Cross the Chiefs off T.O.'s list

NFL_haley.jpgThough receiver Terrell Owens wants badly to find a new job in the NFL, he has some places where he definitely wouldn’t go.

As Joe Brocato points out at the tail end of a to-be-posted PFTV segment, the 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, and Bills most likely aren’t on his list — primarily because he most likely isn’t on theirs.

But other teams needed to be added, due to the reality that men with whom he has been associated in San Fran, Philly, Dallas, and Buffalo have moved on to other franchises.  In Minnesota, for example, former Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress likely has no interest in reuniting with a man who once told Chilly not to talk to T.O. unless T.O. speaks to Chilly first.

Then there’s Kansas City, where former Cowboys receivers coach Todd Haley patrols the sidelines.  The duo had a dust-up in 2006, with T.O. teeing off on Haley in the aftermath of the brouhaha. 

“There will be no more friendly nothing because I don’t trust anybody
like that
,” Owens said. “I will go out and practice hard.  I will
respect him as a coach, and he should respect me as a player. Anything
outside of that I am not going to be able to deal with.  Right
now, we are merely coworkers, and that’s it.”

They won’t be coworkers again.  In an interview with 96.5 The Buzz in Kansas City (via, Owens said he won’t be playing for the Chiefs.  “Me and Todd Haley, we don’t get along,” Owens said.

Of course, it’s not as if Haley would want to deal with T.O., either. 

As a result of Owens’ past actions, he’s essentially dealing with a 20-team league, at most.  Though we still think he’ll eventually get a job, his reputation not only will result in some teams being hesitant; it’ll also result in plenty shouting “hell no.”

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  1. Good, he should not go to another weak team. TO wont’s to win not just making money and I think him saying that proves it.
    I hope SD, Panthers, Pats, Redskins look to pick him up. Those are teams building to win and that could use him. SD since VJ is missing 3 games and maybe holding out. Pats really could use more then Moss since Welker status is really unknown. Also Redskins well they only have Moss as well. For the Panther they only have Steve Smith and he just broke his arm and who knows how he will do during the season from this. Even the Raiders are looking better and better and could use some help at the WR spot for Jason Campbell.
    Go T.O.!!!!

  2. Idiot better play where ever they’ll let him play!!! He’s not good enought any more to pick & choose!!!

  3. Lots of ifs most likelys and speculation Gloryhole. Then again what else should we expect from you. Let me help. MONEY! Someone offers enough money, no matter if its a team on your “LIST” or not he will go. Also injury to a #1 or #2 receiver on any team, they will be calling TO. Go get some facts and quit speculating.

  4. TO
    look at you know. sucha dick bag that the NFL doesnt even care you can still catch 10td’s or get 1000 yards. no one wants a loud mouth bitch on the sidelines. which is why i dont understand ESPN and all these ugly sideline reporters.
    this should be a lesson to all you overpaid shit talkin trouble makers in the league

  5. Can we say “Burnt Bridges”? This is what happens when you let your mouth overload your ass Owens. You aren’t the only one who has moved on, and now the people you moved on from are the ones who hold your fate in their hands, now don’t be mad when they slam them shut at the idea of bringing you in to disrespect them some more. Maybe you should have looked up the word “respect” before tossing it around like someone owed it to you.

  6. September through January seem to be the only months the Raiders don’t look good, but maaan February through August, ….they’re on fire!

  7. I think it would be great if no team would take him and he would have to set out. Then maybe he will see what an a$$ he is!

  8. NashvilleSeahawk says:
    July 15, 2010 12:01 PM
    I would love to see him in Seattle this year.
    Me too. Then we can see how he gets along with a head case just like him named TJ Houshmandzadeh.

  9. Locker room cancer. He insinuates himself on to the vital oragns and turns them black until they rot from the inside out.

  10. Eagles brought him in to try and win a SB. Didn’t happen. Dallas brought him in to try and win a SB. Didn’t happen. Buffalo brought him into, well, never mind. Can Owens be happy as a complimentary piece instead of being the star?
    I always found it interesting the Eagles won both playoff games on the way to SB XXXIX with Owens out of the lineup. Then lost the bowl when he came back.

  11. If he would accept the veteran’s minimum salary, he would have a job by this evening. He has more talent and is less of a scumbag than Vick and Vick’s got a job (for now). It’s all about the money. He wants more than he’s worth. He’s hoping for a major training camp injury so a desperate team is forced to overpay. It’s possibly (especially if there is a lockout) his last, or second to last, paycheck from the NFL. He wants top dollar and, as much as I dislike the guy, I can’t fault him for that. He’s an ass, but he can catch and he still manages to average over 15 yds per catch. Not top of the League, but still respectable.

