Michael Irvin gets a new gig

Hall of Fame former Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin will host a new radio show on WQAM in Miami, the station announced today.

Irvin, who was born and raised in Florida and played college football at Miami, will host a show from noon to 3 p.m. weekdays beginning July 26.

“He will be talking about all sports,” WQAM General Manager Joe Bell said, per the Miami Herald. “He’s a sports fan.”

Irvin’s co-host will be Kevin Kiley, who also worked with Irvin on a previous radio show in Dallas. Although WQAM says the show will have a South Florida flavor, Irvin will host the show from Miami only for its first couple weeks on the air before returning home to do the show from Dallas going forward.

30 responses to “Michael Irvin gets a new gig

  1. For a moment I thought it said he got a new “rig”. The old one must be pretty well worn out by now.

  2. Thank goodness, we finally get to hear what Michael Irvin thinks about Miami’s new big 3! ITS ABOUT TIME!

  3. Hey Mike-
    If THIS is not a wake up call to stop doing drugs and destructive behavior, then I don’t know what is! FROM NETWORK SUNDAY MORING PRE-GAME TO LOCAL MID AFTERNOON RADIO????

  4. After two weeks of South Beach in the summer, Mike will be returning to Dallas in a small cardboard box.

  5. This is great news. I liked Irvin’s radio show he had is Dallas and even though Irvin is a Cowboy homer, he is fair and he has the gift of gab. I hope they add Big Nate Newton to his new show as well..

  6. # robert ethen says: July 14, 2010 2:31 PM
    After two weeks of South Beach in the summer, Mike will be returning to Dallas in a small cardboard box.
    OR returning to Dallas WITH a small cardboard box with a KG in it!! 1000 grams will last a long time for ‘ol Irvin….. at least a month or 2!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. How the heck is Michael Irvin going to show off his garish, gawdawful, “Mafia don starter kit” pinstripe suits on a radio show?

  8. So he’s going to host a show broadcast in Miami from Dallas?
    Does this make sense to anyone?

  9. Party all week and still kick ass on Sunday.
    Irvin’s Cowboys partied harder, played harder, and dominated on and off the field.
    Three SB’s in four years after dismantling the Eagles, Packers, 49ers, Bills, and Steelers to the tune of a 10-1 record in post-season from ’92-’95. Look it up.

  10. # Popeye says: July 14, 2010 3:42 PM
    3 RINGS
    HAters unite!

  11. @Meatball13
    I remember it more like that green cement at the Vet ending Irvin’s Hall of Fame Career. The same green cement that caused a Bear’s receiver to get TWO ACL tears on the same play. The same green cement that was reason for canceling a preseason game .
    Oh well, what do you expect from a dump that had it’s own jail. Tells you all you need to know.
    Hey, anymore of you mensa members plan on getting tasered in the near future. That was priceless.

  12. @meatball13
    I seem to recall that the Eagles didn’t kick his ass into retirement. That joke of a stadium with green concrete masquerading as a football field did.

  13. # Quagmire says: July 14, 2010 8:05 PM
    5th caller gets stabbed in the neck with scissors.

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