. Now all the bad fantasy players will draft him (too early). Thanks a lot Mr. No-chin

  4. If Alex Gibbs can get that O-Line dialed in….. Forsett just MIGHT have a decent year.

  5. Tell Sam Farmer that when you dont have a local team to write about it tends to cloud your judgement. I can think of 20 other guys more likely to have a breakout season than his group……………………………and I am a CAL alum………….

  6. Pete Carroll also thought Lendale “Pig in a Man suit” White was going to contribute to his team…

  7. Carroll also thought Lendale “Pig in a Man Suit” White was going to be an asset to his squad…

  8. What’s Carroll gonna do when he finds out he can only dress 47 players on Sun vs the 112 he could dress on Saturday’s at SC?

  9. Thank u Pete Carroll….I think everyone in Seattle and everyone who picked this guy up off waivers knew this guy shouldve been starting last year…… The only one who didn’t was Jim mora, who thought Julius jones’ 2.0 ypc was better than forsett 5.0 yards per carry…… Thanks mora ya f’ing douche.

  10. I don’t care what anyone says, Pete Carroll needs to be punished. Why can coaches break all the rules in college and have no accountability? The guy is an a-hole…

  11. How can you call anyone a geek then try to pass off, “somewhere in Iowa, there’s a farmer named Writer” as a joke? Also your job is to report to “geeks” about what real men do with their lives.
    I think Ice Cube said it best when he said; “Check yourself before you wreck yourself”

  12. Same report said Forsett was sharing first team reps with Julius Jones in OTA’s. Mora was an idiot for not benching or outright cutting Jones last year. So far, he’s still in the mix with Pete Carroll.

  13. “attention aficionados” is more like “hey you dopes who barely research your fantasy players.”
    thanks a lot assholes…this was my sleeper RB next year.

  14. For the fools thinking PFT revealed a big secret.
    If you are worried that your league mates are going to find out about your sleeper reading PFT you are playing in a league with WEAK members.
    Do you really think there are not hordes of fantasy sites listing Forsett as a sleeper?
    If your competition is not checking out those sites to you are not facing any real competition. So celebrate your dominance over a bunch of novices.

  15. Florio says:
    (somewhere in Iowa, there’s a farmer named Writer)
    Holy crap. That line makes me wonder what you edit out. If anything.

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