Two players picked in Supplemental Draft

The 2010 Supplemental Draft has come and gone.  If you were out to lunch, you missed all of it.

In lieu of a three-night extravaganza, the Supplemental Draft wrapped up in less than 80 minutes.

In the end, only two players were picked:  running back Harvey Unga by the Bears, and defensive tackle Josh Price-Brent by the Cowboys.  Both Chicago and Dallas will forfeit seventh-round picks in the 2011 draft.

The Bears had the 12th pick in each round; the Cowboys had the 30th.  If Dallas hadn’t picked Price-Brent, there’s a good chance he wouldn’t have been picked at all.

Fullback Vaness Emokpae and running back Quentin Castille were not drafted.  They now become unrestricted free agents.

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  1. What happens if Mr. Irrelevant next year is drafed this year? Do they still have a parade?

  2. Chargers should have spent a 7th round pick on Unga, the Cougars deliver players.

  3. To answer an earlier statement as to why the Browns wouldn’t use a 7th rounder on Unga:
    1) They just used a 3rd and (2) 5ths on Montario Hardesty in the April “REAL” draft to go along with;
    a. Jerome Harrison over 500 yards the last 4 weeks of the 2009 season.
    b. James Davis who was a 2009 6th round draft pick
    c. Peyton Hillis 2010 trade aquisition that had a promising start in his rookie season of 2008 with a 5.0 ypc average on 68 carries. Only to be set aside when Josh McDaniels took over.
    d…to a less extent and probably not even enough room for Chris Jennings who was a 2009 signee and showed some promise in the 2009 season.
    Bottom line is the Browns have no room for another young RB.
    I think the Bears got a steal in the 7th round though, if his ankle is a minor setback.

  4. Boltdaddy,
    The Chargers may very well have put a 7th round bid in for Unga.
    Problem is that the Bears had the #12 pick in the round and the Chargers didn’t have a pick until #21.
    First team that even made a bid for Unga was the Bears at #12.
    So the only teams that we know for sure passed up on Unga were the 11 teams:
    1. Cleveland
    2. St. Louis
    3. Detroit
    4. Tampa Bay
    5. Kansas City
    6. Oakland
    7. Washington
    8. Seattle
    9. Buffalo
    10. Jacksonville
    11. Houston
    ahead of Chicago.

  5. Buffalo Hogan, that’s impossible. Mr. Irrelevant is always a compensatory pick.

  6. why in the world would the bears draft him? He will never see the field. They’re already loaded at RB and with Martz offense they don’t use a fullback. STUPID

  7. “If Dallas hadn’t picked Price-Brent, there’s a good chance he wouldn’t have been picked at all.”
    Yes, but then he would have been a free agent and Dallas wouldn’t own the rights to him.

  8. # football genius says: July 15, 2010 3:01 PM
    “why in the world would the bears draft him? He will never see the field. They’re already loaded at RB and with Martz offense they don’t use a fullback. STUPID”
    I don’t know they only really have Forté and Taylor.
    Wolfe and Minor are the backups and I an see Unga being an improvement over either of them.

  9. That’s what my initial thought was, too. Why another RB? My guess is that the Bears might use him as leverage for a future trade, or trade Chester Taylor, who knows; that didn’t seem logical to me.

  10. IrishDawg,
    There’s Forte and Taylor, plus Wolfe and Minor like you said, but aren’t there also Adrian Peterson and Khalil Bell. So, that’s six right there. I haven’t looked it up, so I can’t confirm that they’re all still there, but even so, 4-6 is a full deck of RBs. Do they still have McKie in at FB?

  11. They gave Chester too much money up front. They have no confidence in Wolfe (too small, too weak), and Bell has a history of injuries.
    They need a short yardage back with some power. Forte is a wiggler, not a plower.

  12. IrishDawg42 says:
    July 15, 2010 3:13 PM
    “I don’t know they only really have Forté and Taylor.
    Wolfe and Minor are the backups and I an see Unga being an improvement over either of them.”
    Actually, Wolfe and Bell are the backups. Minor is slotted for ST duty. Unga WOULD be an improvement over Minor at the very least.

  13. I forgot about Bell…That backfield is a little crowded
    They must have plans for him in some capacity.

  14. Dude who posted about Cleveland’s backs; when you line them up like that, all bullet-point-style, that looks like a pretty damn good backfield.
    Any time you have to cut a promising young HB, you know the team is loaded.
    Here’s to smash-mouth football in 2010, and 8-8 record.
    Also I can’t imagine anything better than watching Pittsburgh crash and burn into a 6-win team.
    The NFL is going out with a bang.

  15. I guess they do need a power RB that can run vertically…hope he’s the guy.

  16. YESSS! Unga is a stud, and well worth a 7th rounder. He’ll be a nice addition as a dynamic FB or short-yardage back, and is good enough as a straight-up RB to provide depth should Forte or Taylor get hurt.
    Great pick-up by the Bears.

