Supplemental draft gets rolling via e-mail soon

The NFL has found a way to turn most of its events into events.  When it comes to the supplemental draft, the NFL hasn’t bothered to try.

And for good reason.  There’s nothing exciting about it.  With rare exceptions, the supplemental draft consists of only a handful of players, none of whom have any national name recognition. 

Also, it unfolds not with a slow walk to a podium but via e-mail, with teams submitting a list of players they’d like to pick and the round in which they want to pick them.  The players are awarded based on a priority ranking driven largely by the manner in which the team’s finished in the prior season.

The only intrigue comes if a team ranking low in the process really wants a guy.  If so, the team will need to go a round higher than the consensus that emerges (if a reliable one emerges at all) in the days before the process commences.

The stakes remain high.  Any team that uses a pick in the supplemental draft gives up their pick in the same round in the following year’s full-blown draft. 

Last year, the Redskins used a third-round pick to get Kentucky defensive tackle Jeremy Jarmon, who was the only player drafted.  As a rookie, he appeared in 11 games and started one for the Redskins.  (Curiously, he has yet to complain publicly about the team’s switch to a 3-4 defense.)

This year, the players in the pool are BYU running back Harvey Unga, Illinois defensive tackle Josh Price-Brent, Northwestern State running back Quentin Castille, and Truman State fullback/H-back Vanness Emokpae.  Former Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli considered entering the process, but he has opted instead to transfer to another school for his final year of eligibility.

Unga and Price-Brent are regarded as the most likely to be picked.  Either way, we’ll know later today.

Try not to bite your nails over it, LeBron.

24 responses to “Supplemental draft gets rolling via e-mail soon

  1. Is the reason Jarmon was the only player drafted last year because he is the only player a team even put a bid in for? So none of the other players in the supplemental draft were worth even a 7th round pick? It seems like more teams would put in a bid for a 7th round supplemental pick. Then again, I guess theres a reason these guys werent drafted during the real thing.

  2. “Either way, we’ll no later today.”
    we’ll “NO” later today, Florio?
    I’m sure glad I don’t let my kids read this site…

  3. “Either way, we’ll “no” later today.”
    I’m “know” big media writer, but don’t you “no” better? You should proof read this stuff.

  4. I blog for a living and rarely check my posts for typos and I catch horrible mistakes all the time… STILL, that begin said, “Either way, we’ll NO later today” is pretty bad.

  5. “LPH says:
    July 15, 2010 10:57 AM
    You badly need a copy editor. There is a difference between no and know.”
    There is? I wasn’t sure anyone “new” the difference.

  6. “Either way, we’ll no later today.”
    Exactly why Florio is headed to radio, it has nothing annoying like proof reading your posts. You just say the first thing that comes to your mind.

  7. He was hoping knowone would notice. You forgot to add your daily contribution of the word “collusion” two, Florio.

  8. This typo is the single worst thing in the history of mankind. No event, no atrocity, no disease, nothing can compare to the egregious wound you have just inflicted in the heart of internet grammarians.
    Committing ritualistic seppuku is the only viable option you have left in life, and is your last chance to capture some hint of honor in your now miserable existence.
    It’d make for a great PFTV episode.

  9. Geeze the grammer nazis are out in force today. I realize you people type all day on computers and never ever under any circumstances make a typo or gammer error, you’re all perfect after all.

  10. I guess that means it will only be a one day event, and not even carried live on prime time.

  11. Apparently, the only way to entice people to read and comment about the Supplemental Draft is to make a typo. Wow.
    Anyway, Unga will go in the 3rd or 4th round.

  12. Florio says: “Curiously, he has yet to complain publicly about the team’s switch to a 3-4 defense.”
    Comparing Jarmon to Haynesworth is ridiculous. Nothing against Jarmon, because he might turn out to be a pretty good football player in the future, but trying to make a smartass point about Haynesworth and including Jarmon makes no sense at all. Really lame way of inserting Haynesworth into something that doesn’t involve him at all. Typical of you, I guess.
    Do you think Rosenthal or Silva would complain to NBC over something? NBC might have to listen to your complaints, since you are the driving force behind PFT. Sorry, Gregg and Evan. I have nothing against either of you.

  13. Off the top of my head I can think of Jared Gaither – OT Baltimore and Jamal Williams – DT Broncos (of Charger’s fame) that are products of the supplemental that have both developed a “national recognition”. Nothing along the lines of a Terrell Owens or Drew Brees, for what it’s worth…

  14. “He was hoping knowone would notice. You forgot to add your daily contribution of the word “collusion” two, Florio.”

  15. I don’t like to play grammar police but no/know is pretty damn bad. That’s no typo folks, that’s the age of text at its best.

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