Commissioner's camp trip starts with the champs

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Hall of Fame coach John Madden plan to tour several training camps this year.  NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Friday, via Twitter, that the visits will commence on August 2, when Goodell and Madden visit the Saints.

They’ll take the Madden cruiser to Philly the next day.  And they’ll visit the Ravens and Redskins on August 4, the Steelers and Browns on August 5, and the Colts on August 7.

The trip to Terre Haute (or wherever the Colts currently hold their camp . . . it’s early on a Saturday and I’m too lazy to look it up) will occur during Hall of Fame weekend.  Goodell and Madden will attend Hall of Fame events on Friday, August 6, and he’ll return for the Saturday night induction ceremony in Canton.

Aiello said that Goodell plans to meet with players, coaches, and fans
during the training camp trips.

Though the Goodell-Madden pairing isn’t quite as extreme as Felix and Oscar, we’ve got a feeling that cameras will capture a few of the lighter moments on the bus for eventual display on NFL Network.

7 responses to “Commissioner's camp trip starts with the champs

  1. For the “lazy,” Colts camp is now in Anderson, IN, which means something to those of us who live there.

  2. When the Commish visits the Brownstains he’ll be wearing a full BODY RUBBER to Berea so that he wont get the Staph.
    With all the “loyal” brownie fans (3) in attendance, ole Rog shouldn’t have to sign his autograph too many times.

  3. Favre only lives a couple hours away from the Saints training camp, he’ll still be home on Aug. 2. They need to drop in and visit the Oak Grove Warriors during their preseason camp. The only training camp Favre will have, until the Vikings leave Mankato St. He ain’t staying in no college dormitory.

  4. Could have just said “The trip to Colts’ camp…” It’s called good journalism.

  5. Come on Florio…. don’t be a puss and post all the comments.
    Don’t like how we say you worship lord faver, then give all the teams some credit.

  6. Who cares if Goodell visits the camps? Madden could do that by himself…at least he knows what he’s looking at.
    Goodell should stay at his office and take care of some of these suspensions…maybe he could find a backbone while he’s at it.
    Don’t worry Roger, the photo-ops will come.

  7. Ravenmuscle says:
    July 17, 2010 9:21 AM
    “With all the “loyal” brownie fans (3) in attendance, ole Rog shouldn’t have to sign his autograph too many times.”
    lolwat? Say what you will about the Brownies, but their fan base is one of the most loyal in the league imo.
    I R A Steeler fan btw.

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