  17. I think that the Bears got a steal in Unga, who would have went much higher next year. The guy was injured but he still came back and had his third straight 1,000 yard season. I am surprised that the Redskins didn’t take a chance on him because he would have been a good long-term investment. He didn’t show his receiving skills as much last year but he can catch the ball.

  18. For those people who say that the Bears are going to be 22 this year in the league, just wait and see. If the team stays healthy, they’ll definitely be in the top 10 or higher.

  19. Midwaymonsters:
    Do you mean drafting in the top ten? I’d have to agree with that. Your O line is fading. Cutler ran for his life last year, and he’ll be doing it again. Forte may do OK, but he stunk in 09. Getting Chester Taylor was a good move, but even Chester will struggle without holes to run through. And your receivers are young. Alphabet is a good WR, though.
    Staying healthy is a problem for each team, every year. They all scream wouldacouldashoulda when injuries spike. Nobody can be or stay competitive with lots of hurt players.

  20. Calgaryhawk – The list of teams that need an RB you created is wrong.
    1. Cleveland – They dont need another young RB, they have about 3-5 RB’s and young.
    2. St. Louis – They have Jackson and might end up getting Westbrook.
    3. Detroit – Well they have Jahvid Best from the 2010 real NFL draft and Kevin Smith from the 2008 real NFL draft.
    4. Tampa Bay – Maybe, but they have Williams and Ward, and Williams looked good last season.
    5. Kansas City – You are joking right? KC has Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones. Jones is the most underrated RB in the NFL today. Only 1 RB in the NFL has more rushing yards then Jones since 2007 and that is AP.
    6. Oakland – They still have McFadden (young) and Bush who was looking good last season.
    7. Washington – Maybe, but they still have Portis and now Larry Johnson and Willie Parker and might be getting Westbrook.
    8. Seattle – No, they have Justin Forsett is will be a star this season, he showed that last season. They also Have Leon Washington and Julies Jones. Seattle is also looking at Marshawn Lynch (beast).
    9. Buffalo – Why? They just got C.J. Spiller in the real 2010 NFL draft, and also still have Fred Jackson and best Marshawn Lynch.
    10. Jacksonville – I would see this just to help take some load from Jones-Drew but they are fine without him.
    11. Houston – Why? They just picked up Ben Tate and also still have Slaton and Foster. Foster is powerful and fast.

  21. Actually, what I meant was that I believe they’ll rank in the top 10 by years end. Yes, they had a crappy year with injuries to key players, O-line sucking horrifically, Cutler not making good decisions, WRs not running routes completely or forgetting, and the secondary taking naps each game. Despite the O-line not doing their job till the last 3-4 games (players were finally shifted to their rightful positions), Forte still was just shy of a 1,000 yd season, not bad for being injured all year, too. However, key players are back with new additions, and players playing their intended positions. A lot went wrong last year that has most people believing the Bears still have no chance. They have new coaching staff that’ll make differences, as well. They have great potential and need to mature a bit and learn this new system. So, with all of that said, I foresee the Bears playing well and surprising a lot of folks, including you, I hope. GO BEARS!

  22. Mild interest in Unga, but realistically, we need a long-term solution to Maroney before we invest in big, bruising RB’s.

  23. TheOne,
    That wasn’t a list of teams that need an RB. My post was in response to Boltdaddy complaining that San Diego didn’t even make a 7th round bid for him.
    As I said. We don’t know for sure how many teams may have put up a 7th round bid for Unga. The only thing we know for sure is that the list of 11 teams that had the potential to pick Unga ahead of Chicago’s #12 7th round pick and didn’t DEFINITELY didn’t think the kid was even worth a 7th round pick, or they didn’t have a need.
    If they did Unga would be on one of those 11 teams and not Chicago.
    The other 20 teams behind Chicago may or may not have e-mailed in a 7th round bid.
    So, no team thought Unga was worth anything in the 1st to 6th round range and Chicago was the FIRST team in the 7th round that thought Unga was worth taking a chance on.

  24. TheOne says: July 15, 2010 5:09 PM
    “Calgaryhawk – The list of teams that need an RB you created is wrong.”
    Actually he was merely listing the teams that picked ahead of the Bears in the supplamental, not making a list of teams in need of a RB…

  25. @TheOne:
    The list supplied by CalgaryHawk wasn’t indicating teams that needed a RB, just those that picked ahead of the Bears in the 7th Rd. Rayderfan already pointed out that technically everyone passed on him (in the first 6 rds) however only those 11 teams did so in the last round.

  26. The are THE REAL Mr Insignificants.
    Send them both to Disneyland and the other two
    should be forced to enlist in the Armed Forces.

  27. RB Harvey Unga is going to light it up for Da’ Bears this season. Martz will find a good role for him.

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