David Buehler, badass kicker

Second-year Cowboys player David Buehler wants you to know he’s not your average kicker. He beat cornerback DeAngelo Smith in a footrace last training camp, which helped cause Wade Phillips to ban “challenge races.”

“He was talking a bunch of trash, so I just shut him up,” Buehler told KESN-FM, via the Dallas Morning News.  “I knew I had
the speed. It made me a little bit of capital, as well. So, there was a
little bit on the line.”

Buehler went on to say he thinks he could beat Patrick Crayton, Tashard Choice in a race, and would dispatch linebackers Keith Brooking and Bradie James “pretty easily.”  He even passed along a story where he kinda-sorta out-benched defensive end Igor
Olshansky, at least on their first attempt. 

Kickers are usually seen and not heard, but we like Buehler’s moxie. Quarterbacks should not be the only ones allowed to have moxie. 

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  1. It wasn’t recently. If you paid attention, you would know the DeAngelo Smith isn’t on the team any longer.
    “On having beaten former Cowboys defensive back, DeAngelo Smith, a fifth-round 2009 draft pick, in a 40-yard dash during 2009 training camp”

  2. ‘Quarterbacks should not be the only ones allowed to have moxie. ‘
    Because we all know that guys like Chad Ochocinco, Darnell Dockett, and Jared Allen don’t have moxie.

  3. Dallas loves this kid.
    They went from 0 Touchbacks on Kick offs in 2008 to leading the league in 2009 with Buehler popping the ball off the tee.

  4. How could we resist an article with the headline “badass kicker”? ROFL
    Yeah, I like his moxie, too. But how do you kinda-sorta out-bench Olshansky? Hey, winning a footrace against a corner is impressive. But he’ll have me when he levels some guy on a runback. Our kicker saves himself for towel dispensers 🙂

  5. And if that doesn’t motivate these guys what will? Who likes to lose to the kicker? At anything except kicking…

  6. In a totally unrelated story, I hear PED’s make you fast, strong, and quite competetive.

  7. BigMikeSkinsFan says:
    July 19, 2010 6:06 PM
    that should let you know about Dallass’ CB status.
    wow I bet redskins are gonna have a great year.. your best player wouldnt make the boys scout team, … cept for Mcnabb. we could use some more laughs in the lockerroom..

  8. I was beaten to the USC jokes.
    Wait until his urine clears and then see if he can outrun even a defensive tackle.

  9. Dude is a beast!!!! As soon as his FGs become second nature…….he will be pro-bowl bound!!!

  10. Badass kicker? Well, he’s only a second-year player. I’m sure with a little time and experience he’ll turn into a good ass-kicker. Not ready to give up on the young fella yet…..

  11. If a CB cannot run faster than a kicker he should be cut.
    In fact the kicker should be the team standard. If a player cannot out run the kicker the player should be cut.
    Let the players hope to run on Buehler’s day off.

  12. Pistol says:
    July 19, 2010 6:08 PM
    In a totally unrelated story, I hear PED’s make you fast, strong, and quite competetive.
    Maybe you should try them and you can begin “competetive” spelling bees… derrrrrr!

  13. @ Pistol & Jeff1220
    The rest of the league is juiced. The kickers might as well get in on it too.

  14. It runs in the family, his uncle is George Buelher who played guard for the raiders in the 70’s

  15. spytdi says:
    July 19, 2010 6:02 PM
    It wasn’t recently. If you paid attention, you would know the DeAngelo Smith isn’t on the team any longer.
    It was within the last year, knucklehead!
    For those of you that don’t know or remember, the Bills had/have a punter named Russ Moorman that ran in the 4.3 range when he came out of college… that was what probably prompted the AFC coach to try a fake punt in the Pro Bowl which early got Moorman killed by Sean Taylor.
    There was another kicker named Jeff Hayes that playef for the Redskins in the early 80’s that had great speed, Hayes scored on something like a 67 yard run on a fake once. He was incredibly fast… but not as fast as a undrafted free agenct that the Redskins tried out out of Louisville once.. they liked this guy’s speed so much they kept tryig to see if he could catch passes. Presumably he couldn’t, so the guy went back to playing baseball full-time. That guy was Vince Coleman.
    You’d think that most kickers would be able to run a little considering most were soccer players at one point, but I suppose they chose football kicking/punting because they were too slow to keep playing soccer.

