Whisenhunt on Darnell Dockett deal: "We're going to get this thing done"

NFL_dockett_250.jpgThe Arizona Cardinals have taken distinctly different approaches when it comes to signing, or not signing, key players.

More than two years ago, receiver Larry Fitzgerald got paid.  In significant fashion.

The four-year, $40 million deal prompted receiver Anquan Boldin to ask for a raise.  Repeatedly.  Two years later, the Cardinals shipped him to a team that would give him one, the Ravens.

Linebacker Karlos Dansby, after two seasons of playing under the franchise tag, walked away and signed with the Dolphins.  Ditto for Antrel Rolle, who was cut in lieu of being paid a huge amount in 2010 and then signed with the Giants.

When it comes to defensive tackle Darnell Dockett, however, it appears that the Cardinals will choose to take a crow bar to the coffers.

“We’re going to get it done,” coach Ken Whisenhunt recently told Bickey and MJ of Xtra Sports 910 in Phoenix.  “I have such great respect for Darnell and what he does.”

Still, it’s unclear when a deal will get done.  Like many other teams, it could be that the Cardinals will wait for the next labor deal to be finalized before extending Dockett’s deal.  “It’s a different economy in the NFL right now,” Whisenhunt said, “there’s a lot of things that are unsettled that are facing us in the future. . . .  We’re trying to work through those things.”

At one point, Dockett had been clamoring loudly for a new deal.  Eventually, however, he accepted the fact that the Cardinals do what they damn well please when they damn well please to do it, and it has put him in line to get paid.

That said, he’s still under contract for two more years, at salaries of $3.75 million and $4 million.  So the Cardinals can force him to bear for two more years the risk of serious injury, and then they can give him a big raise once he emerges from the other side of the next 32 regular-season games unscathed.

7 responses to “Whisenhunt on Darnell Dockett deal: "We're going to get this thing done"

  1. I’m starting to wonder why teams sign players to long term contracts.. You can sign a guy to a 4 or 5 year deal, but the players start crying for a new contract after 2 or 3 years.. If I was an owner, I’d make all long term contracts non-negotiable until the final year of the deal. Then they can decide to extend the contract or not.

  2. got those panties in a cardinal wad, don’t ya lil’ flo…I imagine all the teams do what’s best for said team…Karlos was a stud, tough to lose…Boldin has not played a full sched for years, plays hard but get hurt….Antrel took many plays off…THE DEFENSE WILL BE BETTER…After giving up 90 pts in the playoffs , they better be…:Leinart just has to be serviceable, he will not be expected to fill a HOF’s shoes..
    AZ 10-6
    SF 8-8
    Sea 7-9
    StL 3-13

  3. He’s a guy that probably needs his twitter to be taken away from him. I swear, there’s more controversy coming from is account than ochenta y cinco’s (Chad, that’s the proper way to spell your last name).

  4. including the one-liners the cardinals has been mentioned 6 times this weekend! its all bad, why o y do you hate us profootballtalk?!?!

  5. Everyone hates the Cardinals. It is because Bill Bidwell treated the the players, the Press, the NFL and everyone like peasants. Now Michael is in Charge and all has changed! Even a Super Bowl. BUT it will take a little more time to show Bill Bidwell is NOT in charge and this isn’t your mama’s Cardinals! It’s funny last year they said that the Seahawks would win the NFC West because of New Coaches, new running game, a solid veteran QB and T.J. who’syourmama. But the same people said the Cardinals will LOSE because they have new Offensive Cord., Def. Cord., an old QB and unreliable Running game but do have a solid WR in Fitzgerald. Basically Seattle will win and Cardinals will lose for the SAME EXACT REASONS. How can that be remotely correct? This year it is the same but the 49ers. Player to player the Cards are better or equal in all but Tight End Vernon Davis. 49 win that but… Cards have a better WR, better O-Line, D-Line, Same CB’s, Better Safety, Same RB, same QB but Lienart has better upside. Cards have better back up QB. Smith would not even make the Cards roster. Cards have an overall better coaching staff, Front office, Stadium, etc. All but the past doings of Bill Bidwell. So they keep saying they suck! Cards are hands down the BEST NFC WEST and top 4 in all of NFC. They only lost to the Super Bowl champs 2 years in a row or they would have been the Champs themselves. No one ever says that!

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