T.O. Show morphs from quasi-reality to sitcom

Last year, for the first season of The T.O. Show, I watched an episode or two.  I don’t recall much about it, and I definitely don’t recall that it was a sitcom masquerading as an unreality show.

So I just watched the first episode of the second season, and it was obvious to me that the producers have decided to make the show into a sitcom, complete with script and acting (if what I saw actually constitutes acting). 

What gave it away was the simple fact that T.O. can’t act.  He’s stiff and he’s wooden and if Terrell Owens can’t pull off acting when the character is himself, he needs to give up his openly-stated desire to become a star of stage and/or screen.

Making the sitcom nature of the show even more obvious were the forced circumstances, like T.O. “deciding” abruptly that he’d be leaving Buffalo after the 2009 season and going back to L.A., his two assistants expressing reluctance to that strategy even though (if we recall correctly) it was their idea to take him to L.A. during the first season of the show, his two assistants putting him up at their houses in L.A. in lieu of getting T.O. his own place (Owens accused them of treating him like he’s on “suicide watch,” a likely unintended nod to his well-publicized but long forgotten accidental suicide attempt of 2006), one of them making him babysit her kids, and T.O. having a box “accidentally” sent to his estranged girlfriend’s house so he’d have a Costanza-style excuse to go see her.

And there also was some “news,” to the extent that the script meshes with any aspect of reality.  After the 2009 season ended, he explained to his assistants, “Football is just over for me at this point in time. . . .  I don’t really think I can do the whole new team, new city.  This year’s just been not up to my expectations.  So, mentally, I’m done.”

Meanwhile, Owens has spent much of the last five months trying to get a job with a “new team” in a “new city,” and complaining publicly about the lack of interest he has encountered.

Bottom line?  His show is just over for me at this point in time.  I don’t really think I can do the whole new week, new episode.  The first episode’s just not been up to me expectations.  So, mentally, I’m done.

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  1. “He’s stiff and he’s wooden …” were you talking about his acting, or his hands on Sunday trying to set the NFL record for most drops?

  2. “His show is just over for me at this point in time. ”
    The T.O show is over now in more ways than one.

  3. Florio, I know they may have just gotten this new thing called cable TV in West Virginia, but the rest of the country is in on a few “reality” TV secrets. For starters the shows are taped months in advance, so he could’ve been mentally done when the show was being taped, then had a change of heart. Also, do you know how many horrible actors are having long careers in Hollywood? The Rock, Vin Diesel, Mr. T, etc… And speaking of horrible acting, you sir deserve an Oscar if you want us to believe that you only watched an episode or two last season, and are done with the show this season. We’ll see how many times you comment on the show as the season progresses.

  4. Patriots will sign him in November.
    Junior Seau will take over the TO Show for rest of season.
    Should be a view nice shots of babes on surfboards.

  5. I told myself I would not tune into reality TV. I have pretty much kept the promise to myself. I have seen maybe 20 minutes TOTAL of American Idol. And when they voted Tamyra Gray off the show (she wasn’t the best, but she was better than some of those who stayed on) I knew from there that the show was a farse.
    I did get caught up in the first season of ESPN’s Dream Job (season 2 was underwealming and I stopped watching that, too), but aside from that I have stayed true.
    As Snoop said, “I treat reality TV like 7Up, I never have, never will. Hey, yo, Daz…”

  6. Who is this “T.O.” character anyway?? Has he even been the least bit relevant over the last several years? I didn’t think so!

  7. Feel free to not watch the show like everyone else in the country. The show hasn’t lived up to your expectations? Really, you didn’t expect it to suck?
    That’s a you problem, bro.
    Seriously? 400 words on something so completely irrelevant?

  8. too many bad teams that are thin at receiver for T.O. Show to be over…though I must admit…Deion had more style….

  9. @realitypolice: “Seriously? 400 words on something so completely irrelevant? ”
    Dude, you read it. If it was so irrelevant and stupid, I guess YOU wasted your time reading it. And YOU wasted your time posting about it. And YOU wasted your time counting the words in the post.
    That’s a you problem, bro.

  10. Florio, for someone that doesn’t watch the show, you sure knew a lot about it. Quit acting like you’re not a closet T.O. fan already.

  11. Please let the time between now and anything newsworthy happening in football pass swiftly.

  12. “just not been up to me expectations” hahaha, there always tryin to steal me lucky charms

  13. You can tell it is the slow season and Florio needs some filler. A really long article with something barely football related, but that NBC check still spends…

  14. That’s too bad for TO that Flori-O stopped. That’s one less viewer, leaving none left. What channel is it on? When?

  15. I watched two episodes of “Survivor” back in 2000, which I believe was the second season. I was forced to watch a few episodes of American Idol and “The Bachelor” in the mid -2000s when I mooched several dinners off of these two girl roommates.
    That is the extent of the reality TV I have seen in my entire life. I cannot imagine anyone deciding to spend 30 minutes of their already-short finite life watching that crap.

  16. So, mentally, I’m done.
    truer words have never been spoken. Perhaps if you threw in “intellectually, I’m done” it would come across more truthfully.

  17. Watched it for 5 minutes, watched his African American female freinds give him crap for talking to a white woman and I turned it off.

  18. @realitypolice: “Seriously? 400 words on something so completely irrelevant? ”
    Dude, this is the sssslow season. If there were anything else interesting to talk about this wouldn’t have been mentioned. I know there won’t be any mention of this in August…unless the show gets cancelled.
    Chillax, dude. There isn’t much on anywhere nowadays. Give it a month. Our love will be back and Florio will have more interesting things to waste 400 words on.

  19. You guys are a trip. If you really have such a beef with PFT or Florio himself why do you keep coming here and posting comments?
    You do realize that just visiting the site is helping it, right?
    On topic, I’m an Eagles fan so you know I won’t watch this show for even a second, but I’m glad it’s getting bad reviews. Owens is a scumbag.

  20. I sat down last night with the intention of watching the two shows, Chad Johnson’s Flavor of Love ripoff and then TO’s show. I caught one segment where TO basically pressured this girl to go outside, and said that the cameras were off, even at one point having the girl go “wait theres a camera” and him waving t he guy off, only to cut to an over the shoulder shot. TO had the grace of The Situation after a dozen Jaegerbombs and badgered the girl she gave up the phone number. They cut to Chad, TO, and some NFL star i didnt recognize doing the “decision” and Owens goes “such and such girl told me we could hook up after the show.” what a dick move. I mean, I know these girls willingly sacrifice all dignity to do all these shows, but still, it reminded me of that scene in The Wire right after Carcetti got elected and he went on the tour in the Eastern District, and the cops basically entrapped some guy into buying 2 vials from a dealer around the corner then jacked him up like they nailed a kingpin.
    It was at that point I decided to go clean my rats’ cage because it made me feel cleaner than watching that type of television

  21. reality tv is funny and trash all at the same time ochocinco show is trash ,at least t.o can cry on q,and the two woman on there funny,

  22. “the producers have decided to make the show into a sitcom, complete with script and acting”
    Newsflash: all reality shows are scripted.

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