L.T. pleads not guilty, tells reporter to "grow up"

Lawrence Taylor appeared in court today and entered a plea of not guilty to third-degree rape, patronizing a prostitute, sexual abuse and endangering a child.

As we noted this morning, the not guilty plea came as no surprise, as lawyer Arthur Aidala had already said publicly that Taylor will fight the charges, and claims he did not have sex with the 16-year-old girl in question.

Taylor spoke briefly to reporters outside court, although he did not discuss the facts of the case. When one reporter asked him if he was guilty, Taylor responded, “Grow up.”

Inside the courthouse, as Taylor waited for his case to be called, he was heard looking at the gathering of reporters and saying, “It must be a slow news day.” He also said to a friend, “You’re not playing golf today, are you?”

Aidala told reporters that Taylor is doing well, considering the circumstances.

“Mr. Taylor is very much looking forward to going forward, putting this behind him, and going on to live his life,” Aidala said. “His family is very supportive of him; his business colleagues are very supportive of him.”

If convicted, Taylor faces up to four years in prison.

24 responses to “L.T. pleads not guilty, tells reporter to "grow up"

  1. Ironic choice of words.
    If he had just waited for his victim to “grow up” he wouldn’t be in this mess.

  2. 4 years for having sex with a minor, assult, prostitution, and endangering a child. Wow might as well just slap him on the wrist and everyone go home already.

  3. Aidala told reporters that Taylor is doing well, considering the circumstances.
    Well thats good, we all want pedophiles to do well.
    LT has been a scumbag since day 1, how anyone is a fan of that POS is beyond me.

  4. LOL, that poor child victim…I’ll bet she was a virgin! It’s a joke to even spend a cent on this case!

  5. I think statutory rapists should go ahead and remove the phrase “grow up” from their vocabulary.

  6. The reporter must have been 12 (like my writing) so by telling the reporter to “grow up” LT was willing to wait a few years.

  7. You have to admit the reporter is an idiot to ask someone if they’re guilty right outside a courthouse without knowing if any plea deal for a guilty plea had been made.
    Why yes Mr Reporter, I’m guilty, guilty as sin, so guilty you could never imagine me being innocent.
    Most of the press has become mindless parrots who ask questions based on the most stupid common denominator, and often ask them 10, 15, 20 times in a row after the question has already been answered one way or another.

  8. Why so many haters about the situation when it comes to the 16 year old. Why isn’t it possible that he didn’t know her age. Maybe most of you don’t know that a pimp is a “pusher”. I understand all the other charges, but the age thing about the girl should be thrown out unless she stated that she advised L.T.

  9. bet it wasnt the first time having sex with with a kid, just the first time he got caught.
    4 years is not even enough for that pos.

  10. See there in lies the problem L.T….when you tell someone to “Grow Up”, it does not actually work! I hope that is not what his attorney is planning on using for a defense.
    “But your honor, my client pleaded with the “victim” to ‘grow up’ and she refused! Hall of Famers are used to results!”

  11. @todaBrownsCRIBB: third-degree (i.e., statutory) rape is a strict-liability crime. In other words, it doesn’t matter if LT knew the girl’s age or not. Hell, she could have told him she was 25, but if she was under the age of consent and he had sex with her, he’d still go down for it. Maybe it’s fair, maybe it’s not. But it’s the law.

  12. Oh….The irony….A stupid reporter asks a stupid man a stupid question…And the stupid response from the stupid man….Grow up……Perfect

  13. LT would fit in at a prison weight room. Big and mean looking dude right there. I would not have the balls to ask the man if he’s guilty to his face.

  14. Apparently LT needs to grow up considering that he still thinks he is young enough to bang little girls.

  15. In Later News:
    L.T. responded to the next reporter with: “I know you are but what am I.”

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