NFL confirms review of Shaun Rogers case; suspension expected

The NFL has confirmed that the placement of Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers into a 12-month diversion program stemming from his arrest on weapons charges is enough to trigger a review of the case for potential discipline under the league’s personal conduct policy.

”Now that the matter has been resolved in court, it is being reviewed under our policies,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said.

It would come as a surprise to Browns president Mike Holmgren if that review doesn’t trigger a suspension. Holmgren said in May that he was expecting Rogers to be suspended.

“I think he messed up and he knows it,” Holmgren said of Rogers. “But I like how he’s working. Hopefully, he won’t make the same mistake again.”

Even if Rogers doesn’t make the same mistake again (and really, we can’t imagine mistakenly trying to board a plane with a gun twice), making the mistake once will be enough to incur the wrath of the league office.

10 responses to “NFL confirms review of Shaun Rogers case; suspension expected

  1. I think the worst punishment would be for him to take an IQ test and publish the results.

  2. I’m wondering if I’m allowed to be the Shaun Rogers apologist right now?

  3. sguy2130: The worst punishment would be for him to have to sniff your wife & your mothers vagina. Hopefully nobody would wish that on any man. Take care, dipshit!
    I won’t even waste my potential for carpel tunnel to respond to the other guys ignorant comment.

  4. Two games tops. As I said on previous posts, it’s not like this was his 3rd sexual assault allegation.

  5. I think sniffing their bicycle seats would suffice in this case.
    Sniffing Shaun Rogers’ jock strap might be far worse. If he can’t remember to check for a gun in his luggage…washing his jock strap in a timely fashion would be too much to ask.

  6. I think they should re-suspend Ben Roethlisberger! The truth behind the Dublin, Ohio golf incident was that he was pissing on Braylon Edwards’ hands. Braylon thought that would help him catch the football!
    Now that deserves a suspension!

  7. sguy2130 says:
    July 13, 2010 10:13 PM
    I think the worst punishment would be for him to take an IQ test and publish the results.
    You’re assuming his IQ is high enough for him to understand what the results mean…

  8. As a loyal Browns fan, I am practically begging that they DO suspend Shaun Rogers. Suspend him for the whole season. Better yet, cut him or send him back to Detroit or something.
    Last year, when he was out and Ahtyba Rubin took his place, our defensive line started playing 10 times better. Ahtyba is as good as Rogers, if not better, and for whatever reason, the D line plays better when Rubin is in.
    So cut that fat load Rogers, as far as I’m concerned. I’d miss the occasional blocked kick, but that’s it.

  9. Typical Browns player…”A LOSER”…just like the entire Franchise from the owner, to GM, to scouting Dept, to coach, to assisstants, to players on the active roster, to players on the practice squad….hell to the pitiful equipment manager…they just plain suck all the way around!!!!

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