Judge rips Tank Johnson for "cowardice" in friend's murder

A judge in Chicago on Friday sentenced Michael Selvie to 55 years in prison for the murder of Willie Posey, the best friend of Bengals defensive tackle Tank Johnson.

But at the sentencing, the Chicago Tribune reports, Judge Joseph Claps reserved his harshest words not for Selvie but for Johnson. The 2006 incident that resulted in Posey’s death began with Johnson, who then played for the Bears, bumping into Selvie at a nightclub. And it ended with Johnson running away and then lying to police about what happened.

“Mr. Johnson has to live with his behavior that night, his failure to render aid to a person he described as his best friend . . . his cowardice and his attempts at self-preservation,” Claps said.

At Selvie’s trial, Johnson admitted that he had lied to police and said he wasn’t present for the shooting, saying he did so in the fear that the Bears would release him if they knew the truth. In reality, the Bears stood behind Johnson at that point, even though he had recently violated his probation by having unregistered weapons at his home.

The Bears did eventually release Johnson, after he was arrested for suspicion of DUI during the 2007 offseason. Johnson has avoided legal trouble in the three years since then while playing for the Cowboys and Bengals.

29 responses to “Judge rips Tank Johnson for "cowardice" in friend's murder

  1. So the judge had the harshest words for Tank who probably was scared to death from having an idiot pull a gun and then witnessing his bodyguard being murdered, hmmm I guess old judge would have disarmed the thug and held him until the police arrived even though he had a bodyguard.

  2. This country needs a stricter weapons law, its way overdue…
    The constitution is a masterpiece, but its 230 years old, it needs to be reformed, especially the part “right to bear arms”

  3. Loser. Typical loser coward. The judge was right. Way to support ‘best friend’ Tank.
    He doesn’t deserve the nickname ‘Tank.’ Well maybe ‘Going into the Tank.’ Yeah, that’s it.
    Punk. Welcome to Cincinnati.

  4. Wow. How cold and selfish can some people be? Tank Johnson truely is a coward.

  5. I’ll translate that; JUDGE: “Youre a coward because you didnt shoot up the whole place, that way; You would be incarcerated as well…..” or… “Youre no REAL MAN because you didnt “man up” thereby VIOLATING YOUR PROBATION and ending your career.”

  6. Jaxeagle says:
    July 17, 2010 7:15 AM
    So the judge had the harshest words for Tank who probably was scared to death from having an idiot pull a gun and then witnessing his bodyguard being murdered, hmmm I guess old judge would have disarmed the thug and held him until the police arrived even though he had a bodyguard.
    The shooter already left the scene, but to avoid the Bears finding out and releasing him, Sweetums Johnson runs away and doesnt bother to give aid to his friend, then tells the police he wasnt there. I mean damn, he didnt even describe the shoooter of his friend.

  7. Bengals = Cowards
    Tank = runs away from dying best friend
    PacMan = punches strippers in face, has friend shoot bouncer
    Chris Henry = points loaded gun into crowd, fights teenage kid
    Palmer = Cornholer
    Benson = sucker puncher
    Rucker = beats woman
    Matt Jones = Coke head

  8. Oh a big congratulations to Larry Johnson, avoiding trouble for three whole years! I have stayed out of trouble with the authorities for my ntire life and no one has once thanked me, put my picture in the paper or even baked me a cake!

  9. This country needs a stricter weapons law, its way overdue…
    The constitution is a masterpiece, but its 230 years old, it needs to be reformed, especially the part “right to bear arms”
    a masterpiece that needs to be reformed? if it’s a “masterpiece” there is no reason for reform. Also if you think stricter laws or taking away guns completely will stop crime (especially gun crime) you’re an idiot.
    Founders put the 2nd amendment into the constitution for a reason. I won’t spoil it, so you can actually read about the laws of this country, and learn something about why they are there.
    Going to take it since you think it needs reform, you’re some sort of liberal. if so, please stop destroying my country.

  10. Boy some of these internet “tough guys” are funny,
    if some of u ever had a gun in ur face u would fall out or run away too.

  11. The funny thing is that Tank probably had a Beretta tucked into his waistband for this type of situation but realized he was too chickenshit to pull it out.

  12. yes because the assailant purchased his fun from gander mountain??? libs and their crying about gun laws are histerical!

  13. Would any of you PFT readers stand still after your, “best friend” just got shot? Would you of tried to take the gun away? Hold the shooter down and wait till the cops arrived in orderly fashion? NO! 99.9% of you would run away hoping to not be the next eating up a bullet! He did what most would do in a situation like that. RUN! The one thing he did do that was selfish was tell the cops he wasn’t there, and for that he is an asshole. As for his COWARDICE………Most in that situation would have played the same cards. So i do not agree with this judge, period.

