Pete Carroll "feel[s] responsible" for USC sanctions

NFL_carroll.jpgAfter displaying defiance in the wake of the NCAA’s decision to impose significant sanctions upon the college football program that Seahawks coach Pete Carroll previously captained, Carroll finally has acknowledged the possibility that a portion of the blame lands on his shoulders.

Carroll told the Associated Press, “I do feel responsible being connected with” USC’s sanctions.

The interview occurred in conjunction with the launch of Carroll’s book tour.  He’ll spend two weeks trying to coax people to buy Win Forever.  (Unless it’s about coffee tables, we aren’t interested.)

Carroll’s tour will include a visit to Bristol for what ESPN spokesman Bill Hofheimer described on his Twitter page as a “packed” schedule. 

Maybe Carroll will be paying Jim Gray to interview him there, too.

44 responses to “Pete Carroll "feel[s] responsible" for USC sanctions

  1. duh?!?!?
    “win forever”, yeah like with the pats?!?! seahags will be a joke this yr… again! 5-11, 6-10 at BEST!!!
    stay in college ball hack, nfl will eat you alive…… again!

  2. Well obviously. It’s easy to take blame when you can’t get punished for it.

  3. Well then its a good thing he did the responsible thing and left before he would face any punishment (sarcasm).

  4. Getting awful tired of hearing about Pete Carroll in the college sense. **NEWSFLASH** Pete’s a pro coach!
    If you clowns can’t help yourselves – and obviously you can’t – get this crap into the College Football Talk column….
    I doubt anyone will find it useful or interesting, because it’s all yesterday’s news anyway.

  5. Carroll is an ass who failed bigtime on the nfl level and had to resort to getting a college gig that he had to cheat at in order to win…….and then instead of admiting it he puts his spin on it by saying he “feels responsible”. No wonder he wrote a worthless book, he has plenty of experience at being a spin-doctor. He will fail again with the seachickens. Carroll and Lane Kiffin…..2 peas in a pod, fakes that have the ability to fool people who are suppose to be “knowledgeable”.

  6. Maybe Carroll will be paying Jim Gray to interview him there, too.
    And maybe Gray could ask him if he still bites his nails. he could follow up by asking if he still picks his nose.
    What a sham Gray is,

  7. He’s a dirtbag. He should have an individual meeting with each player to explain why they can’t play in bowl games.

  8. Of course it is his fault. That is why he ran back to the NFL. He knew that sanctions were coming. F*@king coward.

  9. You mean sorta like O. J. Simpson feels
    “responsible” for Nicole being dead ???

  10. pete gets giggly with his favorite college in the woods at night, then in gallops trojan man,” if you’re going to screw your school…”

  11. Win Forever ???
    More like Win While You Can, Then Skip Town.
    Now there’s something Pete knows about.

  12. I don’t know who the bigger douchebag is, Pete Carroll or Jim Gray.
    But since you should never trust a grown man with bangs, the verdict is, Pete Carroll!
    I can’t wait for the Seadogs to go 1-15 and this guy is exposed for the mediocre football mind that he possesses. What a phoney!

  13. “Feels responsible” because he is connected to USC is not taking responsibility – it’s still deflecting it. He’s saying “I’m not responsible, but I feel responsible because of my connection to USC”.
    What he should be saying, if he had any notion of integrity and accountability (which he professed to coach to his players), is “I’m responsible and accountable because I am the head coach. It happened under my watch and it shouldn’t have.”
    We’ve taught an entire generation to duck responsibility and accountability. We shouldn’t be surprised by the outcomes. Leaders no longer say “the buck stops here”, they say “buck, what buck, there was a buck – is it mine?”

  14. so what’s the over/under on the number of favre posts on this blog for the rest of the week? I’m going with 10.

  15. So Pete was in complete denial, UNTIL he had something to sell. What a whore! Good luck Seattle. I’m guessing the over/under for Pete’s tenure is 3 seasons. Give me the under. And in the spirit of college football, how about a little cheer for Carroll;
    Give me a “D”
    Give me an “O”
    Give me a “U”
    Give me a “C”
    Give me an “H”
    Give me an “E”
    What’s that spell? Pete Carroll.

  16. I’m surprised! He usually blames others for his lack of success….Must be hawking the book?
    Amazing, what some people do on vacation?

  17. Does that mean Pete will be returning some of his salary back to USC and helping pay for it’s sanctions?
    I didn’t think so…..

