Wilfork pleads with Pats to keep Logan Mankins

Pro Bowl offensive guard Logan Mankins has had his one-year, restricted free agent tender offer reduced by the Patriots from $3.268 million to $1.54 million.  Mankins appears serious about holding out of all of training camp, and perhaps deep into the season.

Teammate Vince Wilfork doesn’t want that to happen.  
Wilfork, New England’s first-team nose tackle, goes against Mankins, a first-team left guard, every day on the practice field.  He offers special insight about Mankins’ strengths and weaknesses, and Wilfork doesn’t believe Mankins has many of the latter.
I think he is the best offensive [guard] out there,” Wilfork told the Boston Herald on Thursday.  “…I see the guy every year in camp and in practice we see each other.  He’s every bit of what you look for in an offensive lineman.  He’s got the toughness, he’s got the strength, he’s got the quickness, you name it, he’s a complete football player, and to have one of them on the offensive line, it’s very rare.
“…For what it’s worth, I don’t want him to go anywhere.  I think we’d lose someone very, very special.  Somebody that’s dedicated.”
Last month, the Boston Herald reported that Mankins turned down a five-year contract offer from the Patriots that would’ve made him one of the five highest-paid guards in the league.  The alleged proposal is thought to have been made during the period of time since New England signed Wilfork to a five-year, $40 million contract in March.
Wilfork’s deal made him the second richest defensive tackle in the game.
Behind this guy.

19 responses to “Wilfork pleads with Pats to keep Logan Mankins

  1. Gotta love PFT, Patriots Football Talk.
    Alittle irony here for all.
    New England Patriots first four opponents
    NY Jets
    NY Jets
    Deja vu ?????????????

  2. I agree with Vince. But, Big Guy, no Guard is worth as much as you are!
    Tell Mankins to sign the offer! He won’t get better one, at least until this CBA storm blows over and the economy picks up again, and that could be one week after Armageddon.

  3. Hmmmmmmm…..
    Looks like an 0-4 start for the Patsies this year!

  4. “Looks like an 0-4 start for the Patsies this year!”
    I’d love to see them start 0-4 but those games are about as easy a schedule as most teams are going to see.
    Cincinnatti and Buffalo will be as average as ever and should fall with a stiff breeze. The Bengals winning 10 games last year was more due to the crappy teams they played than them being dominating.
    People forget that the Jets barely were able back into the playoffs only when Indy took a knee at halftime. They also forget that Sanchez continued to look like John David Booty’s scrub at USC with 20 INTs and a QB rating of 63.
    Miami is the only real threat. That’s just as much an indication of how far the Pats have fallen than anything. They’ve improved but Chad Henne doesn’t scare anyone and the great Parcells isn’t so great anymore.

  5. Chad Henne doesn’t scare anyone???? My my little SKIPPY!!! You have to start to actually see him play before you make such erroneous statements!! Chad Henne will be in the upper echelon of quarterbacks this season and no doubt will have better numbers than DIRTY SANCHEZ, like he did this past year,and played in two less games!!! HYPE=SANCHEZ and the New York media!!!Henne is a stud! TAKE IT TO THE BANK!!!!

  6. Didn’t want it to end this way, but I figure he’s gone.
    Bill doesn’t react well to holdouts under contract.

  7. I’m a pats fan, and this isn’t the typical hard line, we aren’t dealing out top money to super stars, if you look at it, they really are doing a lot better with big contracts than they used to. If Mankins isn’t willing to be a top 5 paid guard in the league, then this ones on him, not the pats. I could give a shit less about a guard, you can plug anyone in there…

  8. TheWizard says:
    …Bill doesn’t react well to holdouts under contract.
    Actually, the player is not under contract. He is a free agent, although restricted. He is not holding out, but rather has decided that he would rather not play in the NFL for what he has been offered. Unfortunate for him that he can only be offered a contract by one team.
    Not that that necessarily would make any difference this year. Now he must sit until Week 10, sign the pro-rated portion of his $1.54 M tender, and hope for better next [if] season. It may pay off. I would bet against it.

  9. The JETS beat the patsies in their first game last year with a rookie QB. The defense only got better with the additions this year. You are a fool if you count the Jets out with Rex’s defense having more weapons.

  10. This is the real story of the day:

    Damned Jets fans. I hope they catch that guy but it will be tough.
    The trouble is, that guy pretty much fits the description of every Jets fan out there; dumb-ass, lives in his mom’s basement, dumb-ass.

  11. ingreenmts says:
    July 15, 2010 7:48 PM
    The JETS beat the patsies in their first game last year with a rookie QB. The defense only got better with the additions this year. You are a fool if you count the Jets out with Rex’s defense having more weapons.
    Well said. I am not even a Jets fan, actually I really dislike them. But none the less they are much improved on defense, with all of their acquisitions this off season they are a scary team on D. Pats needn’t worry about Dirty Sanchez, but do need to worry about Rex’s D this year.

  12. ingreenmts says:
    The JETS beat the patsies in their first game last year with a rookie QB.
    How is that relevant; what’s your point?
    The Jets won the first game 16-7 and New England won the second game 31-14.
    As for the Jets defense having more weapons, it looks to me that it’s more like an even swap when you factor in the losses as well as the additions. Still very formidable and one of the league’s very best, which means you are correct – they should not be counted out. But I don’t see the vast improvement that so many Jets fans are proclaiming.

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