  14. Add the packer and saints drug addicts and we have a wonderful league of loser players…

  15. wow. Some of you people are mentally challenged. Do you even know the facts, or why exactly the judge refered to Tank as a Coward?
    Let me break it down for you morons.
    The suspect and Johnson’s friend got in a arguement, and the suspect shot him. The suspect then FLED.
    Tank Johnson on the other hand, just 12 hours earlier had offered public apologies to the Bears and his teammates over his latest arrest and vowed to change.
    Now, after the suspect fled, Tank decided that he could not let the Bears find out he was at a bar so he decided to run. He took off , leaving his friend on the floor bleeding, and then denied to the police that he was even at the bar.
    Now all you dipshits, nobody called him a coward for not attempting to disarm the gunman. The judge refered to him cause the shooter already fled before Johnson fled and left his friend to die, then lying to police that he even saw anything.
    Now do you understand EJtowne, JaxEagle, Buck, and Tye?????
    Cant make it any clearer for you 4 dumba$$es

  16. This country needs a stricter weapons law, its way overdue
    Enforce existing laws (Giuliani proved this method works) and have an effective death penalty. One that doesn’t include years of appeals.
    The citizens of this country need more arms, not less.

  17. Thank you MR Wizard…..that said this is a FOOTBALL FORUM. SO theycallme_ipod your new name is DOUCHENOZZLE!

  18. Yes Wizard! Everyone should have a gun. We should give one to every five year old kid and then give them an additional gun every five years. Then we should be allowed to take any gun we want to any function. Everyone at a football game should have a gun.
    Every basketball game should have a arena full of gun toting fans. Every church meeting. High schools should be full of guns. Just think how safe they would be then.
    It is unconstitutional to take my gun out of my hands just cause I’m going to someplace with people. I make them all safer to be around me.
    If we did all this then just think, there wouldn’t be any fouls at basketball games, no penalties at football games and the sermons at church would be short. There sure wouldn’t be any bullies at high schools anymore.
    Life would be so good if we all had guns, any gun we wanted. Maybe I could get my hand on a grenade launcher and be even safer…..

  19. So his name is Tank………Tank……….Bad choice mom and dad(if appropriate for the situation).

  20. Seriously, Jaxeagle and some of these others really need to take some reading comprehension courses. That or they’re on Tank’s payroll…
    The judge wasn’t talking about what Tank did at the immediate time of the shooting, but what he did after it was over and the shooter was long gone. Could he have saved his buddy if he’d hung around? Maybe yes, or maybe no. But wouldn’t you HOPE your best friend would do that for you? Then he didn’t even provide the cops with a description of the killer for fear it’d cost him his paycheck from the Bears. And let’s also note that this happened immediately after he’d promised to straighten up and stay out of trouble.

  21. theycallme__ipod,
    The second amendment was created in order for the citizens of our nation to protect themselves if ever a tyrannical form of government took hold. Have you studied prohibition? Laws set up prohibiting booze. Guess what? People still got a hold of booze. Same goes for guns. Go ahead and ban guns. That’s really what you want when you say gun control. It won’t work.
    Do something that liberals don’t do: use common sense and study history more.

  22. Thanks for clearing that up “onlymyopinionmatters”.
    Idiots constsntly comment on things they have no idea about.
    Initially, I thought the Bears were doing the wrong thing by letting this guy go, especially after it was determined that he “wasn’t” DUI. After hearing the whole story of this incident, I think they obviously did the right thing.
    Just continuously proves one undebatable fact: you can take a hood rat out of the ghetto, teach him how to play a sport, hand him millions of dollars, give him more than ample opportunity to make a good life for himself…..but the bottom line is he’s still a hood rat and that’s all he’ll ever be. He’ll eventually piss away his money, disappoint everybody who tried to help him, and end up back where he came from or in prison.

  23. raidersmojo
    A masterpiece then, and some parts are still one.
    BUT, the world has changed and so need the laws, if you can’t see or accept this, you are just another stupid redneck.
    Strict gun laws will prevent excessive gun crimes, like this one.
    There is a reason, the US is number one in so many gun related statistics, and this reason needs to be eliminated, once and for all.
    I’m sick and tired of hearing that innocent people, bystanders and kids are getting shot. I’m sick and tired of so called thugs who shoot people because they bumped into each other in a nightclub…
    I’m sick and tired of conservative, narrow-minded guys like you who slow the progress of this country down, since 50 years…

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