Bradford's eventual deal could push Suh past Stafford

Last year, the Lions handed to the first overall pick in the draft, quarterback Matt Stafford, a contract carrying $41.7 million in guaranteed money.

This year, the Lions avoided being in the top spot for a second straight draft.  But Detroit picked second, and with the Rams reportedly poised to give the No. 1 selection, Sam Bradford, anywhere from $45 million to $50 million guaranteed, Tim Twentyman of the Detroit News raises an excellent question.

Will defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh emerge with a better deal than Stafford?

In our view, it’ll happen only if the Bucs break the bank — and they likely won’t — for defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, the third pick in the draft.  Regardless of what Stafford received in 2009, Suh’s contract will be shaped by the ceiling set by Bradford and the floor created by McCoy.

Then there’s the so-called quarterback premium.  Stafford got it last year, Bradford will get it this year.  Suh simply won’t, and it’ll make it harder for him to land closer to Bradford than to McCoy.  (That said, look for Suh’s agents to argue that the Lions would have taken Suh if Detroit had “earned” the first overall pick, and that Suh should therefore get closer to Bradford than McCoy.)

Thus, it could be a cumbersome process — notwithstanding Suh’s past proclamations that he wants to be in camp on time.

17 responses to “Bradford's eventual deal could push Suh past Stafford

  1. Not an entirely proud moment for my boys in Honolulu blue but the Lions didn’t beat the Rams last year… They lost 17-10 in week 8. The Lions beat the Redskins and Browns

  2. Obviously, Suh won’t get a “quarterback premium”
    But he might get a “bad ass premium”

  3. This is hysterical. Chuck a butt-load of money at a guy so he can throw balls to questionable veterans and a plate of rookies. Marty Gilyard, hold on tight.

  4. This is out of control. The rookies are the problem here. And the owners are the enables. Does anybody have the balls to put their foot down on this?

  5. If I’m St. Louis, or Detroit or the Bucs, why am I even bothering to negotiate? Why would I give Bradford or any of those guys close to what the guys from last year got? If they hold out and don’t play, they won’t get paid for 2 years, or if they do get paid in the second year, it will be on a rookie scale, simple as that. Everyone knows there will be a lockout and a rookie wage scale, so if I’m ownership I’m going to squeeze as much out of these rookies by dragging this on as long as possible. I tell Bradford, take it or leave it and offer him 50 cents on the dollar based on Stafford’s deal. Tough luck.

  6. It will probably be close, it not more. That’s the punishment side of being able to take a top prospect

  7. I think that Suh is worth more than Bradford right now, he’s ready to make an immediate impact while Bradford needs a few years of experience and a better offensive line to thrive. The fact that Suh would have been picked first if Detroit had the pick should definitely elevate his contract to closer to Bradford. Suh should probably end up with similar money to Stafford, quite honestly.

  8. This year, the Lions avoided being in the top spot for a second straight draft by pushing their record to 2-14 with a win over the 1-15 Rams.
    Sorry, Florio, but the only team my Rams beat last year was Detroit…

  9. Redrock says:
    If I’m St. Louis, or Detroit or the Bucs
    Yes and as your franchise goes down the toilet for another year, you look like the biggest frigging idiot in the world and the next year, someone else is taking your place. Pure genius to run your franchise into the ground for another year.

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