The AFC South over-under, from PFTV

As we continue to muddle through the pre-camp dead spot in the NFL calendar, we take full advantage of potential PFTV ideas that rely not upon actual developments in the news.

Today, we unveil the 2010 collection of over-under predictions for the AFC South.

Spoiler alert:  I actually agree with Brocato.  Twice.


29 responses to “The AFC South over-under, from PFTV

  1. Call me crazy, but I can’t help but feel the Texans are going to be this year’s version of the 2008 Jaguars and the 2009 Titans. Teams that on paper have turned the proverbial corner but doesn’t quite meet expectations. The Jags had the Richard Collier tragedy then lost their offensive line in the opener, the Titans had been reeling from the Steve McNair deal, then Kerry Collins showed his age. Both teams stumbled out of the gate.
    Not wishing for anything ominous to happen to the Texans, but the one thing that they have going against them is the absence of Cushing for the first quarter of the season. And there are no guarantees when he gets back.
    Truth of the matter is, you’re only going as far as Schaub will take you and he’s not exactly the most durable qb out there.

  2. tingbatz says:
    July 15, 2010 3:32 PM
    Colts are obviously going to win the division again.
    That whole team is built around one man he goes down bye bye. There be in last place behine the Browns and the Lions

  3. dafish…the argument of schaub being not durable is full of flaws. You can take any QB in the league that would have got hurt the same ways Schaub did. Schaub got bodyslammed by Haynesworth. Im pretty sure Brady/Manning/Rivers all would have gotten hurt too. His other injury was a cheapshot dirty play by jared allen. same deal…schaub is a great qb who should be nationally recognized this year. He and AJ all the way!

  4. yostros99: Rodgers played with a dislocated shoulder in 08, and never missed a start. He got plenty of cheap shots last year, by Allen, by Urlacher, was sacked 50 times and never missed a start. Favre never missed a start, played with broken thumbs and wrists and ankles his whole life. Some qbs are though, some aren’t.

  5. yostros99 says:
    July 15, 2010 3:43 PM
    There’s a guy in Jacksonville who gets the crap kicked out of him at least 10 times a game, if not by sack, by pressure and knockdown.
    For all of Garrard’s flaws, and they are plentiful, I don’t know too many quarterbacks who could take the abuse he has on the field. I know Schaub would have wound up on IR last year if he played behind that line.

  6. “PackersRS says:
    July 15, 2010 3:53 PM
    yostros99: Rodgers played with a dislocated shoulder in 08, and never missed a start. He got plenty of cheap shots last year, by Allen, by Urlacher, was sacked 50 times and never missed a start. Favre never missed a start, played with broken thumbs and wrists and ankles his whole life. Some qbs are though, some aren’t.”
    Schaub was maliciously hit by Allen twice, and the 2nd time Allen got what he was looking for and Schaub was unable to play for several games after that.
    Schaub did not miss a game last year, despite having several injuries. Against Jacksonville, his shoulder was sprained during a sack, and he came back after one quarter, and proceded to play the rest of the season without missing any time, and leading the league in passing yards.
    I’m not saying he isn’t injury prone, but the bulk of his injuries have been bad luck under circumstances which most QB’s would have been forced to miss the same amount of time.

  7. LMAO at Jags fans commenting here. It’s the same stuff every year: “we’re gonna take the AFC South; Clots are goin’ down! Jughead is past his prime!”
    And then, like usual, the Colts win. And the Jags suck in divisional play.

