Pete Carroll admits that, as to Reggie Bush, "something happened"

In a new interview with Andrea Kremer of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll talks at length regarding the controversy that ultimately resulted in seasons full of wins being wiped off the books due to the ineligibility of running back Reggie Bush — and USC’s failure to know (and to put a stop to) the fact that Bush was getting paid.

Carroll acknowledges that, when it comes to Bush receiving money and other things of value, Bush is likely guilty.

Though Carroll said he isn’t mad at Reggie, Carroll had this to say when asked whether he thinks Bush took money:  “I don’t know.  Something happened.  Something happened in there.  There’s too much stuff. . . .  There’s a house and there’s a lot of things going on.”

Still, Carroll insists that he didn’t know about Bush receiving cash or other things of value from would-be agents, at one point suggesting that the compliance department (which per Carroll had one employee at the time) was overmatched.  For example, when Bush showed up with a new “tricked out” Chevy and was required to fill out paperwork, he failed to complete the portion of the form regarding how it was purchased — and no one followed up on the omission.

As to the fact that Bush’s parents moved into a new house after being evicted from their last one, Carroll offered up an analogy that, to be somewhat kind, we’ll merely call “frickin’ lame.”

“When you were growing up, Andrea, did you have any idea of your parents’ mortgage situation?” Carroll asked.  “Think about it.  None of us do.  I couldn’t tell you now how my mom and dad paid for our house.”  (Maybe they were cooking meth.)

Carroll also resisted the hindsight notion that he should have been watching Bush more closely, rejecting the idea that Bush was one of the best players on the team.  When pressed by Kremer, Carroll claimed that quarterback Matt Leinart was the best player on the team at the time, and that Bush was “just emerging.”  Kremer points out in response that the team’s media guide for Bush’s sophomore year called him “college football’s most exciting player.”   

Carroll also refuses to accept the fact that wins racked up after Bush became ineligible have been expunged.  “They all happened,” Carroll said.  “Every one of them happened.  Every one of those games, every one of those runs, every one of those finishes to the season, every one of those championship matchups, all those kids did all that stuff.”

Yes, they did it.  And they beat programs with players who weren’t cheating — or, at a minimum, that didn’t get caught.

Carroll also insists that he didn’t leap to the NFL in January 2010 due to the looming sanctions, pointing out that the sanctions had been looming for five years.  But this argument ignores the obvious reality that, with everyone expecting the sanctions to come in 2010, Carroll’s move amounted to Indiana Jones sliding under the stone door and reaching back to grab his hat — and to give one last middle finger to the NCAA.

The interview airs, by the way, at 9:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday night.

53 responses to “Pete Carroll admits that, as to Reggie Bush, "something happened"

  1. Carroll also resisted, Carroll also insists, Carroll also refuses……….. I can feel “The Lawyer” coming out in you Florio.
    Any other ill feelings toward Pete Carroll?

  2. I hope Pete is banned from coaching in college football; ever again. This guy is in deep denial about his part in this mess.
    Accountability Pete, isn’t that what you taught your players?
    A rouge coach who ran a rough football program – he got off easy. It is the current program that is paying the price.

  3. Sure Pete. I think the only guy in America who’s buying this comical bs denial is his DBag apologist Pat Kirwan.

  4. Gawd – enough already with Pete Carroll & the college days!!!!!!!!!
    Move on for chrissakes…….

  5. What an idiot Carroll is. I figure he knew full well what was going on, but with the media constantly blowing some up his and the programs skirt (despite the fact that they invariably lost to some crappy Pac-10 team and had cupcake schedules) that he didn’t care.
    Also, that whole “Did you know about your parents mortgage?” thing is the epitome of awful.
    As long as he’s the head coach, I’ll be rooting against whoever Seattle is playing.

  6. We got the Bill Clinton of football, and y’all can jump right in line for a spot under the desk.
    Pete C understands that a dominant “D”, rock solid special teams and our insanely loud fans equals wins, wins and more wins. Hawk-ball is on the rise.

