Pete Carroll's media blitz takes him to, NFLN on Friday

As Seahawks coach Pete Carroll continues to try to avoid questions about Reggie Bush, Pete Rodriguez, and USC long enough to shill for his new book, Win Forever . . . By Looking The Other Way When Your Amateur Players Show Up Driving Bentleys, his effort will shift from New York to Los Angeles on Friday, with an appearance on NFL Network’s Total Access.

Before that, he’ll engage in a live chat at

We’re told that the editors have yet to decide whether to take NFLN analyst Jim Mora’s advice to label the event “Chat with a Cheat.”

Either way, we encourage everyone to load up the server with any and all questions you can come up with for Carroll.

11 responses to “Pete Carroll's media blitz takes him to, NFLN on Friday

  1. Geez Florio, did Pete Carroll screw your wife or something? All your doing by continuing to keep his name in the headlines is promote him.

  2. Total Access will throw him long, high arching softballs during his 90 second segment.

  3. Carroll is trash!! California homo!!
    Seahags will be 12-36 at the end of his first 3 yrs, then hopefully he’ll be out of football for GOOD!!!!!!!!!
    Microsoft idiot hires a hack cheater!

  4. Coaches should really be made to pay for these transgretions. Instead new kids that had nothing to do with the infractions pay (no post season)and the douche bag that ran the program goes off to make more money, nice.

  5. “First of all Mr. Carroll, thanks for taking my question. Have you ever heard of a guy named Mike Florio?”.

  6. I am waiting for the interview of Mike Florio by Steve Smith. Oh wait…Smith doesn’t consider Florio a journalist. I guess Pete Carroll doesn’t consider Florio a journalist either, and that explains Florio’s petty and incessant attacks on Pete Carroll. When Florio called for an interview, Pete said ‘ Who???’

  7. Question for PC…
    Did the Seahawks hire you for your ability to pay players under the table?

  8. mama tried says:
    “California homo!!”
    Is that worse than a Massachusetts (or other) homo?

  9. 2 word for most “cry babies” you guys and Mike Florio are homos all we no is Bush took money from a agent its not like PC slipped him money, yes PC should get some blame but what about USC you know they knew as much as PC did, i hate what happened but lets move on from this its boring.

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