Pete Carroll dances on tampering line with Albert Haynesworth

As if Seahawks coach Pete Carroll hasn’t created enough problems for himself via potentially reckless disregard of the rules that applied to his team’s activities at USC, Carroll possibly has re-launched his NFL tenure by getting himself in line for a tampering claim.

In Thursday’s appearance on 106.7 The Fan in D.C. with Chad Dukes and Brian Mitchell (who was subbing for LaVar Arrington), Dukes sought out Carroll’s opinion on recalcitrant Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, and Dukes prefaced his question by pointing out the existence of rumors that the Seahawks could be interested in the man who isn’t interested in playing nose tackle in a 3-4 defense.

In such situations, prudent NFL coaches say something like this:  “Haynesworth is under contract with the Redskins.  So, guys, I just can’t talk about him.”

Prudent NFL coaches take that approach because the league’s Anti-Tampering Policy contains the following language:    “Any public or private statement of interest, qualified or unqualified, in another club’s player to that player’s agent or representative, or to a member of the news media, is a violation of this Anti-Tampering Policy. (Example of a prohibited comment: ‘He’s an excellent player, and we’d very much like to have him if he were available, but another club holds his rights.’)”

Here’s what Carroll said about Haynesworth:  “I’m not gonna make a decision, declaration on something like that without knowing the player, hearing the situation, and gathering as much as you can.  Because you don’t ever really know the whole story until you dig in. . . .  We were interested in the thought of him because he’s such a fantastic player, but if he wants to play the game.  That’s what you have to figure out.  Where’s the love of the game in all this?  And where does this all fit in?  Because if you’re getting a guy that’s, regardless of what you’re playing him at, if his heart isn’t in it 1000 percent, he wants to be great and part of a great team, then you need to get another guy.  It just depends, and I would look deep into it and we started the process because we thought maybe they weren’t gonna be able to come to a deal and they were gonna make him available, but it didn’t work out that way.”

On the surface, Carroll’s words could be interpreted as ultimately indicating that the team has no interest in Haynesworth.  Thus, there’s no violation.

But read between the lines.  Carroll makes it clear that the Seahawks were interested, and he indirectly provides some clues as to things that could renew that interest, such as a demonstration of the “love of the game” and a desire to “be great and part of a great team.”

Moreover, it’s not as if the situation has been resolved via Haynesworth and Shanahan hugging it out.  Haynesworth hasn’t rescinded his statement regarding his desire not to play in a 3-4 defense, and if he and/or his agent know that the Seahawks could still be interested, maybe Haynesworth will behave differently at training camp.

Of course, the notion that the Redskins would suggest that the Seahawks or anyone else tampered with Haynesworth would ooze more irony than a Brett Favre biceps tattoo that reads “4ever young.”  After all, it’s widely believed (albeit not proven by the league) that the Redskins had contact with Haynesworth and/or his agent before the launch of the free-agency signing period in 2009.  Moreover, the league rarely pushes tampering cases aggressively, and even then only when X-rays show the cookie jar residing in the stomach of the offending team.

So while Carroll most likely won’t get into any trouble over this, the fact that he’d even take the risk shows that either he doesn’t know the rules, or he doesn’t care.

In other words, the guy who coached at USC, for better or worse, hasn’t really changed.

52 responses to “Pete Carroll dances on tampering line with Albert Haynesworth

  1. I think Carroll’s statements could be taken a lot of ways. The Redskins were apparently shopping Haynesworth to teams around draft time; Carroll could just say they “looked at him when offers were made” or something like that. This reporter seems to be making something out of nothing.
    That said, as a Redskins fan, I would love it if the Skins could recoup a number 2 draft pick next year or something for Haynesworth…that would be great!

  2. I can’t wait for Florio to interview Carrol so he’ll get himself off of the PFT Enemies List like Saban and Mangini did. I’m surprised he didn’t warp this around to show how it will tarnish Peyton Manning’s legacy.

  3. I swear this website is on a witch hunt for collusion and tampering. It is clear there isn’t any evidence of either without some cleaver articulation.

  4. None story lawyer boy, way to make somehting out of nothing. There was rampant speculation about the guy being moved in a trade before OTA’s, and Carroll never said “we’re interested in Albert if he’s interested in making a committment.” He said “We were interested in the thought of him because he’s such a fantastic player…” Jeez, gonna start calling you Stretch Armstrong dude.
    Now, I also think that this was probably not a great PR move for Pete, but I think (based on what I read) that he was simply answering the question as truthfully as he could within the known confines of the anti-tampering law. Shaky? Maybe, story worthy? No

  5. You are right that them trying to cry foul would be hypocritical. Didn’t they basically sign him the night of free agency? Also, the comments weren’t that bad but Carrol should have known better and I imagine that all the other coaches wouldn’t have made a comment like that.
    Overall I don’t think it’s a big deal in itself, but I would be scared if I was a Seahawks fan when you consider how dumb this guy is and how loose he is with rules and regulations. Sooner or later, he will get the Seahawks into trouble and he isn’t even going to be a good head coach

  6. Blah, Blah, Blah. Pete just will you take him off the skins hands already. Please. If you do I will buy a copy of your book then proceed to light my grill with it on opening weekend when the skins beat the dog sht out of the cowturds.