  18. wonder if he’d FEEL responsible if there weren’t books to be sold? no admission of course, no acceptance of responsibility of course, just a FEEL of responsibility, because, of course, it would take a MAN to actually accept and admit responsibility. DirtDawg55 was exactly right… all we do is teach our kids to duck responsibility and pass the buck to someone else.

  19. The thing that sucks is that some second rate college looking to have a program (Notre Dame) will still hire the douche after he bombs in the NFL.

  20. Duh? For real? Your also responsible for ruining the college career of a bunch of good kids.

  21. MrHumble says:
    July 13, 2010 12:21 AM
    Carroll is an ass who failed bigtime on the nfl level
    Getting slightly tired of this revisionist history. I’m no Carroll fan, but let’s keep our facts straight.
    He has a winning record overall, and made the playoffs twice in four years. Nothing stellar, I grant you, but there are plenty of NFL coaches who take that resume over their own in a second.
    As for the USC thing, I feel sorry for the players left there, but blame the NCAA for their hypocritical and antiquated rules, and the NFL for allowing this hypocrisy to continue by refusing to allow the creation of a true minor league system that would give players who have no interest in school and want to start earning $$ sooner a way to do so.

  22. prefab sprout says:
    July 13, 2010 8:11 AM
    Does that mean Pete will be returning some of his salary back to USC and helping pay for it’s sanctions?
    I didn’t think so…..
    Whatever those sanctions cost, it will pale in comparison to the tens of millions of dollars the program brought in due to the success Carroll had there.
    Does that mean USC will be returning the money it earned from Carroll’s “cheating”?
    I didn’t think so……….

  23. CheezWhizard says:
    July 13, 2010 12:35 AM
    He’s a dirtbag. He should have an individual meeting with each player to explain why they can’t play in bowl games.
    They all know why they can’t play in bowl games- they know the bank accounts and Hummers they have come with a risk.

  24. Why do you think he left. he is a creepy individual. cause a sanction on the team then don’t stay to face the consequences. he knew he was running a crooked organization. why do you think all those young kids went there. the glitz and glamor, how many others got kick bak fro boosters. they ought to fine carrol for his salary. the kids some of tehm are just as bad, they accepted the kick backs also, they knew what they were getting into, they are part of the reason for t the sanctions. or atleast thier predecessors. I do not feel sorry for the USC program. I always had a feeling their was kick backs, the glamor life. I woldnt be suprised if leinhart got kick backs also, the way he always portrayed the school. But I think schools ought to be hit harder for allowing this stuff to go on. like no revenue from TV for 3 years, that would hurt more. then these progams may get legit

  25. should’ve written the book about paying players and he’d be on the best seller list…

  26. Pete Carroll showed a lot of courage by admitting to his wrongdoings….after leaving to avoid any possible punishment.

  27. So wait, this guy is in his first season back as a NFL coach – which he failed at the first time – and he’s on a “packed schedule” book tour? Way to get prepared for the season, Pete.
    Good luck with this guy, Seattle…

  28. Cant we ever print the truth on this site, it should read as follows
    Pete Carroll in UNDENIABLY Responsible for the USC Sanctions.
    He banged the hell out of USC and then didn’t leave any money on the dresser as he left while they were sleeping.

  29. It’s just plain old jealousy…that people would still be so angry at a team that has nothing to do with them.
    See you on the field.

  30. Good ole Pete “Mr. Ed” Carroll — isn’t he a bonus.
    (Answer: nope)

  31. I know I’ll get hammered for this by the invisible masses.
    Pete gave us some really incredible years. The fact that he didn’t have enough compliance officers to catch a player’s family cheating is sad, but hardly enough to crucify the guy. I loved the fact that Snoop Dog was on the sidelines, and that I was able to go to campus and watch a practice.
    I know that if he had it to do over again, he’d do it differently. But Monday morning coaching is pretty unfair.
    It’s time to move on.
    As for Reggie….I wouldn’t mind if they un-retired his jersey and took his Heisman out of Heritage Hall. But it’s easy to judge a guy when he’s making millions of dollars. Back when his family came out of a poor neighborhood, it wouldn’t have been so easy. It had to be tough to look around a campus filled with the normal students’ BMWs and then go home to poverty.
    I’d like to see the NCAA set up the guidelines for the schools that won’t let that happen again. And then hold people to those guidelines from now on. Or, better yet, figure out a way to give the athletes a little more than chump change and a degree in football.

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