Report: "No chance" 49ers will extend Franklin

The deadline for NFL teams to sign franchise players to long-term extensions is Thursday.  

According to NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora, the 49ers have “no chance” of getting a deal done with nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin, who was given the one-year, $7.003 million designation this winter.

La Canfora says the Niners would like to extend Franklin’s contract eventually.  They’ll just have to wait until after the season to do it.
Franklin skipped the entire offseason program, though head coach Mike Singletary indicated last month that Franklin’s absence was not unexpected.
Franklin’s plans for training camp remain unclear.

13 responses to “Report: "No chance" 49ers will extend Franklin

  1. I like this idea because Franklin seems like the type of guy who could easily slack off once he hits it big.

  2. If I were him I would sit out too.
    If he tries to be a “good guy” and gets hurt…
    he’s on his own.
    They would have never franchised him if they didn’t think he was worth it.
    Those CBA negotiations must be a billion miles apart.

  3. he wont sit out, hes gonna make 7 mil this year, he only made 6 mil in his 3 years with the team

  4. Wont matter what he does…. with Alex Smith and David Carr as your Qbs “You aint goin nowhere!”

  5. Hey raiderrob.
    You are just setting yourself up for some hatin on the raiders. Who’s going to catch the ball in Oakland Heyward-Bey? Who is going to throw him the ball Kyle Boller? Jason Campbell?

  6. Nevermind baturrob21*in one day! He has nothing else in his to do but watch dirty movies and hate on the 5 time superbowl champs who run the BAY!

  7. Where to begin with raiderrob? The lack of his ability to put an apostrophe in the word “wont” or his use of a double negative to say that the Niners actually ARE going somewhere. I guess he’s just too lazy to hit that extra key in the keyboard. And what’s with the quotation marks on the “ain’t goin nowhere” anyway? Is he quoting himself? That’s about as dumb as referring to oneself in the third person. Oh well, typical Raider fan, lazy, ignorant, delusional.

  8. I really feel like the fans got sold a lot of BS about this uncapped year by the owners, and a lack of real investigation from the media. Before the off season everyone was talking like teams would be spending big!
    Not that anything could have been done about it, but it sucks for the fans. I have to give PFT credit though, you guys have been shining a light on the situation for a while now.
    We need them to stop messing around and get a deal done already!

  9. Haha, you guys are too funny. I love how niner fans never rise to the challenge. First off I will agree that raiderbob is not very good with his punctuation or his stupidity with the self quoting. However he does raise a good a point. You guys are going to be the same team you were last year. Case in point. Lets be real, you guys have been mediocre at best the last ten years in probably one of the most pathetic divisons in football. You guys constantly miss the playoffs but sit over on the other side of the bay like your shit doesn’t smell like everybody else. Its pretty sad. And trying to say either of your qb’s are better than cambell? then you truly live in a fictional reality. Grow up whinners and enjoy the cheese and wine. You guys are pretty much guranteed to make the playoffs for the first time in forever due to the fact that your division is garbage!

  10. @ Black&SlvrDouchebag
    forget breaking down the logic as to why there SHOULD be improvement in 2010, because ur never gonna understand it.
    Instead, just recall that within the decade, the Rams, Seahawks and Cards made it to the Super Bowl. Not bad for such a garbage division.
    Outside of the Seahawk’s, the others were in a legitimate position to win – unlike your game with Tampa… if u wanna even call it a game.
    Shitting on the NFC West, when u represent the likes of the Cheifs and Bronco’s, oh and how can I forget? OAKLAND!! – Your division is pretty weak.
    Since 2002 – when we BOTH made the playoffs, the Bay area was in rebuilding mode. With some questionable drafts on both sides, it’s fair to say that the niners have improved. You’ve acquired some talent as well, and seem poised to take the next step, but head to head, we’re much more complete.
    If you haven’t watched the niner games last season, they competed every week. But not to worry, u can catch them on Prime Time this season..

  11. Your divsion within the last five years has been horrible minus say the cardinals. I also love how you forgot to acknowledg the Chargers (who will shove it up all four teams rear ends). The chiefs and broncos will also school much of your division this season, don’t forget we play each other in the regular season. So what will your excuse be when the Raidas beat you in the regular season. Im not disillusioned fan by any means, raiders will be leaps and bounds better than the last seven years guranteed! I expect 8-8 record with maybe 9 wins at the most.
    Lets take a look, what have the seahawks and the rams done lately? They may have been good years ago but the last few seasons have SUCKED. Your niners are the biggest underacheivers in the divison. You actually have a good team but can never get it done when it matters and havent been able to get it done since the Young era. So get off your high horse and come back to reality. If you guys fail this season than you truly are screwed because your chances at the palyoffs are pretty much gonna be handed to you guys this year.

  12. Obviously the Chargers are legit, but outside of that, you can’t possibly think that the rest are even remotely “elite”.. not even close my friend. Every team has to go through a rebuilding process – nobody stays on top for long and that applies all across the league, in every sport – just so happens that both the AFC and NFC West fell off at the same time. Listen, as u said – we play one another this season, so i’ll stop with the speculation – the better team will win. Good luck!

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