  7. FLORIO WRITES “…After all, it’s widely believed (albeit not proven by the league)…”
    This is exactly why Florio is a tool. You’re nothing more than a gossip column low life. In America we’re innocent until proven guilty (for better or for worse). Your story was actually going just fine until you had to add the above statement. But you couldn’t help yourself. That’s why you are a tool.

  8. Is he supposed to play dumb like he had never heard of the guy? Or when asked if available, would he take a player like Brees or Manning, would it be considered tampering by saying “yes, those are great players.” Don’t think so….very much a non-story. Jeez…these two weeks til camp are gonna be too long. We need some real news to report.

  9. Now the knuckleheads who bang on Florio for jamming on the loser Vick can relax and the Carroll apologists can tag in.

  10. So…why did you post this article?? You essentially wrote a page and a half on nothing. NBC needs to get rid of you and fast, as your writing reflects you as nothing more than a vindictive, drama-hungry know-nothing. You should really remove this jumbled mess of an attempt at a news story.

  11. Carroll also isn’t very good at math; it’s impossible to give more than 100%, let alone 1000%.

  12. Articles like this are why I am really losing my interest in this site. I now only check in once or twice a week, and then immediately leave when I read crap like this.
    Florio…. stop trying to create news. And if you want to use your skills as a lawyer, go be a lawyer. The lawyer wanna-be crap on this site is an absolute waste of my time. I can come up with multiple ways of interpreting this, but really don;t feel like arguing with you or anyone else over what the definition of “is” is.

  13. I’m starting to think Florio is a genius, not in the Einstein mold, but a lesser extent genius…Each and every day he writes a story that is called a non story by commenters, but they still comment, either about a team, certain player or coach, and he adds his little “spin” to it, and lo and behold, we got a non story that you dim bulbs get all up in arms about…Don’t ya realize that’s exactly what he wants ya to do?…It’s like catching a fish with a lure stuck in it’s mouth.

  14. It’s so easy to tell which posts are Florio’s…..
    roundabout, circuitous, “alleged”, nothing-actually-happened-but-believe-you-me-something-COULD-happen, “read between the lines”, over-analyze, make something out of nothing, “indirect” (never direct), illogical/far-fetched extrapolations, nonsensical associations……and repeat!
    not all of them (most are fiiine), just the real slimy, lawyery ones.

  15. @ trytheveal
    He isn’t a genius as far as content of 90% of his posts but he is a damn genius in generating hits on his website.

  16. The Foreskins would be better off without Fat Albert. Pete Carrol would be doing them a huge favor by taking the fat, lazy turd who knows nothing nothing about honoring contracts Albert Haynesworth off their hands.

  17. moosev,
    If Florio is such a low life why do you read this site? You should just stop visiting here all together if you truly feel that way.

  18. TryTheVeal,
    Yeah it is funny. He suckers everyone in to getting so worked up over nothing. I would say there were maybe 5-6 legit stories this week and yet we saw over 50 posted here. 🙂

  19. I hope Carroll and the hags crash and burn this year SOOOOOO hard!!!
    I really hate this blow hard, california homo!!
    Once he does fail (and he will fail), I hope he’s out of football for good and we never have to hear or see his crap again!!

  20. @Simon
    It is pretty dillusional to think that any team is going to give up a 2nd for a guy that makes the money he makes & still finds an excuse not to show up for work… Not to mention, too many teams are transitioning to a 3-4 defense, almost half the league mind you, which limits his options.
    Simply put, Haynesworth, regardless of his net worth, needs to transition into a versatile player if he plans to have a market for his services. As a Browns fan, I would be interested in giving a 3rd MAX for him & take a shot at him as a DE in a 3-4. Rogers LDE, Rubin NT, Haynesworth RDE…. Nice 3-4 base line if you ask me.

  21. Take his comments how ever you would like but they could be looked at as damaging to Albert’s value. Strategically he could be trying to lower the trade value so the Seahawks can get a better deal.
    The length of the statement is the root of the tampering. Expanding on any thought in regards to another team’s player should be tampering because there’s no way to know what the tamperer’s intent is.

