Shaun Rogers placed in 12-month diversion program

Browns defensive lineman Shaun Rogers will be placed in a 12-month diversion program Thursday stemming from his April arrest for attempting to board a plane with a loaded handgun, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer

The program requires Rogers to endure a 10-hour weapons course and perform 40 hours of community service.  Upon completion, charges would be dropped.
“Shaun is appreciative of the consideration he received in this case,” said attorney Patrick D’Angelo.  “He understands that this is a serious matter, and he wanted to assure everyone that he did not act intentionally in this case.”  
At the time of the incident, Rogers told airport security that he’d “forgot” the gun was among his luggage.
The Browns and the NFL decided to wait out the legal process before taking action against Rogers.  In May, Browns president Mike Holmgren informed the Plain Dealer that he indeed expects the league to suspend Rogers.
Rogers pleaded not guilty to his concealed weapons charge three months ago, but entry into the diversion program is enough to trigger punishment under the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy, whether or not he’s convicted.  It’s believed Rogers’ suspension will cost him at least a game or two.

23 responses to “Shaun Rogers placed in 12-month diversion program

  1. Maybe Big Ben can get the same diversion program for his use or non use of his hand gun on the golf coarse. Oh, My bad, he’s been in the diversion program for years.

  2. The Rich: 12 Month Diversion Program
    The Poor: 2-10 Years in Prison, $100,000 Fine, Criminal Record
    Gotta love that Justice system.

  3. Why is it that every guy caught carrying around an illegal gun is a 6’4″ 245 lb linebacker or in Shaun Roger’s case a 6’5″, 370 lb nose tackle? As opposed to a 90 year old, 90 lb grandma? Fact is Shaun Roger’s is a “dumbass”!…….I FORGOT, how can you “forgot”………you have no brains!!!!!!!

  4. For Shaun a 12 month diversion could be anything from forgetting where he left his car in the parking lot to getting that next level in the video game.

  5. As long as he’s back in time to smack that rapist’s head into next week, it’s all good…

  6. A Clowns player getting into trouble, I was under the impression from the Clowns fans that the “bungles” “ratbirds” and trashburgh were the only ones that did anything illegal and were the Crooks of the NFL. are you sure this guy plays for the clowns?

  7. 4-6 games should be more like a season and no 12 month BS, prison time instead. This guy was CAUGHT trying to get on a plane with a handgun. He’s not smart enough to remember what he did with his handgun so he’s not smart enough to own one. He’s also not smart enough to walk around in public.

  8. I agree that he probably did forget it was in his bag, stupid as that is. But if any of us regular people did this, we’d be in Guantanamo Bay…

  9. He forgot it. That’s not hard to believe. I forget stupid things in my luggage every time I fly. It happens, get over it. If he receives a 2-game suspension, it will be too much. I personally don’t think he deserves any kind of suspension. It was an honest mistake. I mean he didn’t hurt anyone at all. There was no malice involved at all, and no ones life was effected.

  10. Dude, just say Gitmo.
    Wow. Fan’s wanting Rogers suspended for a full season. His crime was one of stupidity and neglegence. No one was hurt, with the exception of Rogers. He didn’t resist arrest, or try to get out of the charge. As I said, it’s not like it’s his 3rd sexual assault charge.
    2 games tops.

  11. This is great news for the Browns. I am happy for Mr. Rogers.
    Rumor is Rubin will hold-down nose tackle and Rogers at end.
    FYI: Rogers is the best Browns defensive player according to Madden 2011 LOL. (93 Overall)

  12. Do they have a SMRT catagory? if so is it possible to have a negative score?
    If you forget where the hell you put your handgun, why should you be allowed to own one in the first place?

  13. This is why they inspect bags. The system worked!
    I do not believe a suspension is warranted.
    As for the story — I don’t believe you “endure” a ten hour weapons course.
    Maybe you “endure” a 30-year prison term — but not a ten hour course.

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