Domenik Hixon clears waivers

Giants wideout Domenik Hixon was placed on injured reserve Saturday after clearing waivers, according to Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network.

New York took a small risk by exposing Hixon to the rest of the league, but no one wanted to take on his $1.684 million salary for an injured player.

Set to hit free agency in 2011 (assuming there is such a thing), Hixon may have to wait until he’s fully recovered from his torn ACL before a team shows interest in him next offseason.

24 responses to “Domenik Hixon clears waivers

  1. I don’t understand why people spell their children’s names so stupidly. Domenik? I mean, really?

  2. Giants got lucky here, they should sign him back next year cause he’s a productive WR.

  3. Did you ever think they are just not educated and think they are spelling them right. Anfernee Hardaway’s mom thought that was the right way to spell Anothny. Not kidding

  4. SoDev, your an idiot, he’s referring to the English language which as been fearfully forgotten in today’s society.

  5. Brian Sipe,
    You are speaking of the English language which has been “fearfully forgotten in today’s society by people like you”. Someone complaining about people’s inability to use the language should do a better job of using your and you’re. Idiot.

  6. Brian Sipe, and SoDev, you’re both idiots. CWKY, you are one, because you are hating on other people’s names, for no reason. And Brain Sipe, that English language you were referring to, has been forgotten by you. “Your” is possessive, like your car. “You’re” is a contraction of “you are”, like you’re an idiot.

  7. You guys are _all_ idiots. Domenik Hixon’s mother is German and he was born in Germany. That is the correct/common way to spell his name in Germany.

  8. What did the Giants risk? Risk of not having to pay 1.6 Mio? He will be a free agent anyway.
    Hey, they are not the Packers, they don’t need to artificially reduce their earnings:)

  9. Not ‘your’, it’s you’re.
    You guys are calling each other idiots and BOTH of you (SoDev and Brian Sipe) can’t use the correct spelling.
    Fail, big time.

  10. That’s nothing, “quinney29” once thought that Anothny was the way you spelled Anthony.

  11. @ No Man
    Thanks for clearing that up for me. I should have looked it up before I commented. My bad.
    @ Everyone else
    Take a continuing ed writing class at the nearby community college.

  12. You Your You’re…….Hey You, are all your panties in a wad, because you’re sure as hell making it seem like so

  13. Wouldn’t it just be easier to say “why do blacks name their kids with strange/misspelled names?”
    Rather than make veiled racist attacks, just be blatant about it. We all know what you’re (hey I got it right) saying.

  14. Hixon didn’t stay with the Bronco’s because he couldn’t hold onto the ball in critical situations.
    Now he has confidence and has cured his fumble issues and was lucky enough to get out of Denver before the McDouchebag era of running talent out of town.
    Lucky guy really…..

  15. Come on guys, enough with the 8th grade grammar bull. This is a football forum, not an English class. Geez…………

  16. If there is any “luck” in it, he is lucky that he injured his ACL so early in the offseason. For runners (backs, receivers, linebackers, DB’s) an ACL is a 1.5 year recovery time. Some play before then, but most who do are playing so they don’t lose their jobs OR because the next season has started and they don’t want to lose their jobs. The fact is, most admit that they aren’t “themselves” for about 1.5 years after the injury. For Hixon, 1.5 years will put him in the middle of next season, if there is a next season. And 1 year will put him at around June OTAs. If there is a silver lining that is it.

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