Ronnie Brown's DUI case continued

Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown is widely regarded as having top-notch character, and has no history of off-the-field problems dating back to his time at Auburn.  Therefore, his March arrest for driving under the influence caught everyone by surprise.

According to the Miami Herald, Brown’s trial was continued until September 2 during a Thursday morning court appearance.  September 2 is the same date as the Dolphins’ preseason finale.  Though starters don’t typically play in the fourth exhibition game, Brown’s attorney reportedly may pursue a jury trial — and another continuance — should no resolution be reached with prosecutors in the meantime.
“He’s not going to have to miss a single day of practice or a single game,” promised Brown’s lawyer, Michael LaScala.

27 responses to “Ronnie Brown's DUI case continued

  1. Good I need Ronnie to be an absolute monster for me so I can dominate my FFB dynasty league.

  2. Shouldn’t there be people on here cursing Ronnie Brown? You know, other than the strangely hopeful Jets fans?
    Maybe outrage only comes to people with braided hair.

  3. Ok…a story about my Dolphins, who have been very quiet this season with the obvious exception of the trade for B. Marshall. I however, take no exception for them or their players when it comes to the image of the NFL, or the teams of the league. I know Ronnie Brown has no image problems, has never had any off the field issues, and is a pretty good guy when it comes rules and the law. However, I have always believed that a player in the NFL is an icon for the youth, and although DUI isn’t a horrible crime (compared to assault, dog fighting, conceiled weapons, etc.) it still places the notion that as an NFL player, you get certain “perks” if the situation isn’t handled properly. Although I know it wouldn’t help my team, I would impose community service, some sort of class, and a one game suspension in this matter. This sends the right message to the players, the youth, and the fans that no crime goes unpunished.
    C’mon RB…just take the punishment you earned and lets put this behind us and get back to some hard nosed running!

  4. @”birdmancometh ” – give the jerkoff jets fans a chance, they will post something genuis…”that it wont matter either way the jets will win the division”……typical crap from delusional idiot fans.

  5. Michael LaScala is the best DUI attorney in the South East region and is located in the Atlanta area at 75 W. Wieuca Rd. NE Atlanta, GA 30342.
    If LaScala asked for the continuance there must have been a good reason for it. LaScala is top notch when it comes to DUI allegations.
    All athletes should contact this guy when they have any DUI arrests. LaScala does a phenomenal job because he allows the athletes to have peace of mind while the court proceedings take place.
    Go Dolphins!!

  6. I’m really shocked that the comish hasn’t suspended him yet. I’m sure he’s “gathering information”- he always seems to be doing that.

  7. @Marino13 & @ birdmanonmeth-
    i’m not really a big fan of either the dolphins or the jets but on this blog, you fin fans are way bigger assholes than the jets fans ever thought about being, imo.

  8. Come to find out LaScala also works with Manny Arora. Arora was the attorney who handled the Pacman Jones case. He is also located at 75 W. Wieuca Rd. NE Atlanta, GA 30342.
    Arora and LaScala work together in a private firm. Arora & LaScala. These guys are good! Google them, you’ll be amazed at how much they have done.
    These are the types of attorneys and agents athletes need. They fly under the radar and keep a low profile. My experience is that athletes like the approach Arora & LaScala use because they get the job done while preserving the player’s good public perception.
    Ronnie Brown is a stand up guy and so are his attorneys.

  9. “i’m not really a big fan of either the dolphins or the jets but on this blog, you fin fans are way bigger assholes than the jets fans ever thought about being, imo. ”
    Spoken like the true closet jet jerkoff you are…keep telling yourself you’re normal… and next time, stay in the closet

  10. One more plug and PersonalFoul is going to have to change the name of the firm to “Arora, LaScala, and Florio”.


  12. He got arrested? There’s enough evidence for a trial? WOW!! If false allegations without an arrest or trial get a six game suspension, can you imagine how long Brown is about to be suspended?

  13. I’ve had friends get DUIs before. First timers usually don’t see jail, just a fine, maybe community service, etc.

  14. @njallfingday
    No- Way to prove my point as usual. There is room is the closet for you too troll.

  15. So you can have a DUI and play but with no evidence you get 6 games????? Suspended him 8 games!!!

  16. @ NYJALLFINGDAY- Way to prove his point, moron.
    It’s ‘her’ point- but yes exactly on the rest.

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