Holmgren "optimistic" Browns can be a winner

The last-place Indians will fall to 34-55 after Maz Scherzer out-duels Jake Westbrook tonight.  LeBron James is no longer a Cavalier.  We haven’t heard much from the Bone Thugs lately.  The city of Cleveland, at least, has the Browns to hang its hat on.

Or at least the optimism of Browns president Mike Holmgren.
It kind of juices you up a bit,” Holmgren told the Cleveland Plain Dealer as to the city’s recent string of disappointments.  “If, in fact, all eyes are turned toward us now, that’s a good thing.  That’s a pressure that helps you work harder, helps motivate coaches, players, management.  I believe our team is better than last year, already.”
Holmgren apparently hasn’t checked out his quarterback depth chart in awhile. 
Aside from a fluky 10-6 finish under Romeo Crennel in 2007, the Browns haven’t had a winning season since 2002.  They’ve had two above-.500 finishes since 1994.
“Our plan is our plan,” added Holmgren.  “Yeah, I’m putting a lot of pressure to work to get this thing right.  But it’s good.  It’s football.  Regardless of what happened with LeBron, we have a plan and are sticking to it and I’m optimistic.”

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  1. “Regardless of what happened with LeBron, we have a plan and are sticking to it and I’m optimistic.”
    Really ? Regardless of what happens to a guy who plays another sport and has nothing at all to do with the Browns you’ll still follow your plan ? Really ?

  2. “Regardless of what happened to LeBron”…
    HUH.?!?! I dont get why he mentions this, doesn’t seem to do with anything he was saying.

  3. I seriously doubt a winning season. I think Big Mike has forgotten that 2 starters on the DL are facing suspension.
    However, I would be elated with a 7-9 or 8-8 season. More importantly, will be how the team comes together and if they can get the players to play all 4 qtrs, of each game.
    The real pressure will be on Mangini. Is he really qualified to be a HC on an NFL team? The Browns may take a few more years but for Mangini, this is it.

  4. and can you a holes tell me who your favorite pathetic teams are? i dont understand why you people feel the need to bash this team. it has been said time and time again that the browns have one of the largest and loyal fan bases in the nfl and the team has a deep history. i would like to see what happens if your team was stolen by a low class city have no football for 4 years and then comes back as an expansion team. let me point out some worst teams than cleveland because is seems you have forgot. lets see the RAMS, THE RAIDERS, THE TEXANS, THE BEARS, THE DOLPHINS, THE BILLS, THE SEAHAWKS, THE CHIEFS, THE REDSKINS, THE BUCS. THE LIONS, ,and some of these teams finished worst than the BROWNS. so why arent you giving them shit. why do you feel the need to knock my team so tell me whos your favorite teams huh a$$holes. you guys are going to feel like idiots if the browns win this year. I am a browns fan i am not believing the hype do i want them to win yes do i think it will happen who knows but get off them already.

  5. Actually, Bone Thugz just released an album a couple months ago. All you had to do was wiki it, Silva. C’mon son.

  6. I imagine Holmgren should be optimistic. Simply getting rid of Mangini before 2011 should mean 4-6 more wins plus a nicer working environment for everyone at the Browns organization.
    Look what happened to the Jets they lost their star QB, went from one of the easiest schedules in the NFL in 2008 to one of the most brutal, with perhaps the worst QB in the league not named Russell. The improvement by the Jets was huge. The defense suddenly played well, the offensive line started to block and most importantly the players, for the first time in 3 years, played with enthusiasm, emotion and hustle. If the Jets had Favre last year they would have easily won 12-14 games simply because of the coaching upgrade.
    The same thing will happen to the Browns once Mangini gets the door. The players will enjoy football again, they will play with enthusiasm and the Browns will immediately be 4-6 wins better. Plus they will get a top 5 pick in compensation for having to have put up with Mangini for 2 years.
    I could see the argument that one can’t repair the internal damage Mangini did right away sort of like how 8 years of Bush-Cheney cannot be fixed anytime soon. But I don’t think its that bad. The US may be ruined beyond repair but the Browns can rise again. The emotional uplift of Mangini leaving the building should be enough to elevate the play of every player a great deal.
    Unlike Bush Mangini was not allowed to steal from future years of the salary cap. So the Browns don’t have to worry about repaying the equivalent of the Bush-Cheney National Deficit. Yes there are emotional wounds but rebuilding a football team is much easier done than fixing a bankrupt nation. Browns fans should be optimistic as the end of their pain is near. One more year of Mangini and you can hire Rex’s brother and become a contender.

  7. dumb ass—it was the Cleveland Rams that moved to LA . They ain’t moving anywhere douchebag

  8. @PanthersFan
    Don’t be upset when Jake comes back to NC & whips your teams ass.
    Others, don’t be surprised when the Browns have a 10-6 record & make the playoffs.

  9. Your clever comment makes you look foolish, Evan. Westbrook got the win tonight. If you would’ve said ‘the Indians blow this year’ instead of trying to be cute, it would’ve been more affective. Douchebag.

  10. hahahah ben rapelisberger sucked and got destroyed last year and the steelers missed playoffs hahahah and they’re still chasing browns in championships hahahah and they’ll saw pre merger doesn’t count but they’re wrong hahahahah and 75% of theirs happened 30 years ago hahahah they suck.

  11. I’ve been a Browns fan all of my 55 years…..soon to be 56. I was 10 years old when they last had a championship in 1964. It’s been a very long dry spell and a lot of heartache as you fellow Browns know. We haven’t even made a trip to the Super Bowl. That’s bad.
    With that said, I’m hoping for improvement this year. But, I must say, I’m disappointed in our quaterback situation. I don’t have a lot of confidence in Delhomme. He’ll need metamucil in his gatorade. Is he old enough to need that annual colonoscopy? Good night Martha!
    All 3 quarterbacks, the assumed 1,2 and 3, have not played in Mangini’s system. I do think McCoy has a future with this team. That’s my opinion. And, I still think Quinn had a future. But again, my opinion is just that. I didn’t think he had “anything” around him. Bad line. No blocking. No receivers. Poor offensive play calling by Dabol. I honestly don’t think either Manning brothers could have done anything in that offense last year.
    After reading Holgren’s comments, I’m afraid that the only thing I could think of is, “here we go again. They think they can just blow smoke up our butts and we’ll believe it.” Browns fans have not been respected and have been under estimated way too long!
    We Browns fans know our football. I for one, don’t pretend to be a professional but, I know we Browns fans stay up on our team. We know what’s good and what is stinking football.
    I’m afraid that I am to the point that I don’t believe their BS anymore. They have to prove it to me now.
    I hope like heck that I am dead wrong! I would love to be dead wrong! I’d be elated! But my gut prediction is, 6-10 this year.
    Oh how we are left wanting and saying, “next year,” with our Browns. But, I’ll still be rooting and hoping.
    GO BROWNS!!!

  12. they will finish a competitive 500 this year and bruise quite a few teams along the way . the days of looking at the Game against the Browns as being a automatic easy win are over with . you have been warned .
    Fear The Elf!!!

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