Farewell, George Steinbrenner

We recently pointed out that we’d love to see Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert buy the Browns.  Even more, we would have loved to see George Steinbrenner at the helm of an NFL franchise.

Steinbrenner reportedly died today after suffering a heart attack.

In our off-topic look at the LeBron fiasco, we also included a reference to Steinbrenner’s first appearance (in name only) on Seinfeld, when an opposite-acting George Constanza lands a job with the Yankees after accusing Steinbrenner of making moves “for the glorification of your massive ego.”  (The link includes video of Steinbrenner talking about his decision to permit the show to use his name.)

Via Jeff Darlington of the Miami Herald, Dolphins V.P. of media relations Harvey Greene previously offered up a gem of a quote regarding his time as Yankees director of media relations in the late 1980s.  “The phone would ring in the middle of the night, and you knew it was either Mr. Steinbrenner or a death in the family.  After a while, you started to root for a death in the family.”

Baseball, and all of sports, has suffered a death in the family with the passing of George Steinbrenner, who despite his warts and flaws landed on the short list of immediately-recognizable names in our entire American culture.

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  1. Biggest missed storyline here: He died in the last few months before the inheritance tax (death tax) comes back. Financially, there wasn’t a better time for him to go… RIP George.

  2. Love the Yankees or hate them, you must have respect for George.
    A moment of silence please

  3. Born Red Sox fan, condolences for George’s family/friends.
    As much as I hate the Yankees, they had the best owner in sports who cared about his fans and his team.

  4. I tend to “dis” the Yankees for their propensity to buy as many championships as they have, but I have respect for what George Steinbrenner did with the team.
    RIP Mr. Steinbrenner.

  5. One of the greatest leaders in the history of sports. Rest in peace, Mr. Steinbrenner. We know you’ll be smiling on the Yankees as they destroy the rest of this league again this October, for better or worse.

  6. Every team should have an owner that loves them as much as Steinbrenner loved the Yankees. And though it comes from Seinfeld, I’ll always remember, “I know, they told me…Ron Kittle…Ron Kittle.”

  7. Thanks for buying us all those championships Mr. Steinbrenner.
    Thanks for making the rest of baseball your farm system.

  8. RIP to the best owner any franchise could ever have. Yankee fans have been very very lucky to have George Steinbrenner. Thanks for setting the gold standard in team ownership/management.

  9. Can’t stand the Yankees. I’m a Braves and Cardinals fan. But that hatred is because Steinbrenner was so good.
    The love of the Yankees for many, and the abject hatred of the Yankees for many is probably the highest compliment you can give this man. He was the absolute best owner of a sports franchise… ever. (And he’s not in the Hall of Fame?)

  10. At least he got to see Big Papi win the HR derby before he passed…im surethat made him smile.
    Seriously though, RIP George

  11. Thanks for Firing billy martin. and hiring him back…. and firing him! etc etc etc……
    He was a true New Yorker, impatient for success.

  12. Another Clevelander that only tasted success after he left Ohio.
    You suck Cleveland.
    RIP Big Stein!

  13. he had Bob Shephard go first so he could be announced as he walked through the gates in the sky… that sneaky sneaky man.

  14. RIP from Boston. After the ’04 ALCS, he told the stadium workers to keep the lights on as long as the Sox wanted to celebrate; always thought that was a classy move.

  15. R.I.P. George
    The Boss did a lot of charity work, especially in Tampa, and he never talked about it.
    GO RAYS!!!!

  16. Whats funny is that Al Davis, Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder have all tried to follow the same business model. When you consider his impact on the NFL and other sports as well, you have to consider him one of, if not the most influential owner in sports history.

  17. I once heard that Ralph Wilson wanted George to go in with him when he was buying into the AFL, and George said no, thinking it wouldn’t work. Could you imagine how the sports world might have changed if he said yes?

  18. He ushered in new era of sports ownership. It is amazing to think that he bought the Yankees for only 10 million dollars.

  19. An amazing sports figure. His singular desire for winning made him one of the most polarizing figures in all of sports, loved and hated for all reasons. RIP boss, you spent your time here well and you’ll be missed.
    I hope more owners of more teams (any sport) have the desire to win as much as you did.

  20. If the old owner of the Indians hadn’t reneged on a deal to sell to him, the team’s fate (and MLB’s) would have been quite different with him at the helm. The man was vilified but he did his best to bring a winner back to the Bronx and he succeeded beyond anyone’s expectation. I think of him like Ted Turner, a guy who built a small market team into the powerhouse that it has become and I think of the possibilities of the Indians with him at the helm and I see a much different Cleveland, one that would never again be considered the Yankees’ farm club in the major leagues.
    Good bye, George, it’s been a hell of a ride. I will miss all the fun that you brought us and I can’t help but think of how I laughed at Billy Martin when he was talking about Reggie Jackson and you, “One’s a born liar and the other’s convicted.” The Bronx Zoo will never be the same. Rest in peace with respect from a non-Yankees fan.

