Colts, agent dispute report on Bob Sanders

The Indianapolis Colts and the agent for safety Bob Sanders are disputing a report about Sanders’ health and contractual status.

Although Sanders said in June that he felt great, Michael Lombardi of reported this week that Sanders might never be able to play football again as a result of a ruptured bicep tendon suffered last year. The Colts, however, say they stand by Sanders’ comments about his health from last month.

Nothing has changed since June,” a team spokesman told the Indianapolis Star.

Lombardi also reported that Sanders “reduced his contract,” but Sanders’ agent,
Tom Condon, told the Indianapolis Star that’s not true. Condon said he’s also not aware of any new injury issues.

So either Lombardi’s report is wrong, or Condon and the Colts are lying. We’ll be interested to see if Lombardi issues a correction, or if he offers any more details to substantiate his report.

23 responses to “Colts, agent dispute report on Bob Sanders

  1. Bob Sanders is done
    He’s made of glass
    He had a chance to tackle Darren Sproles in that OT playoff vs. SD but WHIFFED
    The only other overrated player in the league is
    followed by Carson Palmer

  2. it really doesn’t matter. if sanders is healthy at the start of the season, what is the over/under when he is out again.

  3. Bob Sanders is a god damn beast. However he plays about as often as Brett Favre is in mini-camps, so I’m only half torn by the idea that he won’t return.
    Frankly his return is almost hurting the Colts unless he plays the whole season. If he’s going to get hurt like usual, we’re wasting time that could be spent getting a young saftey some reps to let him play Pro-Bowler for 6 games a season.

  4. Can you imagine if Bob Sanders was 6’1″ and no 5’8″ Dude would be unstoppable. Enjoyed watching Demond “Bob” Sanders for years at Iowa. Hopefully, he’ll be back to wreak more havoc on the AFC again soon.

  5. he’ll miss more games than he plays this year; like every year. maybe they should rest him until Thanksgiving 🙂

  6. I can personally verify that there is NOTHING wrong with Bob Sanders and that if the season started today, he would be on the field in full pads.

  7. @ OJ I-didn’t-do-it Simpson,
    I’d like to see you complete a pass against Asomugha. Guess what? you can’t.

  8. Bob Sanders is the BEST safety when healthy in the NFL………mortgaged his body to be the best…… some respect.

  9. He’s a really good player, I wish him well. But it sure seems like he gets hurt every year and ends up having to miss multiple games.

  10. OJ..Throw in Revis on run support…AFC Champ game..4 bad whiffs…as bad as I’ve seen in NFL

  11. @ OJ
    Wow, Bob whiffed on a tackle??! He should be shot! How many players have done that before, 100% of them?? You are a complete moron
    As a huge Bobzilla fan, I hope he is able to play all year, but its highly unlikely. The way he plays the game – balls to the wall – and his small frame are not a good match. But the 1 year he was healthy and played all year…2006 defensive player of the year!! You haters who think hes overrated need your heads examined

  12. Yeah, that’s because Lombardi reported it. Always expect the exact opposite of whatever that moron says.

  13. Is this the same Lombardi who reported/guaranteed he Browns had 1st round offers for Edwards and Quinn? Mangini may be bad but he’s not an idiot even he would have made those trades instantly. DUH no wonder it’s disputed and wrong. I don’t know how he still has a job.

  14. Honestly I am happy as long as he stays on the team no matter if he is hurt or not….Well you know I only care is so I can play with the Colts on Madden anyways, especially putting him in as an OLB and putting Bullitt in @ SS…. I honestly would rater have Bullitt if I was running a team, especially after paying Bethea all that money

  15. OJ – good name for you because you are murdering your brain cells.
    I’ll take al 3 of those players anyday on my team.

  16. # OJ SIMPSON says: July 19, 2010 5:22 PM
    Bob Sanders is done
    He’s made of glass
    He had a chance to tackle Darren Sproles in that OT playoff vs. SD but WHIFFED
    The only other overrated player in the league is
    followed by Carson Palmer
    You’re joking right, Sanders would throw Sproles around like a rag doll.

  17. There’s a reason that only 4 safeties in the history of the NFL have received the DPOY.
    Bob Sanders is one of them.

  18. Nothing to see here, nothing to see here, we expect Bob to play 4 regular season games, before returning to his usual spot on IR
    -Bill Polian
    Maybe Bob Sanders is just smarter than everyone else. If you divide his contract up over a 16 game season, he is well paid.
    But if you divide his contract up over the 4 games that he plays every season, he is one of the top earners per game in the NFL, what do you think about that Payton, lol……So, you want more money Reggie Wayne, just get injured, and you are making money for nothing, just like Bob….

  19. I have to side with Lombardi here. The Colts usually don’t tell the whole truth on these issues and if you look at the factual history of past injuries of players for which they have failed to tell the truth on just look at Marvin Harrison, Peyton Manning, Anthony Gonzalez and now Bob Sanders. Here is the conspiracy. Bill Polian doesn’t like to be critisized on nothing so on all the players of question, all of them he has either drafted on a hunchl like Ugoh, Gonzales and Addai or payed them too much money to re-sign them,knowing their injury history or AGE such as Sanders and Marvin Harrison. He doesn’t want to be scrutinized for being involved with busts mainly because he thinks he’s God. He would rather throw a blanket over it and hide it and blame it on the player’s rehibilitation process and pretend he only knows the obvious as a back door to the media. That way he’s not blamed, the player is, or medical staff. Peyton Manning’s knee injury was one of the worse handlings by a GM I have ever seen. Marvin Harrison’s before that was the worse the league has ever seen and boy he made Marv look like a fool, now Gonzalez and Sanders are the latest on the list of bust assigments. Its looking more and more like the dealing of Anthony Gonzales, Addai, Sanders, Tom Santi, Mike Pollack, Tony Ugoh, the dismissals of Jake Scott and not finding adequate replacements on the offensive lines are exposing his lack of genius these days. I’m sure Garcon and Collie were nice utilities one could say, but after 4 years of drafting NO one, its been pretty dissapointing. Maybe he’s lost touch with reality. Sounds like it to me, in the Colts world a bursa sac injury is like having a sever flu. One week your fine, then the next you can’t play because the mysterious flu bug came back. Week by week this embarassment keeps going until the playoffs and the end result you see is the player who is supposedly fine fumble, limp, can’t run fast, or throwing mysterious interceptions in regular season games….But he’s fine though. The Colts take it way beyond not giving the other team advantages or disadvantages, they take it a whole new level of ridiculous.

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