More evidence that Joe Banner has the juice in Philly

The notion that Eagles team president Joe Banner has more power than ever in Philadelphia has grown over the last few years.

From coach Andy Reid’s family struggles to the departures of “Reid guys” Tom Heckert and Donovan McNabb, Reid’s influence appears from the outside to be waning.  One Eagles source on the inside tells the Philadelphia Inquirer that perception is true.

“If you ask me who’s running the show, I’d say Joe Banner without question,” the source told Ashley Fox and Mike Jensen. “All along, Joe’s the boss. Jeffrey’s
the owner, Joe’s the boss. Everybody knows that.”

With that said, Reid’s success in the early part of the decade was a powerful tonic.

“When Andy first came here, he had the power. We were winning. It was
like a shared type of thing. But guess what? Joe’s got all the power
, and that’s it,” the source said.

The entire article is well-researched, comprehensive, and worth reading, focusing on the unique dynamics and history of the relationship.  Reid and Banner insist they have a healthy, productive partnership and most evidence supports that.

“We really are more joined at the hip,” Reid says. 
“We talk so many times a day. [GM] Howie [Roseman] is involved in that, too. But from
the time I’ve been here, Joe and I talk. We throw it all out on the
table, and I trust him, and he trusts me. It doesn’t last this long
without that.”

26 responses to “More evidence that Joe Banner has the juice in Philly

  1. I don’t care who has the power they are banking on a QB who had one good game. One. If Vick is still on the team, he’ll be the starter by Week 6. And if he isn’t, by mid-season it won’t matter who has power because that team will be going down like the Titanic.

  2. I cannot wait until Kolb gets to prove ass clowns like devilanal wrong. What a dickhead that dude is hes not even an Eagles fan.

  3. “The entire article is well-researched, comprehensive, and worth reading, focusing on the unique dynamics and history of the relationship.”
    As opposed to PFT?

  4. @devilalum
    Instead of being a tool, why don’t you actually give some reasons other than Kolb has had one good game. Actually Kolb had 2 good games (2 INTs against NO in the last minute and the defense couldn’t stop NO all day). But the Eagles brass has seen enough of him to make him the starter. Why do you think you know Kolb better than they do?

  5. I’m a Cowboys fan and I know Kolb is much better than Vick.Vick is lucky to have a job especially earning over 5 mill.Kolb will take some time to adjust to things but will be a good QB.As soon as Reid decides to run the ball more the Eagles will be a good team.

  6. Someone please answer me this…. Why would Reid sign an extension if he and Banner were constantly at odd, and he was being forced to give up control? We all know if he left the Eagles there would be a half dozen teams knocking on his door to hire him as a head coach! This article is worthless!

  7. Tell Andy to stop failing in the NFCCG and maybe Lurie will trust him to run the team.
    Constant failure doesn’t get you added responsibility.

  8. devilalum and others may or may not be right about Kolb. I don’t think it’s fair to assume that he sucks when he’s only started 2 games.
    I’m comfortable with as the Eagles QB based on what I’ve seen so far, and the fact that out of all the QB’s Reid could have picked when he got McNabb he got the ONLY one who had any real success in the NFL. He knows QB’s.
    So anyways, I’m crossing my fingers that Kolb turns out to be a good QB. You just never know until you see someone play for a full season. Peyton Manning lost his first 4 games……he turned out to be an O.K. quarterback.

  9. I truly didn’t think Andy Reid was so dumb to trade McNabb to a team in his division…thanks for the Info Mike!

  10. Oh these great “inside sources”. That could be the janitor for all we know.
    Anyone can make up stuff when your name isn’t on it.

  11. I’m not really sure that 1 or 2 sources qualifies as anything other than disgruntled employees. Important points of the article:
    1. Joe Banner had 0 success without Reid.
    2. Their working relationship is solid according to both because they agree on the philosophy of building from the line out. In other words, Banner and Lurie bought in to Reid’s philosophy.
    I’m not sure what is worse about the offseason. No football or the need to fill the void with manufactured drama. Looking forward to the next man pisses at golf course/college kid drinks at party story.

  12. thats exactly my point if Andy Reid came out and said Mcnabb was going to be the qb in 2010 because thats what he believed and then Joe made the decision to trade him then the team wasnt flat out lying like you have been trying to make it seem
    At the time thats what Andy thought was going to happen if we held Florio responsible for everything he said was going to happen and never did this website would be nothing but lies.

  13. All I know is that in the Raven game…McNabb stunk and was pulled at halftime and then the Raven defense destroyed Kolb.
    Most likely any Eagle team will get destroyed by the Raven defense.

  14. Ravenmuscle says:
    July 18, 2010 3:03 PM
    All I know is that in the Raven game…McNabb stunk and was pulled at halftime and then the Raven defense destroyed Kolb.
    Most likely any Eagle team will get destroyed by the Raven defense.
    Enough already, Mrs. Modell.

  15. @Sandra Lee’s Cans
    How did you know?
    At least we got $650 million from Steve Bisciotti for our team…whereas if we unloaded the team in Cleveland we would have been millions in debt.
    It actually turned out wonderful that Mayor White & his friends wouldn’t build us a stadium..don’t you think?
    I love counting $650 million dollars.

  16. @geo1113
    Kolb’s first int came seconds into the third quarter. The Eagles first play of the second half.
    After watching football for over a quarter century o feel I know a little something about the game. Kolb does not have a crisp delivery. Throws a lot of wounded ducks and from his re-int ratio he does not make good decisions with the ball.
    I truly hope he does well for I bleed midnight green. But, if he pans out as every other UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON QB has I will not be surprised. For all the better off talk the Eagles better make it at least to the divisional round of the playoffs. Mcnabb did in his first year as starter with far less talent.

  17. According to devilalum, Kolb sucks because he had a good game (actually two, the same number he started in his pro career). I’m having trouble following the logic, but if it’s valid guys like Farve and Manning must be horrendous. They’ve had tons of good games.

  18. So you mean no one at PFT has the “juice” in Philly? And here they were trying to convince people they were so influential!

  19. @eaglelover1
    The first play of the second half of the NO games (if that is what you are referring to) was a fumble by Hobbs on the kickoff.
    Watching football for 25 years. Watching. All it means is that I have probably been watching football longer than you have been alive (assuming you started watchiing at a young age as I did). I say Andy Reid and the Eagles front office knows more than both of us put together and raised to the 10th power.
    To you other point. Re-int ration. After 2 full games and a couple half games, it means nothing. As for the Eagles during McNabb’s first full year, the defense was awesome. You may remember that there were guys like Vincent, Taylor, Trotter, Simon, Dawkins, and Douglas. Offensive line had Runyan and Thomas. Chad Lewis was an All-Pro TE.
    To your University of Houston point, Ware and Klingler last player in 1989 and 1990. Kolb graduated 16 years later. How many coaches have there been there in between. 3? 4? 5?
    You are going to have to bring more to the tasble if you expect me to believe you get this stuff.

  20. Comparing roster moves to who said what to the media is not the way to determine who has “the juice” in Philadelphia. In fact, it is asinine to think anyone in any administrative position in the NFL is telling the truth when he speaks to a camera and microphone.
    How do you know who made a particular decision in Philly?
    If it saves the team money, it was Banner.
    If it makes football sense in a strange non-obvious sort of way, it was Reid.

  21. Because Syracuse had produced 100’s of great QB’s before McNabb.
    Another clueless post about Houston QB’s.
    Do some homework. They don’t do the chuck and duck down there anymore, and they don’t run the wishbone at Oklahoma or the Single Wing at Notre Dame.

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