  21. The man ruined baseball with his outrageous salaries he paid out. He bought every championship that they ever had. Jerry Jones’ name should not be mentioned in the same breath because the NFL has a salary cap. Every owner has the same amount of money to spend. You can’t buy your teams in the NFL like you can in baseball. RIP.

  22. One of the worst types of owners, helped to destroy the game of baseball when he started paying more for his pitching staff than some owners payed for their whole teams (because they couldn’t afford to keep up with dumb New Jerkers donating money to the Wankees).

  23. To the clowns who talk about the Yanks buying championships, don’t ignore the facts. Pre-free agency they won a WS on average every 2-3 years. Since free agency, they win on average every 5 years. Free agency has actually hurt them. 😉

  24. Hey Angelos, why do you think there are more Yankees fans than O’s fans when the Yanks are in town? Take a lesson from George, as much as I hate the Yanks and everything NY, he had his act together and spent the money to make his fans happy. RIP George.

  25. # mikellie says: July 13, 2010 11:31 AM
    The man ruined baseball with his outrageous salaries he paid out. He bought every championship that they ever had. Jerry Jones’ name should not be mentioned in the same breath because the NFL has a salary cap. Every owner has the same amount of money to spend. You can’t buy your teams in the NFL like you can in baseball. RIP.
    NFL Salary cap was implemented for the 1994 Season. Jerry Jones Cowboys won two championships [XXVII, XXVIII] prior and one championships [XXX] afterwards. Jimmy Johnson coached the first two, Switzer the third.
    In fact, most of the talent accumulation was a result of Johnson’s actions — not Jones. And Switzer’s win involved the most talented team in football, and Switzer himself stated he did not do much with the team himself. Read “Boys Will Be Boys” by Jeff Pearlman for more on that.

  26. Rest in Peace, Mr. S . Thank you for the 11 Pennants and 7 world series titles. It has been one hell of a ride.

  27. George is going to Heaven, where he’ll buy a house just up the hill from God’s. With a better view.

  28. from 1901-1975 the yankees won 20 world championships, one every 3.75 years.
    from 1976-2009 the yankees won 7 world championships, one every 4.86 years.
    so it isnt quite like someone drew it earlier…
    maybe he bought some of those championships, but they dont look to have fared too badly, championship-wise, during free agency.
    in the olden days, like the 50s, the yankees used to use the indians practically as a farm team. so, unfair advantage hasnt just been an issue lately.
    and from 1979-1995, the yankees went to one world series and lost it. those years were full of numerous manager firings and hirings and a goodly number of free agent misses to go with the hits. after george learned to calm down some, the team did a lot better.

  29. July 13, 2010 10:50 AM
    Every team should have an owner that loves them as much as Steinbrenner loved the Yankees. And though it comes from Seinfeld, I’ll always remember, “I know, they told me…Ron Kittle…Ron Kittle.”
    not to correct u, but….. Costanzas old man goes “what the hell did u trade jay buhner for?!?”….. And “Steinbrenner” replied…. Jay was good, but our scouts kept saying ken phelps… Ken phelps

  30. I like George but ESPN just got it wrong and it was BIG TIME. Steinbrenner was NOT the first to have his own cable network for his team, that would be Ted Turner, who took Atlanta channel 17 and put it on cable specifically to feature his Braves and then co-opted the “America’s Team” moniker and the Braves were one of the most popular teams in American. It was his fellow jealous owners who forced him to move his team to a regionalized network, Turner South but until that time, he had shown everyone how to do it. I hope that when Ted dies that Tim Kurkjian will do some research and correct his mistake but I won’t hold my breath (Mike Greenberg still won’t acknowledge the fact that the New York Giants AREN’T a founding member of the NFL).

  31. screw you florio, always and forever you complain about baseball, all the while failing to mention that baseball actually has surpassed football in terms of revenue. yet when its a slow time you have no problems throwing steinbrenners name up to get some clicks.
    I’m going to keep reading your site, largely because there is a HUGE lack of quality options and you suck less than most (don’t let it go to your head). Baseball IS americas pastime, its been that way for 150 years, 10 years of big NFL ratings does not change that. I love football and baseball and to see some halfwit like yourself run it down is pathetic. I’ve tried to keep my mouth shut, because this isnt a baseball site, but you need to grow and get past the agents that are paying for this site to exsist anyway.
    Grow up florio, you dont get ahead by running others down.
    btw, the fact that steinbrenner is dead is sad to hear for his family’s sake, glad he missed the estate tax, but it is really no one else business.

  32. George; now you and Billy can be together in the afterlife, except there Billy will be in charge.

  33. He never could pull the trigger on the deal to bring the high priced free agent to town.
    I always hated that about him.
    He will not be missed.

  34. R.I.P. Georgie.
    and to all the comments above me…buy this and buy that..zzzzzzzzz….If you did some research, the yankees have the most home grown talent on their roster in all of baseball, theyve had that for quite a few years now. Minnesota is second.

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