Rams and Sam Bradford have a long way to go

S. Bradforddraft.jpgFriday’s meeting between Sam Bradford’s representatives and the Rams wasn’t very fruitful.

Mike Florio reports via a league source that the two sides have a “long way to go” and there was no real progress made during the meeting.

That news doesn’t qualify as a huge shock with 11 days left before the Rams’ rookie camp starts.  Still, this is a negotiation that the rest of the league will be watching very closely.

As Florio mentioned last night, the Rams still have the opportunity to do something bold and possibly take a stand against the insanely rising totals for top-shelf rookie picks.

26 responses to “Rams and Sam Bradford have a long way to go

  1. $50 million may seem a lot to the rest of us, but Sam Bradford can spend that on a single sword in World of Warcraft.

  2. They need to follow the NBA route in terms of rookie contracts.. this is absurd.

  3. He’ll need $50,000,000 to buy himself a bionic shoulder ball-n-socket. This dude is more fragile than Mr. Potato Head

  4. OJ –
    really? “fragile” – he had one injury in his college career.
    The idiocy of people never ceases to amaze me.

  5. Glad to hear that Florio was directly involved in the negotiations between Bradford and the Rams. Now, if he could only tell us how supper went with Favre last night…..

  6. LOL, “Mike Florio is reporting…” is a joke!
    I guess you, Gregg (who spells Greg with two g’s anyway?) Rosenthal have a lot of learning to do. Florio isn’t a real journalist (or even a reporter) and the Rams have no choice but to pay Bradford, taking a stand would be enormously stupid on their part.

  7. The Rams can sign Bradford’s clone Joey Harrington for next to nothing. Sign Harrington and forget Bradford. Long term it makes a lot of sense.

  8. he needs to take what he can get 50 mill is too much for someone who ended his college career with an injury and who has never played pro football. if u give him 50 mill and he ends up like ryan leaf the rams are S O L, and with how bad the rams were last year the whole team isnt worth 50 mill.

  9. I can understand, CJ Spiller can’t feed his family off of $50 million either.

  10. Rams, do the right thing and hold out. Don’t fold under pressure. Not even worth 30!

  11. # fordlaw says: July 17, 2010 3:16 PM
    The Rams can sign Bradford’s clone Joey Harrington for next to nothing. Sign Harrington and forget Bradford. Long term it makes a lot of sense.
    Kill yourself.


  13. Miss training camp and this kid will have NO value to the team this year.
    Quarterback holdouts usually don’t have very good careers in general. He may want to think about that.

  14. # OJ SIMPSON says:
    He’ll need $50,000,000 to buy himself a bionic shoulder ball-n-socket. This dude is more fragile than Mr. Potato Head
    He had the same surgery as Drew Brees did after he fell on a fumble in a meaningless game and all the
    “experts” like you said that same crap about Brees and you know what, not only has he not gotten hurt but he has a Super Bowl ring. Hell, those idiots in Miami decided he wasn’t worth it and they opted to sign Culpepper, who was coming off knee surgery and he was a big bust.

  15. There is a need to toss the agents and the NFLPA and make football affordable to the fans again. Don’t give in to this ROOKIE ‘skins.
    Cleveland Browns Fan.

  16. AT FAST

  17. Maybe Bradford should be the one to take a stand. Imagine the type of locker room respect he would immediately earn from the veterans if he just signed deal worth less and put an end to this escalating rookie scale. What rookie really needs $50 million guaranteed anyway? That’s crazy.
    Plus, he and everyone else know he isn’t worth that kind of money. He got the #1 pick because the Rams desperately needed a QB and he was the best QB in one of the worst QB classes in the last ten years. The only one I can think of worse than this was the Russell/Quinn class a few years ago.

  18. Rams shouldn’t give in; from 1999 to 2009 50% of number one overall draft choices can be labeled as busts Tim Couch, Courtney Brown, David Carr, Alex Smith, JaMarcus Russel; you could bump that up to sixty percent if you throw Vick in there but I think he made Arthur Blank enough money and made 3 pro bowls.
    The Rams should take a stand, 50 mil for a 50% chance this kid benefits the team? I thought the NFL was a buisness, no buisness man would agree to that.
    All rookie deals should be low on guarantees and laden with incentive money so teams can avoid paying underachievers and give give the money to the superstars.
    Pay Chris Johnson!

  19. Nowhere on earth except when it comes to professional sports is anyone who is newly hired allowed to work out deals for so much money before they have proven thing-one in their choosen field.
    Didn’t JaMarcus Russell teach anybody anything about forking over massive amounts of money before one official pass has been thrown?
    I hope the Rams hold firm. If Bradford, especially as a rookie, misses even one week of camp he won’t be worth “jack” for the rest of the season. Anytime these rookies hold out and miss chunks of training camp time they always seem to need the entire rest of the season to catch up. Is it just me or does that scenario also sound like JaMarcus Russell?
    Rookie pay scale? So what’s the big problem with that?

  20. Imagine how much longer the Rams will suck if (or maybe I should say “when”) Sam Bradford ends up as a complete bust. It could pro-long their days of playing terrible football another decade. Bradford isn’t particularly athletic and has a mediocre arm. Oh and by the way……”he can make all the throws” is code language for “his arm is average at best”.

  21. @ O.J. Simpson :
    More like $50 Million for the Mr. Salty Pretzel man. One good hit and all the Rams’ horses and all the Rams’ men won’t be able to put Sammie back together again. He is going to need that money for Bionic arms and legs. Hope you have Dr. James Andrews on speed dial, Rams fans.

  22. Rookie pay scale is desperately needed!!!!
    There is no way an unproven rookie deserves $50 million guaranteed.
    How about this for starters for a 5 year deal: (I think this is totally and completely fair to all involved….pending a new NFL labor agreement)
    7 million signing bonus
    18 million salary guaranteed for 5 years
    25 million in incentives
    Deal is worth 50 million for 5 years but only HALF is guaranteed! He would have to PRODUCE in order to get the other half.

  23. For all you rookie pay scalers that talk about how great it is and how the players get into camp sooner and everyone wins. Well…
    Seems that the Memphis Grizzlies don’t want to honor the agreement and may be headed for trouble. A little blurb from ESPN:
    If you’re a lottery pick in the draft, it’s usually standard that you get 120 percent of the rookie-scale contract.
    But the Grizzlies are offering 100 percent of the rookie-scale contract to Xavier Henry, and the two sides are currently locked into a holdout of sorts.

    It’s this kind of bs that the Grizzlies pull that keeps them from being consistent winners (Call them the Clippers Midwest).

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