Joe Montana's son arrested for underage drinking

We won’t be resetting the arrest meter on this one, but we do have a football related jailing to pass along.

Joe Montana’s son was one of of 43 undergraduates at Notre Dame arrested Friday night for doing what most undergraduates do every Friday night. Nate Montana, the team’s backup quarterback, was one of eight Notre Dame football players among those arrested for underage drinking at a South Bend home. 

John Taylor over at our brother site CFT (sister site sounds weird) has all the details regarding the other players who spent the night in county jail.

52 responses to “Joe Montana's son arrested for underage drinking

  1. If he were arrested driving back to training camp at 100 mph while drunk, then I’d say he has a bright future with the Vikings, that’s how they roll.

  2. # JimmySmith says: July 17, 2010 4:51 PM
    If he were arrested driving back to training camp at 100 mph while drunk, then I’d say he has a bright future with the Vikings, that’s how they roll.
    hardy har…since it happened once with a guy that was last on the packers that’s hilarious.
    using your logic: “if he were arrested trafficking illegal drugs and abusing substances and/or raping an underage girl, then i’d say he has a bright future with the packers, that’s how they roll”
    see how stupid you are?

  3. How tacky is it that you even report this as a “story”. A college kid busted for under age drinking, in a private home no less.
    Truly embarrassing, not for Montana’s kid but for PFT and CFT for reporting it.

  4. You have to be a pretty dumb college kid to get arrested for doi g the same thing all the other kids are doing. Congrats BK. Making those boys remember they playb or the fighting IRISH.

  5. Jimmy- Yah man….that is how we roll !
    Big deal…i had a fake ID at 16 and hung out in strip clubs.What young lads don’t drink??

  6. That damn THUG!!! He was probally hanging with his POSSE!!!!! he is so STUPID!! I can’t wait to see his WONDERLIC score when he takes it!!! LOL!!!!!!!!He has probally been dippin into his dads bank account 2 buy booze,they will be broke within 3 years!! bank on it!!!!! ha ha im just sayin!!!!!!!

  7. Low class Floria!!! When did thus turn into retired players
    He’s just doing what every college kid in america us doing. Is this really worth a headline? I hate Notre Dame, but this us pathetic.

  8. Are you going to report on every relative of ex-NFL players that’s cited for anything, including speeding tickets? After all, a speeding ticket is worse than and an underage-drinking ticket.

  9. More people incarated in “free country” USA than all of the rest of the world combined. Jobs in prison system and PRIVATE jails own the politicians! OR Americans are the worst criminals in the world?

  10. No Jimmy,
    That’s NOT how “They” roll.
    That’s how a three time loser doofus who was given a 2nd chance by the Vikings “rolls”.
    He was cut loose from the Viking if you recall.
    And picked up by the PACKERS if I recall.
    Now he is a tax cheat too.
    Don’t blame that one on the Vikings. All they did was give a guy a chance and he blew it.

  11. Big friggin deal.
    Call me when he runs around a bar with his schlong hanging out.

  12. The drinking age should be 18, the same as the voting age and the same as the age when young men and women often enter the military. During my four years on active duty in the Army Infantry in the 1970’s, I was once charged with possession of beer outside of Ft. Lewis, because I was only about 20 and I needed to be 21. The judge only fined me $ 10, but it was ridiculous that as a sergeant in the Army I could not drink a beer off base.

  13. This just in….

    The nephew of Lou Groza reportedly suffered a mild bout of constipation last week.

  14. I did’nt know they put you in jail for that. What can Joe say to him, don’t do what I did.

  15. They’d also roll over your favorite team too Jimmy, probably already did last year.

  16. Thist just in… apparently, while at this party, Nate and his friends were trying to convince women to have sex with them.

  17. robert ethen says:
    July 17, 2010 5:48 PM
    “Sister site” sounds weird until you get there. Wowza!
    Dammit robert ethen, you are one funny dude! Keep up the posts.

  18. In other news he was also guilty of banging two girls prior to his citation!! lol!!
    Did Brett Favre cut his grass today?? why don’t you guys take the PFT Express and go sit in front of Favre’s house……reports are circulating he’ll report 8/23 with the 1st reg season game being 9/9 against the Saints!!

  19. Minor transgression at most, with no fights, driving, etc. combined with the consumption. Brian Kelly and Notre Dame have to do the responsible thing by emphasizing that players have to comply with the law, so obviously there will have to be some minor punitive action, but I’m betting on a one-game suspension and a lot of stair-running in practice.

  20. Shouldn’t have he been praying and drinking wine like most Catholics? Oh wait its Notre Dumb, they do no wrong…

  21. What a messed up story to post about. The 21 age limit is a joke and everybody ignores it.

  22. Atta boy!…..nothing wrong with a little underage drinking… puts hair on your chest

  23. very interesting but not much of a story here…nothing smart azz or cynical from me, nor critical…just college kids doing what college kids do. im just curious to see how he does and if he is talented enough to actually warrant playing time in his career

  24. Careful Florio, bringing ex-players kids into the picture for the least relevant violations possible is a dick move during even the slowest of NFL news cycles.
    I hope no one uses your kid as a vehicle for short term career advancement if he goofs up.

  25. OMG…I can’t imagine what our youth are doing now. Getting arrested for underaged drinking. The boy should be brought out in the square, put in the stockade on public display and have to repent his dastardly sins…
    Seriously, if that is all you can dig up for news….I better go back to reading comic books…give me a break…

  26. Who gives a flying f*** Rosenthal? He is doing what at least 90% of all college kids do. THIS IS NOT NEWS!!!

  27. bobinpuertorico
    9th Infantry division right?
    We used to haul you guys all over Washington in Hueys & C-130’s.

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