Brian Westbrook plans to play for "a good, quality football team"

Brian Westbrook remains one of the highest-profile free agents in the NFL, but with training camps opening this month, he says he has multiple suitors and expects to sign with the right team soon.

“My goal is to go to a good, quality football team that can win,” Westbrook told the Washington Post.

Westbrook says he’s been talking to “six or seven” teams, including the Redskins, and that he’ll sign just as soon as he determines what the “right place” is.

And when Westbrook finally does play, he says he’ll be better than he was in 2009 because he’s healthier than he was in 2009.

“That’s why I know this season is gonna be different,” Westbrook said, “because I’ve got time to work out, time to get in shape, time to train, time to be the best player I can be. There’s no doubt about it when I go out and I’m healthy. This year I’m healthy. No excuses.”

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  1. Ah… that explains why he didn’t sign with the vikings.
    (I’m only kidding Viking’s fans… take a joke)

  2. Westbrook has been talking to seven or eight teams. He is just waiting to see if any of them answers the messages he left.

  3. So that rules out Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, St. Louis, Tampa, Carolina, Washington, Chicago, Kansas City and Oakland.

  4. The Browns don’t want him…We have 5 healthy RBs and not enough room for all of them.
    They have as much a chance of having a stellar season as Mr. “I’m declaring myself healthy” Westbrook.
    His body has been beaten down and as we see over and over in this league, once it goes, it is Usually gone forever.

  5. I dont it says a winning team, and people are going to say then well why the Redskins . I just want to point out the Redskins where not that bad last season they played hard every good just came up a little short in a number of them. Also I want to point out that the Redskins “really” beat the Saints, the damn ref robbed the redskins in OT that was not a fumble.
    Also Redskins will be even better this season on DE and O. Mike S has turned that team around and they will do a lot better. The DE was already strong and now even stronger with Mike going to a 3-4, he knows what he is doing with that 3-4 DE.

  6. Washington is the best that’s interested. That is, unless Minnesotta really wants him. I doubt it.

  7. Easy there jrmbadger, VikingsPrincess will get on here and go absolutely ballistic on you. Princess doesn’t know how to take a joke and doesn’t understand that’s what the majority of this board is about.

  8. He’s waiting for an injury to a player on one of the top 8 teams….then he can get the $$$$ he’s been wanting and nobody has been willing to pay him.

  9. There is only one team and that team will need Westbrook for about eight (8) plays a game no more. How ironic that this team has the exact same playbook and calls as the Philadelphia Eagles……………it will be loads of fun to see Philadelphia play the Vikings this year!

  10. TheOne-
    That’s true, but you have to take into consideration all the injuries. The Redskins were the most injured team in the entire NFL last season. Especially with the offensive lines 10 different combinations. Not to mention some probowl players that missed most of the 2009 season. The back-ups got serious experience and will be better this year too. So with the addition of an actual coach, a much improved offensive line and a pro bowl QB you have to consider the Redskins a better team than what they are getting credit for.
    Its simple to talk smack when people know nothing about a team or players. But if they actually watched or knew football they would know some of the big time players that were not playing during the regular season due to injuries.

  11. You should have to have at least a high school diploma to be on these blogs.
    People that don’t understand grammar or can’t spell should be evicted.
    Oh, and by the way, it’s losers not loosers.
    As in all Vikings fans are losers.

  12. I bet he can’t even tell the names of 5 teams that play in the nfl let alone 6 or 7 he has talked too….
    dude is all done.

  13. “…he’ll sign just as soon as he determines what the “right place” is.”
    Translation: He’ll sign when he finds some sucker GM who is willing to overpay him for the handful of yards he’ll get as an RB2 before he gets a concussion in Game 3.

  14. @TheOne: are you serious with this defending of the redskins? seriously? they weren’t that bad, they just came up short in a few games? c’mon now. get over it.

  15. The truth is, I don’t think anyone wants him.
    I think he’s a liability. The difference between him and LT is that LT didn’t miss half the 2009 season with several different injuries including concussions. No one wants a player who gets concussions as often as he does.
    And the Redskins already have an old guy at RB – Clinton Portis. Why would they need another?

  16. @TheOne: Seriously, dude, re-read what you posted and translate that s*it for us. The only thing I could make out was that the Deadskins “really” beat the Saints. I don’t like the Saints but I do like them better than the ‘Skins. If you have to put quotes around “really”, it still means you lost and your justification doesn’t change anything. Loser teams and loser fans blame the refs when they lose. Your boys lost and they’re going to lose this season too. Get over it. Good teams win because they make sure they aren’t playing all 16 games that are close enough to be decided by a single fumble.
    I’m sorry I wasted 5 minutes of my time even trying to figure out what you were saying. Just say no.

  17. If he’s serious about going to a quality team then why is he talking to the Redskins?

  18. Beast of the east:
    1. I know a lot about football history. The skins have the worst combined record of the 2000’s.
    When was the last time they:
    2. Made it to the playoffs?
    3. Won a playoff game?
    4. Had a winning season?
    5. Please tell me that “Beast of The East” is not referring to that 2nd rate team that plays just off of 495 in FedEx Field.
    If it is, you need to change it to “The Bottom Feeders of The East” because that’s really what they have been for the past 10 years.
    And that is what they call a history lesson.