  22. I’m sick of Pete Carroll. Crooked in college, crooked in the pros. Stop giving this butt nugget press.

  23. Talking to other teams about their players isn’t tampering, especially when the team is rumored to be shopping the guy.
    I personally like you bringing out tampering when it exists, Florio, but you’re really reaching on this one.

  24. Just when I though this show couldn’t get any worse. I thought La Var was the worst voice on the radio until I heard Brian Mitchell. I can’t believe all these dumb F’s in DC eat this S up. So glad Mike O’meara is back on the radio so I don’t have to listen to any more of this crap.

  25. Florio has to read ‘ between the lines’ to find ANYTHING worthy of criticism. Apparently Florio isn’t smart enough to understand Carroll’s point: physical ability is desireable, but heart and commitment are more important and Haynesworth comes up way short. Haynesworth’s agent just crossed off the Seahawks as an interested team. Any competent personnel man thinks the same as Carroll. No one ever confused Florio as competent.

  26. Guys,
    Florio’s just doing what anyone sorely craving attention does….
    Make something out of nothing, enough to piss people off to a point that they want to visit his site…and keep coming back….and back….and back again.
    And it’s working on most of you. 🙂

  27. @DB26
    A huge portion of AH’s contract has been paid (what a retarded contract giving so much in the first year and we wonder where his motivation went). A team could aquire his services for the next four years for 16 million. I completely agree that his work ethic is in question. However, If one of / if not the best interior lineman in the league isn’t worth a second rounder i don’t know what is.
    I can see your idea that the Browns would have a formidable line with AH, but the Skins would be silly or desperate to trade him for a 3rd. I hope Bruce Allen takes a hard line with this guy, AJ Smith style.

  28. Florio,
    You and MSNBC are a match made in heaven. I used to really enjoy the variety of news and stories with the occasional off color comment but more and more you are injecting your obvious bias into every article. People come here for news on the NFL and it becomes annoying when every article becomes wrapped around your bias of the week. I’m surprised your not writing about chills running up and down your leg like all the other people on NBC.

  29. Wow – I thought you just made up B.S. with Michael Vick. Nothing in his comments violated the letter or spirit of the rule. He was talking about the “thought” of a guy like Haynesworth, and what he would want to know about his work ethic.
    He said nothing to the effect that they were interested in acquiring him. If anything, he was saying that he wouldn’t be interested unless he determined that he wanted to play football at 1000 percent effort.

  30. One of the worst articles I’ve read on this site.
    I do respect Florio, his writing and legal insight. But an article like this is absolutley biased.
    Too much bias in the media, too much looking for a story instead of reporting a story.

  31. Everyone trashes Florio – yet you all read his site every single day and post on it.
    Web traffic determines success, not content. You people are giving him his success – so shut up with your complaints because you are the secret to his very success, you morons.

  32. Moosey- That isn’t and American trait. That is a Legal precedent, us Americans like to but into people business and the try and decide for ourselves if they are guilty. Look at tabloids, Realty TV, Vick, Farve, Rapistberger as just a couple examples.
    Absantos- I don’t want NBC to get rid of him, if he goes to a different site I might not be able to read this drivel at work… There are only so many approved sites I can go t to check for “news.” Besised it is ours hits that keep Flrio in business. If you really want to get rid of this stop visiting the site.
    Pfii- if you leave imeediately how did you have time to post…. Check your facts first.
    Personally I just hope Fat Albert gets in a fight with his girlfriend while riding in the back of the truck. Gonna have to be a really big on though.

  33. Mike O Meara on the radio? OMG palease that show was terrible 30 years ago when he was with Don. Let me guess you are at least 55 years old.

  34. You really have nothing else to write about??
    I swear Florio is always on the witch hunt..
    If there isn’t FOOTBALL news DONT POST IT!
    Nobody cares about crap like this.

  35. Florio
    You are pigeon holing yourself as a guy that just hates Pete Carrol. I don’t even like Pete Carrol but I hate even more that someone with your job is acting like he stole your girlfriend in high school. You are now known as “the guy that hates Carrol.” I live in Seattle and all they do on espn radio is talk about what a blow hard you are. Seriously dude, you probably have some journalistic talent to get to this job, give it up, you’re making a fool out of yourself. You’ve also probably sold a bunch of books for Pete by continually putting his name in print. I created a login just so I could publicly voice my dis-like for your childish writing.

  36. Might as well start a brand new column, PCT (Pete Carroll Talk).
    You dopes just can’t let it go……

  37. Florio, you are the Perez Hilton of sports journalism. You are a talentless, childish moron whose writing only perpetuates that image.
    We know you hate Pete Carroll. We get it. It’s time to move on to another topic. You are driving the content of what I once viewed as a legitimate news website into the crapper. If I was Gregg Rosenthal right now, I’d be ashamed to share my byline on the same website as yours.

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