  8. Schaub’s toughness shouldn’t be questioned; he didn’t miss games because of pain- they were missed becuse of injury. He also played through a dislocated non-throwing shoulder in a game last year too, the same way Aaron Rodgers did. The rest of the AFC South has historically had great pass rushers, so Schaub has been sacked a lot too.
    Albert Haynesworth & Jared Allen DID cheap-shot Matt Schaub– Haynesworth clearly has a problem with aggression after the opportnuity to make a play has passed [cue Andre Gurode clip] & Jared Allen dove [i.e., was not blocked-into] Schaub’s knee after the ball was away. The NFL rule [paraphrased] says: ‘A defensive player with an unimpeded path to the QB, may NOT hit the QB below the knee.’ Haynesworth has also shown himself to be the same asshole off the field that he is on the field. ANY QB would’ve been injured by those particular hits–regardless of the line blocking, and regardless of the toughness of the player.
    No one should question anymore whether or not the Texans can score enough points offensively to win the division [the offense has always been effective under Kubiak]–however, the defense has needed to improve to the point where they can be consistent; experience is on their side now. I expect the Texans to take at least 5 of 6 divisional games.
    The Texans, statistically, have the hardest schedule of anyone in the league. Although, of the teams they play–I think the Jets, Chargers, Eagles, and Giants are a bit over-hyped.
    Get ready to be surprised, America. The Texans are going to be AFC South champs & playoff-bound. A first round bye would be nice.

  9. Ha, good one Jags fans. They aren’t coming anywhere close to winning the division.
    I will admit, I see much more pressure on the Colts from both the Titans and Texans if both those teams stay healthy, but then again the Texans do manage to fall short of expectations on an annual basis and no reason to believe that wont happen again with minimal personnel change from last years team.
    Sticking with the Nat’l Consensus here:

  10. It’s tough to pick against my Texans, but how can you bet against Manning and the Colts?
    Colts 12-4
    Texans 10-6
    Titans 8-8
    Jags 5-11

  11. I love it. The TITANS are under the radar once again. I think most in the league will be surprised at the improvment on defense. (last year was an anomaly for a Fisher dedenfse). I see 10-6 and a playoff bid. Colts start to decline (defenses in the division are FINALLY starting to catch up to Manning). Caldwell will be tested this season. Credit to the Texans, they have caught up with Indy and Tenn. Jags languish. Division and wildcard winners will be decided on the last day of the regular season.

  12. @ Reptar:
    Funny that you’d say that the Jags suck in division play when the Jags had the 2nd best division record in the AFC South last season. The Jags’ 3-3 division record was better than the Titans’ 2-4 and the Texans’ 1-5. And the 2 games the Jags lost to the Colts, they lost by a combined 6 points. They gave the Colts all they could handle. And they’re only going to be better this year. The Jags will be better than Florio’s 6-10 comment…They are an improving team, but still 1 year away from really competing.

  13. Big Jags fan here.
    As much as I would love to see #18s fat head buried in the turf — and see Bill Polian get plowed over by a speeding F-250 —
    I have to agree with some of the Colt fans — and I have to give that QB serious credit.
    The Jaguars have been somewhat competitive with Indy (but I’m used to gettin swept by them).
    This is Manning’s division, and it will always be his as long as he is standing upright.
    I hope the improved D-line can make some noise.

  14. GoJags436,
    It doesn’t make any sense to defend the Jags to anyone out here. I kinda like that we’re the red headed stepchild of the NFL. Everyone forgets what this team did from inception to about 2002 and everyone also conveniently forgets that we were the sexy pick to win it all in 2008. I mean, you’d think we were the Cardinals before Warner got there, or the Raiders over the past 10 years or the Lions.
    Every comment against the Jags is about how we’re going to LA. Tell me guys, what was the last team to leave due to attendance issues?
    This team has tremendous upside and is being built the right way. I for one can’t wait for the season to start as I think we’re going to surprise a LOT of these “experts.”
    When a guy like Bill Polian is praising the team, that means more than some hack with a website trashing them.

  15. Of course the colts will win the division. Hell, they probably wont even lose a single game until week 14. You guys are all overlooking all our players returning from injury. heres how its all going to shake down.
    Colts 13-3
    Texans 9-7 (1st playoff app.)
    Titans 7-9
    Jaguars 5-11

  16. @ njhitman
    Peyton has missed 1 SNAP due to injury in 11 freakin years, I like his chances of being healthy and winning a 5th MVP!!
    Your post is retarded. If any team loses their quarterback that team is going absolutely nowhere…except the Pats who can get 11 wins out of a high school QB thanks to that system of theirs!!

