Kevin Smith likes the addition of Jahvid Best

Kevin Smith has been the Lions’ top running back for both of his two years in Detroit. But the combination of his December knee injury and the Lions’ decision to trade up in the draft for Jahvid Best mean Smith probably won’t be the starter in 2010.

At least, that’s the conventional wisdom. But Smith doesn’t see it that way. Smith tells the Detroit Free Press he sees Best as a great complement to what the Lions are already doing on offense, not as the guy who’s there to push him out of the starting job.

I’m a competitor,” Smith said. “It’s not just Best. It’s any back that’s been in the backfield. I think he’s a good addition to the backfield, and I think he’ll be able to do some things to help us win games.”

Smith says he likes Best and is glad to spend time showing him the ropes.

“I’m around him every day,” Smith said. “We’re getting to be very close.”

If Best pushes Smith out of the starting job, it might be hard for Smith to continue liking the rookie so much. But for now, Smith is saying all the right things.

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  1. I like the maturity of Smith at this point. The NFL moves in directions quickly. I like Smith but I’ve never seen that killer instinct and second step necessary to take it to the next level. Hopefully he can show it and give the Lions one heck of a backfield. As for Jahvid Best, if he stays healthy he has all the tools to be the next very good back. He’s easily the best back taken out of the backfield, he has insane speed and he has great ability to make people miss in small spaces. Just needs to work on his blocking. If both Smith and Best show up in great shape, the backfield of the Lions just got really, really good.

  2. Kevin Smith knows that in the interest of prolonging his career past the age of 28 (Kevin Jones style), he MUST avoid getting an additional injury this season and he MUST make it through 17 weeks and still be of use to his club.
    Being the guy with THE starting job doesn’t mean as much anymore. Correll Buckhalter probably doesn’t care that he isn’t “the starter” in Denver because he’s finally healthy and he’s finally seeing consistent game time after years of injuries in Philadelphia. Derrick Ward did jack nothing in Tampa last season, but he got paid for it after being a productive non-starter in New York. Jonathan Stewart is both productive and very VERY healthy and it will pay off for him that he’s not getting more than 250 touches a season 4 years from now.
    Kevin Smith can do everything adequately, but there’s nothing flashy about his game. He would make a very good #2 back for any NFL team.

  3. Having a good attitude will pay off for him. Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart is a good example (not comparing the Lions running game to the Panthers), but having good vibes on the team is always a good thing.

  4. Kevin Smith has been a great member of the Lions since being drafted. He has always had a sense of pride (what?) about his team and often let’s those emotions get the best of him during games. But i’d take that any day over a lazy Haynesworth attitude.
    P.S. – Best is gonna be a stud.

  5. Who was the last offensive player that Detroit has drafted that DIDN’T get hurt within two years?
    I’m thinking Joey Harrington. And having him on the field hurt the Lions anyway.
    I’m calling it the Barry Sanders curse. Maybe Best will be a stud, but only for one season — then he’ll get hurt.
    The Lions are jinxed.

  6. They all better watch out for DeDe Dorsey……He will take someone’s position….LOL And he is 1 hell of a special teamer…he will block punts like none I have ever seen….

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