No progress between Patriots and Logan Mankins

The agent for restricted free agent guard Logan Mankins says he hasn’t heard from the Patriots and isn’t sure when a deal with the team will get done.

“There’s nothing that’s happened. We haven’t heard from them,” Mankins’ agent, Frank Bauer, told the Boston Herald. “Everyone in the NFL is on vacation. We just have to see what happens.”

Mankins is one of the handful of restricted free agents who didn’t sign their tenders. When he declined to sign his one-year, $3.26 million tender offer before June 15, the Patriots reduced it to $1.54 million.

All indications are that Mankins and the Patriots are far apart, but Bauer said he could envision reaching an agreement soon.

“I think any time the door opens, a deal can get done,” Bauer said. “Look, I’m good friends with Bill [Belichick], I know Bob Kraft real well. But [labor] circumstances came out and turned everything sideways. But you never know who is going to pick up a phone and say, ‘We need to get this thing done.’ “

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  1. But you never know who is going to pick up a phone and say, ‘We need to get this thing done.’ ”
    like when the Patriots called you offering 40 million?

  2. Interesting statements. They are a far cry from the freak out Mankins had a month or so ago. Sounds like the agent understands and agrees with what the Krafts were saying about labor issues. I think I would be pissed about these statements if I were Mankins unless he just let his emotions get the best of him earlier. They certainly don’t jive with what he said.

  3. this comment is a long way from, “trade me, I’ll never play for this team again”, I think a deal can be done very similar to the they offered early, only with more guaranteed money.

  4. This Deal aint happening now at this stage imo.
    Mankins was given a good offer which he declined, dont think the pats are gonna shift on that.
    Same as V Jackson and co, none of them are signing either. should be interesting to see whathappens in the weeks to come

  5. Since Brady is about as mobile as the goalpost, a quality OLine is critical to get him resigned, expect Mankins agent’s phone to ring, or the Brady pricetag will go up.

  6. Mankins is a UFA next season. I do think this is a huge shift in verbal tactics.. they might be coming to realize that the pats made a pretty fair offer to start with. If the Pats raise the guaranteed money, I expect they could have Mankins by pre-season. If not, Vollmer will supplant Kaczur (which he may likely do anyway) and Kaczur could move in to fill that spot. He is not nearly as good as Mankins, but he is a capable fill-in. The strength for the Pats here is depth… they have no shortage of linemen that can plug the holes.

  7. The real problem for Mankins would be if the O-Line was reorganized to find an acceptable replacement at Guard.
    Then, he becomes a VERY attractive trade opportunity, and could well be closing out his career in St. Louis, LA or Kansas. Getting to training camp will supplant the O-Line experiments, of course.
    Beyond this particular incident, it should be dawning on the players that they need to get a new CBA. It’s blatantly obvious at this stage that the losers are the players, and the clear winners are the owners.

  8. Rick says:
    “…the Patriots called you offering 40 million?”
    No they didn’t. They offered $30 M over four years after the $3.26 M for 2010.
    We don’t know how the offer was structureds, how much was guaranteed, etc, so to call it a “good offer” might not be accurate. But I think it is the best he is likely to get until the CBA and the economy are settled, which might mean earning next to nothing for quite a while.

  9. CT Pats Fan says:
    “Then, he becomes a VERY attractive trade opportunity, and could well be closing out his career in St. Louis, LA or Kansas.”
    The Patriots cannot trade Mankins until he signs his tender, which simply means they cannot trade him unless he and his agent have a better deal on the table, from a team of their choice, prior to a trade. If Mankins chooses to go for cash in a losing organization, we shall know what kind of man he is.

  10. The comments made by Bauer imply that a compromise may be reached – something I would not have considered possible a few weeks ago. However there is still little incentive to get the deal done quickly.
    August 10th is the deadline for players to report in order to gain credit for a year of service time, but since Mankins already has five years that’s not important to him.
    The only important dates are September 12th, which represents the date of the first game check he could miss; and November 14th, because players need to sign before week 10 in order to play at all in 2010.

  11. HC says:
    “August 10th is the deadline for players to report in order to gain credit for a year of service time, but since Mankins already has five years that’s not important to him.”
    I believe that deadline is only for players under contract. Since Mankins is not under contract, his key date is the November 14 date, at which time he can still get credit for this season toward unrestricted free agency in the current structure, absent a contravening new CBA.

  12. No progress? There’s been plenty of progress. Mankins is obligated to play for $1.54 million this year. The deal is done. Nothing complicated here. He has made his choices. He didn’t want a top 5 contract, and he didn’t want $3.26 million. He can choose to not play and get ZERO instead until 8-10 games pass. Then he can be franchised next year, which will still be possible since the owners are looking to body slam the union. They aren’t going to be the ones making concessions.
    I suspect somebody else can still sign him and give up two first round picks. I doubt there will be any takers for that, but I hope somebody does. Mankins has burned bridges with this foolish yap.

  13. just read john clayton give his awesome,well informed insight on the brady contract negotiations. he says
    “…but he has made it clear he doesn’t want to take a discount in this next contract.”
    has anyone read or heard anywhere brady talk about specifics on what he’s looking for with his next contract? i don’t really recall seeing it anywhere.
    little help from PFT?

  14. @Steeler79
    Never if the CBA doesn’t change the situation he’s in.
    He’s 100% the Patriots property until he plays another year (and is not franchised), is traded, or the tender is removed.

  15. Mankins has burned bridges with this foolish yap.
    Very good player, but these guys don’t posess very good perspective on their situation.
    Looks like his perspective may be starting to improve, however.
    Expensive tantrum.

  16. @ Spiny Norman:
    Good catch, thanks for correcting that oversight.
    @ Steeler79 and @ prophet of the light:
    Two scenarios regarding Mankins becoming a UFA.
    One, a new CBA is agreed upon – and it all depends what is written in the new CBA. If the terms for becoming an UFA are the same as what was in the last CBA, then Mankins is an UFA. In the last CBA it was four years of service; Mankins has five.
    Two, no CBA is agreed upon; that means there will be another uncapped year. Per the terms of the old CBA the amount of service time for a player to became an UFA in an uncapped 2011, that amount of time is five years (as opposed to six in 2010.) That would result in Mankins being an UFA in 2011 even if he does not play this season.
    Bottom line is unless a new CBA is reached and it requires six years of service before players become UFAs – an extremely unlikely scenario – Mankins is an UFA next year.

  17. @ Spiny Norman
    They actually offered a 5 year $35 million contract ($7 million per). You are right, however, in that no one knows the details (the guaranteed money or if it’s backloaded).
    But, bottom line, Mankins has rejected doubling his salary (when NE offered the $3+ million tender). He also rejected the 5 year offer, which would have put him in the top 5 for his position. So, eff him. He can take the $1.54 million tender or sit out.
    Either way, NE has him by the balls, and his union (another one) has let him down.

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