  17. “The whole team is built around 1 guy”…
    That would assume we ignore: Clark, Wayne, Saturday, Freeney, Mathis, Sanders, Bethea, Addai, Diem, Garcon, Gonzo, Hayden, Brackett…
    It’s a deep team no matter how you look at it. Sure Peyton is the key ingredient, but to think it’s a 1-man show is insanity.

  18. Every year Titan and Jags fans go into denial mode and pretend that their teams are not inferior to the Colts and now the vastly improved Texans. Colts win division with first round bye. Texans make post season with a 10-6 or 9-7 record. Colts: anywhere from 12 to 14 wins. Jags and Titans yet again fail with 7 to 9 wins.

  19. @XLI
    Come on, you know the Colts are a one-man show. They’ve had a horrible defense up until 2 years ago and they were still putting down 12 wins a season. With Peyton 12-4, without Peyton 4-12. But hey it is what it is. He’s a great QB. The entire AFC South is looking up at the Colts every year.
    As far as the Jags, we deserve to be bottom dwellers. You’re tired of everyone predicted you last in the division well do something about it. I know I’m sick of losing to the Colts but obviously the Jags aren’t. You’re tired of losing to the Colts, beat them. Man up, act like you got a pair and win the freakin’ division for a change.
    It was just 2 years ago that the Jags were the sexy pick to win the division and Super Bowl. Now two years removed we’re the 24-25 ranked team in the league. Don’t like it, do something about it, act like a professional athlete, WIN some games and prove everyone wrong. It sure would be nice to see MY team be competitive regularly instead of once every 3 years. No more excuses.

  20. “XLI says:
    July 15, 2010 11:13 PM
    “The whole team is built around 1 guy”…
    That would assume we ignore: Clark, Wayne, Saturday, Freeney, Mathis, Sanders, Bethea, Addai, Diem, Garcon, Gonzo, Hayden, Brackett…
    It’s a deep team no matter how you look at it. Sure Peyton is the key ingredient, but to think it’s a 1-man show is insanity.

    Really? How did the colts look when Peyton was pulled at the end of the season? If he goes down, you guys will be lucky to win 3 games without him.

  21. The Peyton argument is done. Without CJ2K, the Titans win nothing. Without Andre Johnson, the Texans win nothing. Without MJD, the Jags win nothing. Teams feature their superstars and rely heavily upon them…gee, there’s an original concept.
    And Jags fans saying the Jags give the Colts all they can handle – that’s great…but it’s still an ‘L’ for the Jags. Look at the series record since the start of the AFC South. It’s not really close, no matter how much you delude yourselves.

  22. Jags were 7-9 last year. What’s happened since then that makes you think they will be worse? You pick them to go 6-10 based on “what’s going on down there.” Even if what is going on down there is getting a proven pass rusher from GB and the Raiders leading tackler, plus this will be the second year for a VERY productive draft class from last year. I just am curious as to how you pick them to get worse when they’ve lost nothing (I don’t count Holt and Thomas) and have only taken positive steps as far as personnel goes. I doubt you’ve watched one practice, been to one workout, but insist on basing your prediction on “what’s going on down there.” If it’s tickets, they’ve sold much more than they did last year; while they concede that there is still a long way to go, ticket sales are another step in the positive direction that makes a team worse, I guess. Your disdain for Jacksonville and the Jaguars is more unexplainable and obvious than ever.

  23. KD walker is exactly right. No way this team gets worse. The national media is so wrong on this team. We have to good booked tackles in Monroe and Britton. The d line is vastly improved with aaron kampman and the draft picks. Watch out for larry hart the jags 4th round pick. With the emergence of Sims walker, Mike thomas and Zach Miller and improved o line play how is this team going to get worse. 9-7 minimum.

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