Shanahan reiterates: No to T.O.

With the only remaining big-name free agent on the market doing everything he can to generate interest, the fate of Terrell Owens has emerged as a key topic for those of us who follow this stuff on a regular basis.

And so when Redskins coach Mike Shanahan appeared on WFAN from the American Century Championship, a celebrity golf event produced annually by our friends at NBC, the former Broncos coach was asked about his potential interest in Owens.

In April, Shanahan said on ESPN’s schedule-release show as to T.O., “We will not go in that direction right now.”  On Thursday, Shanahan said that “right now” continues to apply.

“I made a commitment relative to T.O., that we were not gonna go in that
direction,” Shanahan said, via Dan Steinberg of D.C. Sports Bog.  “There’s a lot of factors involved, but
bottom line is . . .”  (And, apparently, Shanahan’s phone cut out at that point.)

When Shanahan made his “right now” comments on ESPN, his demeanor suggested that the door is shut — and that it won’t open in the future.  Right now, that appears to be the case.

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  1. The new Norfolk team in the UFL should just sign Michael Vick and Terrell Owens. They could also hire Jamie Dukes as head cheerleader.

  2. Done seem to be much interest in him at all from anyone
    He might be watching it on telly same as us next season 🙂
    I still lol @ his interview when he was crying over the media attacking Romo lol

  3. He is my quarterback sniff sniff boohoo, its my quarterback and thats not fair boohoo. HAHAHAHA !

  4. Maybe T.O. can go have the ‘Peppa chuck him some balls in the UFL just like the old days.

  5. T.O. is a flaming idiot, as*h*le and what ever else should pop up! He should never be allowed to play again. He had his chance and all he could think of was himself! What a first classed jerk!

  6. And yet…I’m sure we’ll see a “news story” in a day or two that several teams are interested in signing T.O. and that “one of them is the Redskins” (i.e. the obligatory Redskins mention whenever a big name free agent is out there.)
    Here are several “news certainties” to report whenever dealing with the Redskins:
    1. Always act like the Redskins will pay big money for worthless free agents in the future, simply based on what they did when Cerrato was here. Act very confident and certain that you are sure that “nothing has changed,” even when you have no evidence.
    2. Be very confident that the 3-4 defense will be a disaster, even though the Redskins have stated that they are doing a hybrid model and even though you’ve not seen them play one snap of this defense. You just “know” it’s going to be a disaster.
    3. Confidently state that the Redskins have Haynesworth pegged for NT, even though they’ve said repeatedly he’ll be moved around.
    In other words, be very selective in what you “remember” in order to generate the same old stereotypes about the Redskins.

  7. @Simon12345
    Right on Brother. Let the haters hate. The Redskins are back on track baby. It’s funny that the Eagles were always favored because they had McNabb by the idiot media. Now they are favored because they don’t have McNabb? Let’s play a few games and see how things go before all the “experts” tell us how bad the Redskins are and how good the Eagles are.

  8. “T.O. is a flaming idiot, as*h*le and what ever else should pop up! He should never be allowed to play again. He had his chance and all he could think of was himself! What a first classed jerk!”
    DAMN! What he do to you???? Did he knock your girl or spit in your face??? Never bena allowed to play again???? So you idots just cant hide your hate…..
    TO should absolutley be on a team…..and I almost hope there is a way my Bengals could sign him as Palmer would have all the weapons in the world and he has a chip now….He wants to show the entire NFL that 2 YEARS IN A ROW he hasnt been a problem….TO, CHad and Bryant????
    Let me see the Jets, Ravens, Pitt,NE,SD cover that?????
    Then we have Shipley and Gresham running down the seam with Benson SMACKIN people int he mouth!
    If that happens people need to be real worried…..
    Going back to the hater comments above….Relax dude he didnt knock your mom…..

  9. right, cuz all those redskin stereo-types are way off base. they never over pay for players. they’re players that are over payed always perform, and the redskins is not a team of individuals and thats why they have great players that make a great team. right. those stereo-types are way off base. until shanahan fixes the flubs of that organization, those are not stereo-types, that is the redskin way. give it some time brother, your moment of change hasnt happened yet.

  10. @jwill007
    @TommieMac is an Eagles fan. Instead of understanding that his team lied to T.O. about his contract and treated him poorly after he came back from a broken leg and almost single handedly won them a Super Bowl TommieMac would rather blame T.O. Nevermind that Andy Reid does not know how to handle the clock or run the football. It’s all T.O. fault.

  11. Cleg says:
    July 16, 2010 10:04 AM
    Let’s play a few games and see how things go before all the “experts” tell us how bad the Redskins are and how good the Eagles are.
    Then shouldn’t we also wait a few games before we declare that the redskins are back on track?

  12. how can anyone compare TO to Vick? Vick was head of a criminal enterprise for years and is now on probation after serving time in jail. TO, although pro bowl talented, was considered a bad influence in the locker room.
    How do those two compare?

  13. @ Actlikea2yearold
    Dude, those stereotypes have DEFINITELY been accurate ever since Snyder bought the team. At the same time, there are some preliminary indications that the team is TRYING to change. For instance, before the season, almost everyone predicted that the Skins would sign Julius Peppers. And they didn’t even appear to bid for him. Not saying everything has changed 180 degrees, but if Cerrato was here, Peppers would be a Redskin, book it.
    As for the rest of it, there is no history from the past at all to show that the move to the 3-4 in Washington will be a disaster. There is also no history from the past to show that Shanahan is boldly lying when he says he’d move Haynesworth around.
    That said, I am not a fool who feels that Snyder is 180 degrees different and the team will be in the Super Bowl this year. I would be overjoyed with 8-8 this year for instance, and I don’t even predict that will happen! So, I’m not a “blind homer” by any stretch. They may, in fact, suck this year.
    But, by the same token, the team just had a major change at GM and Coach and to just assume that it’s “business as usual,”I think that’s being just as “blind” don’t you think?

  14. Absolutely i believe it is in the right direction, but no one cant fault anybody else for so called stereo-types of the redskins. I think there is no doubt shanahan brings that team something special, but until that is proven, its gonna be rough, especially in the east. I am suprised however that the same guy that gloated in denver about pulling any RB into his system and making it work felt the need to bring in used and abused older backs to start it off. It is almost as if he learned that as good as Elway was, he needed Terrell Davis first. I do believe that division is still the toughest in the NFC and as good as Mcnabb was with the eagles, I am not ready to declare the eagles the cellar dwellar of that division without him, anymore than i am ready to hand the division to dallas. I think that division is wide open front to back.


  16. Hog you might want to check on that before you throw around the word fail? Westbrook is a RB.

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