  7. Carroll knew what was going on or he is the biggest MORON in the entire world…end of story. They caught Joe friggin McKnight driving around an Escalade while he was at SC. How in the hell would Joe F’n McKnight have an Escalade as a “poor college student”??? Carroll is a scumbag. He got the hell out of there before the pooh hit the fan. The Seahawks job was such a mindblowing job that he just couldn’t pass up??? Really? It’s the friggin Seahawks!!! What’s next…Coach K gonna leave Duke for the Clippers job??? Urban Meyer gonna leave Florida for the Jaguars gig??? Pete Carroll thinks we’re all idiots.

  8. Funny.
    You guys really think, that Bush is the only one who is getting paid?
    Sure, because the poor kids from the ghetto and trailer parks can afford an iPhone and 350$ headphones, etc….
    Don’t be ridiculous, every college star gets something…

  9. Wukong, tour a idiot if you think these college coaches no everything that happens to its players, they have 100 players to coach, i don’t buy that Carroll new nothing, but i am sure the players hide anything they can, and everybody noes all colleges have players on the take the only reason USC got caught is it was winning to much plain and simple.

  10. Pete Carroll is dirty. Karma says he will pay for his sins. Maybe now, maybe later, but he will pay…

  11. There’s a huge difference between cheating on the field and breaking NCAA rules off the field. Everyone of those games and runs did happen and taking money or not wouldn’t change a thing.

  12. It just goes to show that when you get 1 college elite powerhouse you can always find out why they were so elite.
    Football, basketball…whatever.

  13. Wow!! All this cause some kid playing college football got paid on the side!!! Whatever he received wasn’t a drop in the bucket compared to what USC gained financially. And this comment is total bs…….
    “Yes, they did it. And they beat programs with players who weren’t cheating…..”
    You make it sound like what happened some how gave them an advantage on the feild. Taking money is not a performance enhancing activity!! They won cause they were the better team on the feild!!! The whole ncaa sports organization deserves a big middle finger for the way they get paid off these kids. Just look at the issue with the bowl games… they will never give a chance to let the best teams fight it out cause it would take money from their pockets. That’s looking out for themselves not the athletes. And then when one of the athletes looks out for themselves or their familys all of sudden it’s like the devil himself came up out of hell. Wow… ridiculous and very hypocritical!!

  14. Why is it Pete Caroll’s fault because Reggie Bush just couldnt follow the rules? Is it Mike Tomlin’s fault because Big Ben can’t keep his johnson in his pants?

  15. What a tool. This is so transparent and slimy. Finally, coming out and giving interviews and offering some color on this crap. Amazing how this coincides with the punk releasing his new book.
    Hey, look at me, look at me….I got something to say…oh…btw…buy my book.
    what a punk.

  16. @ jaxeagle
    Why do you think he’ll be fired in two years? Don’t you think he’ll be successful? After all, he has alot of experience with highly paid athletes…

  17. Yes, they did it. And they beat programs with players who weren’t cheating — or, at a minimum, that didn’t get caught.
    While I get paying “amateur” athletes is against NCAA regulations (though not IOC regulations, mind you), how exactly is Bush getting paid being constituted as “cheating”? If being paid obscene amounts of money was enough to make you a better ball player, JaMarcus Russell would be an elite QB.

  18. Wukong says:
    July 14, 2010 12:56 AM
    As long as he’s the head coach, I’ll be rooting against whoever Seattle is playing.
    Judging by the tone of your post, I think you meant that you’ll be rooting FOR whoever Seattle is playing.

  19. Carroll is a weasel and he will get his this year with the niners pounding them with ease as Taylor mays will light them up. Fitting for the sea hawks tho, mora jr has to be smiling somewhere.

  20. “Yes, they did it. And they beat programs with players who weren’t cheating — or, at a minimum, that didn’t get caught.”
    Yea, because a new car and a house for mom and dad definately gives you a leg up on the football field. Rediculous!

