Jamarcus hasn't joined the UFL, yet

Well, it’s official.  Whoever runs the websites for the various UFL teams has made a series of fairly critical errors in recent days.

Earlier this week, the roster of the Omaha Nighthawks listed several former NFL players, including former Raiders running back Justin Fargas.  The roster later was adjusted, with only Ahman Green (who is indeed under contract) named as the only member of the team.  (There actually are more players than Green under contract, we’re told.)

Earlier today, the Nighthawks roster exploded with a laundry list of former NFL players.  Later, the roster was updated to include former Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell, the first overall pick in the 2007 draft.  As of this posting, the roster still shows Russell as a member of the team.

Per a UFL source, Russell is not on the team, yet.  Instead, he has been added to the 70-man “protected list.”  The source says that the UFL last reached out to Russell’s agents prior to his arrest for possession of codeine.  Russell’s agents responded by suggesting that the league check back in August. 

The Nighthawks remain interested because, per the source, they are getting “positive feedback” from former teammates and coaches on Russell.  “Not everyone felt he was a zero,” the source said.

For now, though, it’s zero percent accurate that he’s on the team, even as the official website continues to list him on the roster.

Maybe it’s just a cheap grab for attention.  Either way, there’s grossly incorrect information on the league’s official website, and we’re aware of no effort to fix it.

32 responses to “Jamarcus hasn't joined the UFL, yet

  1. “The Nighthawks remain interested because, per the source, they are getting “positive feedback” from former teammates and coaches on Russell. “Not everyone felt he was a zero,” the source said.”
    Good job Jamarcus, the Swedish and Mexican judges gave you a 1 out of 10.

  2. # CleanSlaton says: July 16, 2010 5:42 PM
    This website is usually zero percent accurate.
    So the website and Russell have some similarities?

  3. Even Florio says in this article that it is a “protected list.” It only serves to “reserve” players from the other UFL teams in case these guys do end up playing in the league.

  4. “Maybe it’s just a cheap grab for attention.”
    Wow, what a bunch of dirtbags…

  5. This website ripping another website for having incorrect information is like Michael ripping Marcus for being a dumbass.

  6. Russell’s name has been removed form the roster. But Craphonso “Best Name Ever” Thorpe is still there.

  7. Buck Stallion says:
    July 16, 2010 5:59 PM
    The best praise they could come up with is “Not everyone felt he was a zero,”?
    –Yes that is the only praise they could come up with.

  8. Jafartus hasn’t joined them yet because he doesn’t have enough PURPLE DRANK to hold him over the summer.

  9. Nice try, Florio, to cover up for your inept investigation before reporting that Russell was ‘on’ the team.

  10. They removed JaMarcus Russell’s name, but Brett Favre, Tim Tebow, LeBron James, and David Beckham remain on the list.

  11. In other news… my air conditioning came on after the temperature in my home reached 78 degrees..!

  12. If Russell EVER wants to worm his way back onto an NFL roster, he should NOT play in the UFL/CFL.
    There is a better than average chance he would suck in those leagues as well, spoiling any chance he has at a comeback…

  13. the big bronco says:
    July 16, 2010 5:44 PM
    Please Al, sign Russell to a long term deal before some high school gets him..
    Seriously? Same “hilarious” joke for the 167th time? Are you that stupid and unoriginal?

  14. Most overly used work in PFT.com posts…..”Yet”. C’mon? A little journalism please! Or a Funk and Wagnals for crying out loud!

  15. once again PFT us raider fans dont care about russell!!!!!!!!!!! You think in your little head that it pisses us off just because your still bitter we knocked you out of the playoffs, we dont care! Not every number 1 pick works out, wheres the chad jackson story? pats number 1 pick a couple of years ago? This would be a non story if it wasnt the raiders. All you raider bashers print this crap cause you know the silver and black are for real this year and they will dominate YOUR steelers again and the NFL. Now I do know cause Iam smarter than you that u will not post this, that’s whi I copy all our raider responses and made a face book. It’s basically gona destroy u and expose you for what u are. RAIDER HATERS

  16. I was going to give the UFL credit and support buit if they sign JaJunk then all credibiltity is out the door. He is a flat out slug both as a player and person

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