Gerald McCoy wants to wait on Sam Bradford

Yesterday we noted the possibility that if the Rams sign first overall pick Sam Bradford to a contract worth $45 million or $50 million guaranteed, it could increase the value of the contract that second overall pick Ndamukong Suh gets from the Lions.

The third overall pick, Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, likes that way of thinking.

McCoy, a college teammate of Bradford’s at Oklahoma, told the Oklahoman that he wants to wait until Bradford signs his contract with the Rams before McCoy signs his contract with the Buccaneers. If Bradford receives the record-breaking rookie contract from the Rams that everyone expects, McCoy thinks that can only give him more leverage in his own negotiations with the Bucs.

“It’s kind of one of those deals where you would rather let the first pick sign first,” McCoy said. “You don’t want to do your deal first and his contract is way higher than yours. But if you waited yours would have been higher.”

McCoy’s comments suggest that if Bradford holds out, McCoy will hold out, too. But McCoy doesn’t seem to think that’s going to happen.

“Sam will get his deal done,” McCoy said. “I think Sam will be there, and as soon as Sam gets his deal done, mine will be done.”

20 responses to “Gerald McCoy wants to wait on Sam Bradford

  1. I’m a big fan of football but these F*$@ing rookie wages are starting to really piss me off.

  2. In recent years, most of the defensive lineman chosen high in the draft have turned out to be extraordinary busts – Courtney Brown, Ryan Sims, Gerard Warren, Jonathan Sullivan, Derrick Harvey, etc. While Suh certainly looks to be the real deal, this guy certainly does not. Odds are good that he’ll probably be a colossal bust, so you can’t really blame him for snatching all the money he can. He’ll probably be out of football – or in the UFL – in five years.

  3. So pathetic. None of them have EARNED a dime in the NFL, but they want it all or they’ll hold out.
    Hey Roger? Rookie salary cap: $1 million max per year for the #1 overall pick. If they can’t play football for $1 mil, give me a call. I’ll be more than happy to step in and give it a shot.

  4. Why can’t these greedy motherfers be grateful for even having a job. How about thinking about all of those who are unemployed and struggle to live each day. It just amazes me how these aholes act before even ever stepping on an nfl field.

  5. It’s smart business – See Chris Johnson’s situation. As long as he is ready for camp, I have no qualms.

  6. Nice, McCoy. Show the Bucs that being a dominant DT is your #1 priority for them.

  7. I kind of figured this side of McCoy would come out. He can go out there and talk about working hard, showing his face in the community, say all the right things… but the truth is, is that he’s going to haggle and barter the last dime he can out of his contract like all of the other greedy soon-to-be-multimillionaires that have never played a snap in the NFL.

  8. Has anyone told him he was drafted by Tampa? The Glazers will lowball him, because they’re so deep in debt as a result of their Man U fiasco, they have no other choice. Guess he’s holding out, because there ain’t no pot of gold at the end of the Tampa Bay rainbow as long as the Glazers are in charge.

  9. 10’s of $1,000,000.00’s for everybody.
    Sorry, I have to run now to work at the factory for my $12.00/hr job so I can buy those season tickets.

  10. Yah, it would really suck if he got 36 million guaranteed instead of of 38 million.

  11. This year the owners have all the power. Hold out a year and enter next years draft where there will be a rookie salary cap (if there is a season) or take what they are willing to give. The smart teams won’t pay out big for a rookie to play one year then have a year off.

  12. wow mccoy is an idiot if he thinks he will get more money then his college teammate
    last time i checked mccoy is a dt not a qb so therefore he wont get qb money
    and he fails to understrand who the owners of the suckneers are
    the glazers who are known as one of the few cheapest owners in the nfl they are a cheap orengzation so good luck trying to get qb money from the glazers becuase it wont happen so go ahead and hold out so u can get all the money to buy more crispy cream donuts to eat youreslf out of the nfl!
    i am a chiefs fan and i am glad we drafted berry as he is a true class act and infact his father played in the nfl in the 1940’s and has tought him well
    and berry agent is chad speck one of the best nfl agents out there as far as getting players into training camp on time
    this is the whole reason berry hired chad speck and he even had the balls to tell his agent to get him in camp on time
    i think mocoy has the wrong agent and is getting bad advice
    berry on the other hand was smart and i saw on an insider site the his deal with the chiefs will be done before they goto camp
    it might not happen till the last hour but from a few sorces inside the chiefs orgenzation his deal will be done on time and there wont be a holdout
    so i think alot of players should hire chad speck if they want to be in cmap on tiem everything i heard on speck is he listens to his clients
    if his client tells him to get a deal done before camp it will get done no if ands or butts
    mr speck is becoming quite a popular agent in the last few years
    he does not have ment clients i know he has albet hanyesworth and his deal got done in time i think if not it was cause hanyesworth told him to hold out
    but speck does not have a history of holding cliets out
    like the dbags in eugene parker drew rosenhumper tom condom an eathen locke and these other bums
    u wnat to be in cmap on time hire mr speck but if ur all about money hire those other trashes
    eugune parker is the worst agent in the nfl his black butt is greedy and dez bryant relando mclain and others have hired this loser
    any team who had a 1st rd pick like the cowboys dez bryant who has parker as his agent
    your in for a vary long holdout dez bryant wont be signed in time on saturday because of parker the devil
    in his 18 1st rd picks 17 have held out in parker history only 1 of his 18 clients picked in rd one was signed to training camp on time
    tyson jackaon the chiefs 3rd overall pick in 2009 hired this trash and held out for a week
    so pray ur teams 1st rd pick does not eugene devil parker as the agent or ur doomed!

  13. As long as there is no Rookie scale and these are the rules to abide by, I have no problem with a person making a smart business move. Football is a business and the players should treat it as such. They need to be smart and negotiate what they can to ensure the most profit for themselves and their families. There is no reason for them to take whatever the team offers, because the team is looking to invest in the player – they’re going to try to eliminate as much risk as possible on their end, so the offer isn’t going to be in favor of the player. Before they are under contract, they have the right to NEGOTIATE and not just take whatever is offered. What I DO have a problem with is when a player tries to change the rules and becomes a problem like Michael Crabtree. Just because these players are dealing with more money than normal Americans, it doesn’t mean they need to act in a prohibitive manner just because you make $12 an hour.

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