  21. Carroll’s not a complete fool, so “willful ignorance” is the best argument that I could possibly accept from him.
    As far as the claim that the compliance department was overmatched and staffed with only one person, that in and of itself is evidence that USC lacked institutional control. A school as wealthy as USC could have afforded a full and competent compliance staff, but chose not to do so. Bowling Green probably has several people dealing with compliance; you don’t think USC was willfully ignoring compliance issues by intentionally understaffing that department?

  22. I really could care less about NCAA football because it is just as silly as the ufl, cfl, and arena league, but the fact that you say they beat programs with players who weren’t cheating — or, at a minimum, that didn’t get caught. As if Bush taking a house and a car had anything to do with THE TEAM’S on-field performance is laughable. You are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole there mikey. There is no correlation.

  23. – “Yes, they did it. And they beat programs with players who weren’t cheating — or, at a minimum, that didn’t get caught.”
    This made all of those kids on that team better and stronger than any other team! What jackass thought of that? Whether Bush took money or not had nothing to do with winning or losing the games that the team itself played. Sometimes I seriously think you jackleg reporters are complete idiots.

  24. I know my dad actually had to go to work each day to pay for the house. Was his dad working every day??? Also, there is no way the compliance department had these players fill out the forms themselves and if they did not check them. They have people taking tests and doing homework for these players but they let them fill out compliance forms by themselves and not check them. Makes no sense. Pete knew.

  25. Wow. Just wow. Why do we still cover Carroll? He’ll be out of the NFL soon enough.

  26. Pete Carroll is a world class douche.
    But even if you give him a pass on Reggie Bush ( and most won’t) he has no excuse for breaking NCAA rules by hiring Pete Rodriquez as a special teams coach (USC already had the max number of coaches allowed) and trying to hide him as a “consultant”. That was 100% ALL Pete’s doing and that little incident was a big part of why the NCAA dropped a hammer on the school.
    Of course the fact they have a complete incompetent masquerading as “Athletic Director” ain’t helping either…..

  27. As to why it’s cheating for players to get paid by someone not directly connected to the program, it becomes a helluvalot easier to recruit the best of the best players if word gets out among the recruits (and surely it will) that you can go to USC get cars and money and houses and no one from the school will give you a hard time about it.

  28. @tk1966 this is true, but based on his New England track record I was trying to be somewhat kind.

  29. Have fun Seattle. but on the bright side, you’ll get the next 3 first picks in the nfl draft

  30. Steve Carroll is a bigger P.O.S. than a Roethlisberger/Haynesworth/Vick sandwich….can not believe he’s not going to get in any trouble for tarnishing that program

  31. “For example, when Bush showed up with a new “tricked out” Chevy and was required to fill out paperwork, he failed to complete the portion of the form regarding how it was purchased — and no one followed up on the omission.”
    The NCAA should use this description as part of the definition of “Lack of Institutional Control”.

  32. “As to why it’s cheating for players to get paid by someone not directly connected to the program, it becomes a helluvalot easier to recruit the best of the best players if word gets out among the recruits (and surely it will) that you can go to USC get cars and money and houses and no one from the school will give you a hard time about it.”
    Again you are really reaching on this point. For one it did get out, it always does. B. No one in the right mind would actually tell a recruit, “Hey if you come to USC and play good somebody will pay you.”

  33. poor kid rich kids if your a dominant player you will get perks,regardless of your economic status,matt leinart you think he took public transportation when he needed to go somewhere,he didnt want for nothing at sc,mike williams too and some of the studs on defense,the NCAA should stop trying to foolus in believing this is a amateur sports division 1 college ball isnt amateur

  34. Wow. You U$C apologists are amazing.
    U$C was forced to vacate their wins for a reason…they cheated repeatedly. People say, “the free cars didn’t win those games…”
    No. But those free cars did get players to come to U$C to play.
    U$C fans: your team cheated. Now take your medicine, and shut up.