  16. @BigMikeSkinsFan
    “that should let you know about Dallass’ CB status. ”
    If you must know, Mike, the Cowboys sent 2 CB’s to the Pro Bowl last year. Terrance Newman and Mike Jenkins. Redskins blow by the way, acquiring nearly expired goods wont get you too far in the NFL. See you in Week 1 when the Cowboys will own McNabb’s ass for the 4th straight game

  17. to the 2 butt hurt Cowbum posters –
    This isnt about the Skins. this is about your sorry ass CBs getting smoked by a kicker. A freaking KICKER!! hahahahahahahahahaa
    “Redskins blow by the way” – wow, you must make your debate team proud with that awesome display.
    “lockerroom” – locker room is 2 words son. please stop making it so easy to clown you.

  18. @Occam …
    I don’t know if it was that funny or I’m just that punchy today, but thanks for the peals of laughter.

  19. His speed developed out of necessity.
    He can get off the field in a hurry after missing a chip shot field goal.

  20. I love the fact that our kicker is a better athlete than the entire Eagle Roster.

  21. Dude only ran a 4.57 at his combine….
    How slow are the CB’s on this team?
    Bench Pressed 25…
    Not bad at all for a kicker
    Vertical of 37 inches
    Sounds like a pretty good SS candidate for me.

  22. Buehler.. Buehler.. Has anyone seen David Buehler?
    This guy is awesome, more races!

  23. BadAss kickers are those who make winning Super Bowl or Championships kicks w/game on the line.
    Vinatieri,,though not my favorite person…was a badass kicker..and will be in HOF because of it.
    Otherwise Parcells correct..he’s just an effing kicker.

  24. if people other than quarterbacks have moxie you skewer them. i guess kickers are on the PFT approved list of moxiites.

  25. DeAngelo Smith was waived by the Cowboys in training camp last year, which was more than a year ago. Smith then proceeded to get cut several more times during the year and eventually ended up with the Browns.
    Buehler (and yeah, the Ben Stein reference was worn out long ago) kicked off last year and played on some of the punt teams – as a cover guy. And he laid some licks. He’s been clocked in the 4.4’s…
    I think he was a LB before he went over to the Dark Side and became a fulltime kicker.

  26. Buehler actually played some linebacker in junior college and bench pressed 225 pounds 26 times (I believe) and ran a 4.6 forty at 6’2″ and 225 pounds.
    For a kicker, he is a unique physical specimen. I never knew about “this”.

  27. Any jerk can Bench press a lot if he works at it..
    We all know people who can lift a lot of weight, because that’s all they do..
    I used to be able to bench 330 5 times, I weighed 200 lbs.. but would be no match for an NFL dl, it’s all about power, mass, and quickness..
    Not moving barbells..
    And when you get older gravity takes over and turns those pecs into bitch tits..
    this guy should do his job and shut his mouth.

  28. LOL looks like some skins fans are pretty hurt over the fact our Kicker hits harder than half their roster. We know he certainly has more heart than Haynesworthless 🙂
    Looks like another long year for the skids! 🙁

  29. Deb — So true….and so sad….
    I’ll never forget that image of that game where the other team just ran through the Steelers special teams like they werent even there, and Reed was just jogging, glancing over his shoulder, maybe even yawning….

  30. @Free Ben 7 …
    I love Jeff Reed because he’s accurate in the wild winds of Heinz Field and I’d take him any day over a guy who runs fast but can’t make chip shots. But, um, beating up a towel dispenser is not evidence of bar-fighting skill. It’s not his job to tackle the guys running back kicks … but if his lack of tackling skill is any evidence, he really needs to avoid getting into fights with anything that can hit back 😉

  31. New title suggestion:
    Least versatile kicker in the NFL claims to be most versatile kicker in the NFL

  32. Let us not forget the orginal badass kicker……Sebastian Janikowski. He doesn’t need to race or benchpress to show guys up. He just goes to the bars and beats the living piss out of people with a poolstick. Not to mention hes 250 pounds, got drafted in the first round, and signed a 16 million dollar contract

  33. They should make him play gunner on special teams. They should also change his name to Ferris.

  34. Pistol says:
    July 19, 2010 6:08 PM
    In a totally unrelated story, I hear PED’s make you fast, strong, and quite competetive.
    ++++++++++++++++++++ ++
    Maybe you should try them and you can begin “competetive” spelling bees… derrrrrr!
    Maybe you should try being a little less anal… derrrrrr!

  35. brasho,
    It’s Brian Moorman, and not only that he won the skills race at the pro-bowl a few years ago but it was taken away when they made up a rule so everyone wasn’t embarrassed.
    (He’d skipped pushing the sled which was supposed to be a whatever sec. penalty, but then they said you have to at least try.)

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