Albert Haynesworth's trainer says he's lost 32 pounds

The Redskins have made an ill-advised (so says the 10 worst moves of the offseason in the PFT Season Preview magazine) switch from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4 front, and coach Mike Shanahan wants dominant-when-he-wants-to-be tackle Albert Haynesworth to take over the nose position in the new attack.

Haynesworth, as you may have heard, ain’t interested.

After skipping all of the offseason program but for the first day, Haynesworth has said he’ll be showing up for training camp, if only to avoid giving the team ammunition for coming after more than $20 million he has received in bonus money.  And since a team’s nose tackle is usually an athletic guy who also happens to be big and fat, Haynesworth apparently has tried to make himself less attractive to the nose position by losing weight.

His trainer, Tripp Smith, tells Rich Campbell of that Haynesworth has lost 32 pounds since April.

Listed at 350 by the team, he weighed 362 in April.  He’s now down to 330.

“I think he’s going to open some eyes when he gets to camp,” Smith said.

“Albert, he’s the type of person that doesn’t want to disappoint
anybody, but he’s very business-minded,” Smith added.  “I think it has motivated him
quite a bit, just seeing what his teammates are saying about him and
seeing what everybody in the press is saying about him.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Haynesworth is being criticized for a situation he created.  So while he may want to use the natural fallout from his selfish actions to fuel to motivate himself to prove that we’re all wrong for pointing out that he’s selfish, we doubt that it’ll work.  Haynesworth is motivated by one thing — money.  And unless and until he’s in a position where his performance directly will lead to more of it, he’ll likely be just a guy.

Meanwhile, it sounds like he’s preparing for another season in the 4-3, and not for his first year in the 3-4, which mainly requires defensive linemen to tie up blockers and prevent them from moving out to the next level, which allows the linebackers to get to the ball.

“If he can have quicker and more powerful hands than the offensive
lineman, then he’s going to stand a much better chance of shedding
blocks, throwing guys off and getting a quicker punch to them,” Smith

So, basically, it sounds like Haynesworth plan involves becoming the best possible 4-3 defensive tackle, in the hopes of persuading the team to switch back from the 3-4 or to trade him to a team that uses his preferred defense.

34 responses to “Albert Haynesworth's trainer says he's lost 32 pounds

  1. “Albert, he’s the type of person that doesn’t want to disappoint anybody,”
    Yeah, he will just take your $100 mil and run.

  2. OK, so working hard and losing weight isn’t good for you either? I hope the guy crashes and burns and takes the Skins with him, but this seems like a positive to me.

  3. Just because he is losing weight doesn’t mean he can’t be effective in a 3-4. Ratliff in Dallas is undersized and it sure looks like he is doing just fine.

  4. That’s hilarious!
    He’s forcing them to trade him, not that he hadn’t already.
    I wish I could tell my employer how to run their business and then just refuse to show up for work if they don’t do things the way I say to.
    It’s football, not Albertball you knucklehead.

  5. The statement that “Haynesworth is motivated by one thing — money,” seems presumptuous. It could be that Haynesworth is motivated by a desire for attention, or even a desire to be a great player, and that he sees NT as a position that will diminish him in those areas. I’m not a big fan of Haynesworth at the moment, I just think the financial-only angle is unconvincing.

  6. Maybe he can slim down to 300 lbs and play DE… Then the Skins would have no NT at all.

  7. So Albert lost 30 lbs.? Look in his fat rolls, you’ll probably find it there ;=)

  8. “I think he’s going to open some eyes when he gets to camp,”
    Yea, by actually being there

  9. Florio, multiple players on the Redskins have said that Haynesworth will be a 5 technique in their defense, not the nose tackle. Where are you getting your facts, because I don’t think anyone associated with the team has even insinuated that Haynesworth would be the nose tackle.

  10. Let me know when Haynesworth has lost thirty four pounds, then I’ll laugh and care.

  11. “Albert….he’s very business-minded,” Smith added.
    What business is that? The screwing your team out of $20M, and then not showing up for work bc he’s a selfish POS business?

  12. 330 is plenty big to play nose tickle in the N-F-L.
    Now, if he can match Mike Williams’ losing 111 pounds and show up at 250-ish . . . he can go on Dancing with the Stars next season!

  13. Florio,
    Very rarely do i rip on you for anything but your horrible hairpiece, but in this case, i have to tell you, your writing skills/grammar are absolutely terrible
    Do you proofread anything? Are you seriously a lawyer?

  14. 330 is still pretty big for a 3-4 nose tackle. I will bet you florio he is still one of the biggest players in the league. Losing 30 pounds could help his stamina.

  15. Taking a dump the size of Gary Coleman and weighing yourself immediately after doesn’t count.

  16. “The Redskins have made an ill-advised (so says the 10 worst moves of the offseason in the PFT Season Preview magazine)…”
    I can’t believe the Redskins did not consult with an ex-lawyer turned blogger before making any team changes. I mean, who do they think they are- professionals who have years of practical expereince in the NFL? They could have gained so much from a guy and his staff who spend much more time behind a keyboard than studying film and watching players.

  17. Smith didn’t tell, he told Rich Campbell, one of the better ‘Skins beat reporters.
    Give the man some credit, Florio. You’re quick to say it was Lavar and Dukes on 106.7 The Fan you talked to, or that the information was gotten through Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog.
    Give Campbell some credit.

  18. Hayneworth is a classic example of why it is never a good idea to be the highest bidder in the FA sweepstakes. The Deadskins will never come close to getting their money’s worth, the high contract gives Fatso undue leverage in any disagreement with the team and its too much money tied up in one position.
    I think of this as cosmic justice because the Deadskins broke the rules and approached Fat Albert before the midnight deadline so this is the consquence. Fat Al steps on another face, this time it was a team.

  19. Such knowledgeable and keyed in article writers and posters on here.
    Fact: Shanahan and Allen have stated repeatedly, once he took the $21 million check there would be no trade.
    Fact: Just after he skipped mini-camp both Shanahan and Allen stated they were disappointed but had no plans to trade him.
    Fact: the Skins have repeatedly said they plan to use Albert in several positions and most likely at DE and at NT only on long passing downs.
    Fact: with or without Haynesworth they have options at NT, Maake Kemoeatu 364 lbs, Howard Green 365 lbs, Anthony Bryant 376 lbs.
    Fact: the man loves money, his contract now has very little left to it and zero guaranteed.
    Fact: The Skins just gave him $21 million, they aren’t going to ship out one of the best Dlineman in the league at his all time lowest value.
    Prediction: The Skins can’t trade him for value right now, they’ll bring him in and use him at DE/NT just like they’ve said all along and hope he has a big year so they can dump him for better value next year. Albert, much like the Brandon Marshall situation from a year ago, isn’t happy but knows he can get out and get another big contract if he shows up works hard and plays well. Right now nobody is going to trade for him and give him big money.
    The best solution for both sides is make it work for a year, get a big year from him and move him next year when the Skins can get more reasonable return and Albert can get another big check.

  20. 12-4 Baby. Hail to the Redskins with or without Fat Al.
    Thanks for the laughs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. that is a perfect weight for a 4-3 DT, and would look ever so good in silver and black…….come own Skins, really screw this guy and send him to the nfl hell hole in oakland, so he can rot playing between Henderson, and Seymour…..that would really show him.

  22. ZJFR2 nailed it. Serves both parties for this guy to have a good year. Then trade em’. Hail!!

  23. Great! Maybe now he won’t collapse the golf cart suspension when they drag his fat ass off the field over to the oxygen tank.

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