Chargers' pharmacy surrenders its license

The plot thickens in San Diego.

Amid confirmation that the Chargers’ team doctor issued 108 prescriptions to a person of the same name (and, as it turns out, the same organic and genetic composition), the pharmacy that filled the prescriptions has handed over its license to dispense federally controlled substances.

Brent Schrotenboer of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that RSF Pharmaceuticals has relinquished its ability to “obtain, distribute, possess, or manufacture controlled substances.”

RSF Pharmaceuticals reportedly has provided medications to multiple professional teams and college programs.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told Schrotenboer that other NFL teams have done business with RSF.  “Probably half the teams or more don’t use them,” Aiello said. “There’s
no relationship our office has with the company.”

Of course, this means that as many as half of the NFL’s teams possibly use RSF.  Or, more accurately, used RSF.

These developments provide a better understanding as to the ability of some (or many) teams to have on hand in the facility a proverbial cookie jar full of prescription medications.  To make it happen, the teams need doctors who are willing to, for example, write a bunch of prescriptions to themselves and pharmacies that are willing to, for example, honor the prescriptions.

It’s unclear whether the Chargers or any other team or any specific individuals face responsibility for the acquisition of controlled substances without a valid prescription.  If, however, former Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell is expected to stand charges of possession in his home of codeine-laced cough syrup without a prescription, it seems that folks who provide and/or take drugs like Vicodin and other potent narcotics without first obtaining a valid prescription would, in theory, face liability, too.

Moving forward, we suspect that more teams will ditch the drug lockers and arrange for each player to obtain a valid prescription and for a local pharmacy to deliver individually-labeled pill containers as needed, as some Internet hack strongly suggested back in May.

12 responses to “Chargers' pharmacy surrenders its license

  1. Everyone always bags on you and now I know why…
    Why is this the chargers pharmacy when they distribute to half of the NFL teams ?
    Just because the pharmacy is located in San Diego too?
    And the chargers team DR. Was cleared of any wrong doing by the DEA earlier this morning before you even wrote the story.
    All of the prescriptions were legit ..

  2. NFL teams are hipocrits. They can discipline players for ethical issues but thee teams do the most unscrupulous things! The Chargers and Saints are into more dope than Tony Montana!!!

  3. What was it the Chargers’ Press release said back on July 2nd following the Ellison arrest with 100 Vicodin tablets without a prescription?…“The San Diego Chargers were made aware today of an administrative inspection by the Drug Enforcement Administration and have cooperated fully.
    In regards to the ongoing investigation involving Kevin Ellison, the Vicodin in Kevin’s possession was not provided by the Chargers, its physicians or anyone affiliated with the team.”…Then COINCIDENTALLY, the Charger’s team doctor surrenders his license for having made 108 prescriptions to himself! The DEA has stated that the team doctor did not use the prescriptions. So…who was popping the pills A.J. Smith? Bolthead the Team Unofficial Mascot? lol

  4. so if half the league is using this company for their prescriptions, why are the Chargers being buried? Because Ellison? Because they’re centrally located in SD? I don’t know why Florio is making this a team issue when it’s OBVIOUSLY a league issue. It has been for 30 years.

  5. And yet Peter King and the rest of the NFL pundits will continue to emphatically state that the Chargers are the class of the AFC West…..pfffffffffffffffght!!!!!!!!

  6. So Merriman, Phillips, Russell, and LT had their ‘syrup’ without chasers, hum. Hey Philip how did you play on a ‘streached’ acl?
    But the season is too long so the fade in the playoffs are now understandable.

  7. RSF Pharmaceuticals has relinquished its ability to “obtain, distribute, possess, or manufacture controlled substances in their bathtub.”

  8. @TylerDurden: If the Chargers aren’t the class of the AFC West. Which team do you believe is?
    The KC Chiefs? Granted they are getting better, but they aren’t the class of the AFC West…yet. Only time will tell but for now the Chiefs can’t be truly considered as the best in the AFC West.
    The 8-8 Denver Broncos? Many would say the Broncos are headed in the wrong direction and not serious contenders for the AFC West title. Are they your pick for the best in the AFC West?
    That brings us to the Raiders. As you may or may not know, the Raiders just posted an NFL Record Seven(7) consecutive seasons with at least Eleven(11) losses. Certainly you aren’t saying the Raiders are the team to beat in the AFC West. Are you? Again, one could argue the Raiders are getting better, but most NFL fans would acknowledge the Raiders still have a season or two before they are
    By the tone of your post you certainly don’t feel the Chargers are the team to beat, so let us know why you feel so strongly against the Chargers not winning the AFC West title this season. You obviously have your reasons, please share.

  9. Soupuss: Below you will find a list of championships your beloved Chargers have won.
    I took the time to prepare it for you, enjoy.

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