A.J. Smith on Terrell Owens: "We're all set right now with receivers"

The Chargers may be desperate for a physical receiving threat with Vincent Jackson’s situation uncertain, but they want no part of Terrell Owens.

We’re all set right now with our receivers,” Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith told Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune. “I don’t want to be involved. A lot of people have us
targeted, but they know I wouldn’t do it.”

The Chargers already signed a former Bills receiver — Josh Reed — to help take up space until Jackson returns to the team.  Smith says he expects Jackson and tackle Marcus McNeill to sit out ten games.

“I don’t know if our guys or their agents think A.J. will fold, but my
history should tell you something,” Smith said. “I won’t be telling anything to these
two guys; I have nothing to discuss.”

When A.J. goes third person, you know he means business.

20 responses to “A.J. Smith on Terrell Owens: "We're all set right now with receivers"

  1. TO–just grab a chair, make yourself some popcorn, and see how the story of your mouth unfolds.

  2. Awesome. I love that TO has punkassed his way out of the league. Couldn’t have happened to a better person.

  3. T.O. should sign with the Packers, he would fit right in with their caliber of players.
    Packer fans love to trash Vikings fans but in reviewing the top Packer/Vikings news stories of the offseason you will see:
    Childress volunteers for USO tour of Afghanistan
    Favre emcee for the ESPY’s
    Jared Allen volunteers for USO tour in Iraq
    ——————-vs. Packers
    B. Underwood, Clay Matthews and 4 other Packers “stiff” Ho in more ways than one!
    Johnny Jolly banned for 1 year for being drug dealer!
    M.Chumura elected to the Packers Pervert Hall of Shame!
    M.McCarthy says, “we’re making the headlines for all the wrong reasons”…..duh!!
    Even with all of T.O.’s “baggage” he probably doesn’t have the “cred” to become a Packer!!

  4. A.J Smith is a jackass anyway!! Chargers will never win. T.O will land with the Patriots with “the other 81”

  5. Dr. Jonas Salk who invented the polio vaccine and kept literally millions of children from being crippled could have (but didn’t) spoken about himself in the third person.
    The guy who will eventually cure cancer can speak about himself in the third person.
    Everybody else who does it is just an uneducated, pompous, self-important jackass, a-hole.

  6. J.A.’s ego makes Polian look normal.
    He’s nothing more than a jack ass that snowed over Spanos.

  7. T.O.
    Remember all those people you threw under the bus being a smart ass?
    I damn sure bet you do now.
    What comes around.
    You are now toxic.
    People don’t hate you, they just don’t want anything to do with you.
    It’s a shame you had to trash your career before you grew the hell up if you even have.
    See, that’s the problem, nobody thinks you have.

  8. Wrong! A.J. Smith is spot on. Send all of these cry baby millionaires to the UFL. That’s the Underwear Foosball League

  9. “Don’t underestimate A.J. Smith”, the Chargers G.M. warned, “this lawnchair don’t fold!”.

  10. “I don’t know if our guys or their agents think A.J. will fold, but my history should tell you something,” Smith said. “I won’t be telling anything to these two guys; I have nothing to discuss.”
    That sounds like a guy who is trying to call a bluff with another bluff, but who holds what cards?
    I think Jackson and McNiel are not bluffing and AJ is. They may have been bluffing when it was a 1 year 3 M tender on the table, but for 600K there is too much risk to play.
    I am still not sure they even need to show up by week 10 to get an accrued season since they already had enough to be UFAs under the current CBA other than the opt out rules it is operating under. Once a new CBA is in place, I do not see why Jackson and McNiel would still be RFAs. Even if they are franchise and transition tagged next year, the bump in pay over 600k is well worth taking the gamble for.
    I really do not know what Smith was trying to gain or prove by dropping the tenders. Had he left the amount the same as the other RFAs around the NFL, there was a good chance the players would eventually take 3 M over nothing this year, but lowering the offer pretty much takes away any incentive to sign.
    How good will they really be without them? My guess is .500 and that is only if the new LT can keep Rivers healthy, and no 1 WR creates the same type of production that demands double coverage. The defense and runnin game is not going to carry the workload, and those 2 guys do a lot to make Rivers look good.

  11. The agents thought A.J. Smith would fold like a lawnchair. But he is too cheap for that.

  12. If Smith doesn’t fold, his quarterback is going to get spindled and mutilated.

  13. The Chargers will once again not win anything significant this season. The team’s KARMA in America’s greatest city is all bad and one ups even T.O. – thanks to their obsessive right wing ownership.

  14. this just represents more of the anti-gay feelings that is the big elephant in the room with the league. T.O. is just way to gay. That’s why he’d be a good Raven (purple and all)

  15. Citizen Strange
    Ol’ Bubba thinks some can be pompous self-important jackass’, assholes without speaking in third person. Bubba wonders where did you go to school? >>>> GO DALLAS COWBOYS!!!

  16. All the “younger” wanna be WR Diva’s should look at T.O. and realize this IS NOT how you want to define your NFL Career. Keep it humble and do your job.

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