  12. The niners should sign the guy up- They are a team on the rise and it would be good for the franchise to have another future hall of famer to count. The guy always made plays in SF and he was the only good thing about the early 2000 niners.
    The only reason they havent offered him anything is the franchise is cheap

  13. frisco coaching would lose all credibility and the young players would become a-holes too.
    someone will have to get hurt before this guy gets signed.

  14. I’d love to see his talent on the Bears wide receiving corps, but I can’t see Lovie Smith putting up with the T.O. diva schtick for a minute, let alone a season.
    My guess is there’s a battle of wills right now with T.O. He thinks he’s worth 5 million, and all 32 teams think that’s too a high a price. It’ll be interesting to see what he eventually signs for…
    I mean, he can’t sit out for a season, right? He’d have to accept an offer somewhere, retire or “retire” until a WR on a playoff caliber team gets injured ala Culpepper.

  15. i see half the teams taking a permanent pass.
    anywhere he has played – sf, dal, philly, buff
    anywhere their coaches moved on to… mia, minn, no, cle, bal, stl, kc
    anywhere the coaches have a reputation for being disciplinarians… nyg, ne, ari
    anywhere they have a high-toned pass offense… gb, ind
    what is left? bad teams, teams short a wideout, or teams who think they are one player away from contending.

  16. See, Owens is not a scumbag, thug, or criminal.
    He can, however, be very devisive in regards to team unity. When a player tries to recruit teammates to his point of view, which is different from the coaching staff sometimes, you end up with too many people not on the same page.
    In a way, it is like when you have two guys fighting to be the starting QB. Some guys want one guy, some guys want the other one. Everybody has to be pulling in same direction. This is one reason Owens why is no longer in Dallas. He was becoming too much of a negative influence on some of the younger players.

  17. “TheOne says: July 15, 2010 12:04 PM
    Good, he should not go to another weak team. TO wont’s to win not just making money and I think him saying that proves it.”
    TO is that you?

  18. The guy screws teams up in his wake. Buffalo was lucky, they only kept that punk for 1 season.
    Takers? I hope it is the Skins, they deserve the pain

  19. We Chiefs fans are absolutely in tears about this. I can’t tell you how much I wanted Terrell Owens in Kansas City, ripping this team apart and instilling a sense of entitlement and selfishness in all the developing young players.

  20. “bigrig says:
    July 15, 2010 12:58 PM
    I always found it interesting the Eagles won both playoff games on the way to SB XXXIX with Owens out of the lineup. Then lost the bowl when he came back.

    Well, playing with a screw in his foot, he had 9 catches for 122 yards. Not bad.
    I’m not a huge T.O. fan, but you have to give him credit for how he performed considering he shouldn’t have even played.

  21. Lions need T.O… compete for the #2 or#3 WR spot and he could stand out again with a QB that can sling it(given the chance)…Johnson,Owens,Burleson,& 2 capable TEs&RBs(when healthy) give Stafford all the targets possible… let him do the rest…

  22. @overkil2
    You made my point for me. Owens always has nice stats because he spends so much time lobbying for the ball, usually at the expense of spreading the offense.
    The Eagles offense functioned much better when they weren’t trying to force the ball to Owens to keep him happy. So did Dallas’.
    This is where the people who simply look at his numbers miss the bigger picture.

  23. @BigSuede,
    The 49ers may be cheap, but that’s not the reason they won’t sign him. It’s because he’s a prima dona, self-serving cancer to the team. The niners have a no-nonsense coach and TO is NOT a good fit.

  24. bigrig – You need to actually watch that Super Bowl. The Eagles mistakes were that they could not run the ball, with the exception of ONE play, Westbrook did NOTHING on the ground (had a very nice game catching the ball, though) and McNabb had three INTs. Had McNabb thrown the ball more consistently and had Philly NOT tried to force the running game, Philly should have won. I say that as a Giants fan who can’t stand the Eagles and deeply enjoys the fact that they have NOT won a Lombardi. Philly couldn’t run the ball that game and NE didn’t stop TO. BTW – Seven different players caught passes for Philly in that game, so it was NOT all about TO’s stats. TO, ass that he is, is not to blame for that loss. Look to the Philly sideline and at number 5 for that one.

  25. T.O. = UFL
    T.O. = NOT IN NFL ANYMORE………………………………………

  26. TO had cold relationships with Parcells, Haley, and Childress. Seems like his ego is too big to accept coaching.

  27. The Chiefs are about to be a good team here soon, and don’t need T.O. ruining what’s going on here. Don’t need another step back.

  28. “The Chiefs are about to be a good team here soon”
    Really? Here are the facts:
    1) Haven’t won a Super Bowl in 41 years
    2) Haven’t won a playoff game in 17 years
    3) Won a TOTAL of 10 games the past 3 years combined
    Yep – trending upward because that’s what the guys on the local radio say…..

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