Big radio week coming up at PFT

This is the time of the year when folks who have three-hour-per-day radio shows get some well-deserved time away from the grind.  And most of them line up replacement hosts with a high degree of skill and ability or, at a minimum, a really cool cigarette-deepened voice.

Or, if no one fitting that description is available, they get someone like me.

Next week, I’ll be sitting in for two of our favorite radio hosts (Sid Rosenberg already is concerned that he may have competition on the list).  On Tuesday, I’ll join Henry Lake for the second half of Paul Allen’s show on KFAN in Minneapolis.

And, on Monday, I’ll be putting into jeopardy every ounce of goodwill and sweat equity that Dan Patrick has amassed over the years.  (So much for Dan actually relaxing during his time off.)

Yes, from 9:00 a.m. to noon ET, I’ll be leaning heavily on talents of the Danettes (for the prep; they’re on vacation next week, too) and FOX Sports Radio Senior Producer Greg Toohey to keep me from looking and/or sounding like any more of a moron than I ordinarily do.  (It won’t matter if I actually look like an idiot; the broadcast will be radio only.)

We’re putting together a list of quality guests that includes NBC’s Cris Collinsworth and Rodney Harrison, and NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith.  So we urge everyone in PFT Planet to be prepared to dial up one of the many local affiliates that carry Dan’s show, to punch up, to download the free Dan Patrick Show iPod app, and/or to download the free Blackberry app (especially if you have a Sprint phone).

We’re also open to suggestions for topics or other possible guests.  I’ve budgeted plenty of time to prep for the show; the only challenge will be staying awake while watching the British Open, where they’ve wisely restricted any urinary temptations by limiting the presence of trees on the course at St. Andrews.

10 responses to “Big radio week coming up at PFT

  1. 1. Don’t let Chris in Syracuse onto the show
    2. Make fun of McLovin as much as possible
    3. Invite me to Milford so I can hang out in the Dan cave

  2. 1. Do not let Chris in Syracuse on the air
    2. Make fun of McLovin as much as possible
    3. Invite me to Milford so I can hang out in the Dan Cave too. Don’t be selfish Florio

  3. Call in some HOFers and ask them about Goodell and your proposal to add character testing to the HOF ballot. Then ask them what they, personally, would do to “fix” the HOF voting. I would be A LOT more interested in what guys like “Mean” Joe Green, Tarkenton, and Staubach have to say about it than either your opinion or Goodell’s. Those guys know that the press gave players a pretty wide berth back in their day and I would like to know how well they think they and their teamates would have fared if there was a camera up their ass 24/7 like it is with today’s players. Remember long before Haynesworth was tap dancing on Gurode head, Green was permanently leaving his cleat marks in Bob McKay’s groin.

  4. Topics other than Ben’s Urinary History might be helpful. I know Mr. Florio can’t resist a shot at the Steelers.

  5. Steve Smith & Channing Crowder… studio.
    Maybe ask Glazer to be your “co-host” in the event it gets a little chippy.

  6. You may be opionated and spend way too much time on the negative aspects of the NFL, but the sucess you have achieved is nothing short of amazing.

  7. Ask Harrison if he is still doing roids!
    Ask Collinworthless if he got paid when he played at Florida!
    Ask Smith why was Ben suspended 6 games and no black player who was charged with a crime got no suspension yet!

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