  35. The comments about ‘Karma’ kill me the most!
    Bush took the money, and just got a Super bowl ring…How’s that for Karma!?
    All you half wit’s hating on Pete for what these guys did behind his back is comical.
    HE wasn’t paying ANYONE!
    To think that a head coach at one of the biggest football university’s in the country would have time to personally monitor everything every player was doing while not playing the game is just asinine.
    Pete was doing his job, and all of those winning season are a testament to that.
    It was never Pete’s job to ‘babysit’ each and every player.
    If players like Bush were taking money and other perks from people associated with agents, then thats on them.
    Love him or hate him, Pete has proven him self to be a good coach, and weather that translates over to the NFL this time around is yet to be seen.
    It’s pretty funny that all of this is about getting paid…Because thats what Pete did do.

  36. the people defending him are absolutely hilarious. it doesn’t matter if paying reggie enhanced his performance or not, it was still against the rules, thus it’s cheating. they got caught cheating so they get penalized. what is so hard to accept about that?
    carroll comes across as a total and unbelievable moron with his comments. usc must have some minimum stupid and scheister requirement for football coaches.

  37. I’m not going to excuse what Reggie did but Pete’s right, those runs would have still happened whether Reggie was getting paid or not (Did it hurt the guys at SMU — I don’t think so).

  38. Frickin Lame? Cooking Meth? This site has become nothing more than a Tabloid gossip site. Approach your opinions with a little professionalism.

  39. I’m confused – by reading all these posts, it seems Pete Carroll is more the “ex-coach of the USC Trojans” than he is the current coach of the Seattle Seahawks.
    Get over it, everybody.

  40. Some people just don’t get it. The fact that Bush accepted gifts and other forms of compensation as a student athlete automatically makes him ineligible. It would be the same as if he received academic probation for failing or not attending class. Both instances result in a player being ineligible for a game. So for all you mongoloids who don’t understand what the big deal about Bush’s situation is, just pretend he never went to school. The result is the same.

  41. i like steve miller’s line to the sheriff for this one…
    ncaa sheriff looks in the car and says Is that you petey trojan carroll in a very deep voice, and petey says yes sir brother ncaa sheriff, and that’s your wife in the back seat of my car…
    cause he’s a gangster… and he and the ncaa sheriff’s wife headed out to seattle…..
    and everyone makes money but the bit players.

  42. @ toe-to-toe bird law:
    I think people get the severity of Bush’s infraction. What many people don’t get is why Pete Carroll is an automatic cheater for Bush’s own grown-up adult decisions.
    I don’t hear anyone outraged that Rick Neuheisel is still employed in College football. Actually, he’s not just employed, he’s a coach of a major Div. I team (something that Florio says Carroll will never have the opportunity to do again because of this), after admitting to committing several recruiting violations and in his own words “cutting corners.”
    However, after reading PFT’s numerous Pete Carroll-jabbing stories over the past weeks and months, I get it now. Florio simply hates Carroll, regardless of what he’s done. He’s actually pretty obsessed with him. Kind of funny, now.

  43. toe-to-toe bird law says:
    Some people just don’t get it.
    And if he hadn’t accepted the gifts, would those runs have not happened? Again, I’m not excusing him for his actions…

  44. What’s the “cooking meth” comment all about? That’s a classless and tasteless bit of commentary, Florio. Are you insinuating that Carroll does crystal meth? Or that his parents do? What kind of a comment is that to make? You missed the mark on that one big time. You should have to apologize for saying crap like that.

  45. If you get caught cheating in college as a player or coach you should be suspended in from any fottball like you college! Including working on a tv show!

  46. Interesting a reporter can write a story about USC wrongdoings when he himself lies in his articles. Reggie Bush’s car was not “new” as he claims, nor was it “tricked out” as he claims. It was a $13k 1996 Chevy Impala. (check the facts) It was tricked out AFTER Reggie declared for the NFL draft. I guess Reggie can’t break any rules, but an NBC reporter can lie and cheat for better ratings??? Was this article written by a professional reporter? Or a UCLA/Notre Dame student???

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