  19. SATAN567 says:
    July 14, 2010 12:47 PM
    Easy there jrmbadger, VikingsPrincess will get on here and go absolutely ballistic on you. Princess doesn’t know how to take a joke and doesn’t understand that’s what the majority of this board is about.
    Don’t worry about Princess, she’s honeymooning with Pervy Harvin at a Motel 6 in Hibbing.

  20. Listen up Mr Glass, the only “quality” team that is going to sign you is in the UFL or AFL. Actually, scratch the AFL, because there you would have to play both ways. Enjoy retirement.

  21. Pervy Harvin wouldn’t waste his money on a Motel 6, he will be happy to service you in the back seat of a car, or as he refers to it, his office.

  22. You got to admire the man’s love for football, but please, do yourself and your family a favour and hang in your cleats! Your health and life is not worth it..

  23. @BHindEnemyLines:
    Let me aid your history lesson:
    2. 2007
    3. 2005
    4. 2007
    They have won more playoff games than the Dallas Cowboys since 1999.
    Please remember the 2000’s are now over. A new regime has come to D.C. and something tells me that things will be different in D.C. with Shanny runnin the show.
    Bottom Feeders no more! HAIL!

  24. Joshington,
    “They have won more playoff games than the Dallas Cowboys since 1999.”
    Good job using a time frame where your logic fits.
    And where did I say anything about the Dallas Cowboys? Or Any other team?
    All I was saying was that in recent history, the Redskins suck.
    If you want to go with a Dallas vs. Redskins arguement, don’t start because you will lose.
    The series is in Dallas’s favor 59-39-2, 5 SB’s to 3, and it gets worse from there. The Cowboys have owned the skins in the last 10 years going 14-6, 8-5 at FedEx. The only record the skins have over Dallas is 2-0 in the playoffs, the last win was almost 30 years ago.
    So if you want to start, go ahead.
    But that wasn’t my point. My point was that in the last 10 years, the skins have sucked. Am I wrong???

  25. I wouldn’t mind if he was with the Vikings. He personally carved the Vikes apart in the Playoffs of ’08. The problem with him is the bum knee & the concussions. It’s hard to determine if your nugget will not scramble on a simple hit.

  26. Brian wants to play for a “good, quality football team”. Unfortunately those teams usually have good quality football players.

  27. Good luck finding a “good, quality football team” that happens to be looking for an old, washed-up, knee-less rb

  28. I wish the Eagles would bring him back … Lesean Mccoy isnt better then Westbrook right now n Bell isnt even close.

  29. @Beast Of The East
    How good were they last year? ……… That’s what i thought……

  30. BHindEnemyLines says:
    My point was that in the last 10 years, the skins have sucked. Am I wrong???
    No sir. They’ve been the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked!!

  31. if the Vikes get em. thats nuts.
    best backfield in the league.. I hope white ass Gerhart is sick too.

  32. The Redskins will be a better team this year no doubt. Its a good thing the Redskins sucked though because it can’t get much worse from a Redskins fans perspective. Only can go up from here and it is possible to see them do good this year.
    All who think the Redskins will be last in the NFC might be right, but could be very very wrong too.
    Redskins 9-7 battle Giants for playoff spot.
    Cowboys 11-5
    Giants 9-7
    Eagles 8-8

  33. Westbrook carried the Eagles for the years he played there. I think he was more important than McNabb. However, I believe the man is in denial about his health. If he plays I wish him well but expect it to be short lived.

  34. Honestly, I think that the Jets should’ve signed this guy instead of LaDainian… What they should do is sign him to a one year deal after these final eight rules wear off if nobody else picks him up cause I’m definitely not sold on LDT being a competent backup. I’d feel much better with the situation cause I know that between Tomlinson and Westbrook, one will be a solid backup. Especially if they wanted to utilize the backup RB in passing downs (like the role they mentioned using Tomlinson in), Westbrook was amazing at making plays off of check down passes from McNabb. Westbrook’s most impressive stats, in my eyes, came from his pass-play production. That definitely helped pad McNabb’s stats for quite a few years, just Westbrooks YAC ability. If he can stay healthy, I have to believe Westbrook has another year or two in him (though Philly probably did wear him down pretty good using him so much…).

  35. @ Route36West says:
    July 14, 2010 3:43 PM
    I wish the Eagles would bring him back … Lesean Mccoy isnt better then Westbrook right now n Bell isnt even close.

  36. Westbrook says he has been talking to “6 or 7 teams,” huh?
    Can’t he count? Or are the concussion cobwebs still hanging around? Maybe when his head clears, he’ll realize he’s been seeing double and it’s only two or three, and that none of them are very good.

  37. Who ever says the Redskins aren’t going to be very good are wrong Vinny Cerrato0 is gone so that automatically makes the Redskins one of the most improved teams in the NFl.. The Skins made the playoffs in 2007 and should have won that playoff game against the Seahawks.Last year was a disaster but i put the blame on vinny Cerrato for that.

  38. and another thing:
    Westbrook says he knows that “this season is gonna be different…because [he’s] got time to work out, time to get in shape, time to train, time to be the best player [he] can be.”
    This claim makes no sense. Didn’t he have the time to do that in seasons past?
    I always wondered about the notion that he is “smart.”
    He’s a quiet guy, but anytime he’s opened his mouth, he has “removed all doubt” that he is not the sharpest tool in the shed (for example, what about the time the Eagles overpaid him by 3 mill and he felt that he shouldn’t have to give it back, but only after a month of seeing other guys get paychecks while he didn’t? What a genius this guy is).

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