Flacco on Bulger: "I'm sure Marc is a great guy, but . . . ."

The signing of backup quarterback Marc Bulger gave the Ravens an insurance policy in case starter Joe Flacco goes down. But Flacco thought the quarterback situation in Baltimore was fine as it was.

Talking to the Baltimore Sun, Flacco didn’t say anything critical of Bulger, but he did wonder aloud whether adding Bulger to the roster was really necessary, and whether it could affect team chemistry in a negative way. And Flacco took up for backups Troy Smith and John Beck, one of whom will probably be out of a job as a result of Bulger’s arrival.

I don’t want to have any bad words about Marc,” Flacco said. “I’m sure Marc is a great guy. But I had a great relationship with Troy and John. Depending on what happens, one of them might not be around and two of them might not be around. We’ll see what happens.”

Flacco knows he’ll be spending long hours with Bulger in the quarterback meetings, and he said if there’s any tension between them, that would be a problem.

“Hopefully, we just all get along well,” Flacco said. “When you have a little bit of tension in the room, it doesn’t lend to playing well. Yeah, he might bring a thing here or there that helps me out. We’ll see. It’s all about going out there, preparing during the week and having a good time doing that. Hopefully, we can do that.”

Whether it’s Smith or Beck who’s the odd man out in Baltimore, Flacco says he’ll be upset because he liked the group of quarterbacks the team had last year.

“Either way, it’ll be disappointing to see one of them go,” Flacco said. “I’m sure Marc is a great guy, and he’ll be fun to work with. I enjoy our [quarterback] room with Troy and John. It’s definitely going to be broken up a little bit. So, we’ll see how it goes.”

80 responses to “Flacco on Bulger: "I'm sure Marc is a great guy, but . . . ."

  1. Really weird comments by Flacco………..I get the feeling him and Bulger are not getting along that well…..Call me crazy.

  2. looks like Berts afraid for his job… maybe he should be the way hes exposed on the big stage every year #justsayin

  3. Translation: Those guys were great, no threat to the starting job. I mean Marc, might be better than me. And that could add tension.

  4. “I had a great relationship with Troy and John..” translates easily to “I am very comfortable with both those guys because neither is good enough to threaten my job if I string 3 bad weeks together”. I like Bulger’s addition for 2 reasons- 1 – it provides a higher degree of insurance at the most important position and 2 – will must certainly require Mr. Flacco to keep on his toes and work as hard as possible to hold on to his spot as the #1 guy.

  5. This guy has what, two years in the league? And he’s bitching about management breaking up him and his buddies? Come on…

  6. He should be happy to have a veteran qb that can maybe teach him something. Moreso than two guys who have done nothing at the NFL level but are really fun to play Gears of War co-op missions with in the locker room.
    Joe better hope he’s not a one year wonder…

  7. I hope Crappo can shut his mouth and learn something, im not riding home about Bulger but this guy has already came out and said he’ll accept the backup role…
    What is Troy Smith gonan teach you, how to get sick and give up the starting job..
    He should be rallying around Bulger and thanking his coaching staff for the help

  8. Can’t wait for Ray Lewis to retire and the defense to start to slip in Ravenland, then we will see how good Flacco really is. Big talk from a green QB about an established winning QB .

  9. Perhaps Flacco is not familiar with “hedging.”
    Ravens are a contender, so management wants a vet in the mix in case Flacco gets hurt. He should focus on his job.
    Clearly management was concerned with Flacco’s sensibilities. Otherwise, Bulger would not have come out to say: “I’m here as a backup. I am here to help Joe, but it’s in his corner…..” & etc. etc.

  10. Look Unibrow until you win something you should keep your ugly trap shut!

  11. Bulger would be an upgrade. Flacco’s not as dumb as he looks to be nervous.

  12. Flacco is young, immature and will learn how to not put his foot in his mouth. What a stupid and non-productive comment. He’s gotta become a better QB and leave the GM duties to Ozzie.

  13. With these comments from Flacco and Bulger professing that he doesnt want to be a “know it all backup”, one has to wonder what Flacco and Bulger’s first meeting was like.
    The Ravens need to be very careful of how they handle this, if Flacco struggles at all ( and in his 3rd year he will), the backup will once again be the most popular guy in town.

  14. Why is Flacco going out of his way to create a controversy and tension in the locker room? I don’t understand why he would come out against Bulger like this. Bulger is not going to get cut Joe, deal with it

  15. Flacco,
    Thx for that pick to J Joseph in Cincy that sealed the game for us…Keep em coming…..

  16. Sounds like he’s just being a whiner and doesn’t want to lose his friends he made in Smith and Beck. Grow up, this is your place of employment. It’s not show friends, it’s show business…

  17. Remember Joe. The Ravens won a Super Bowl with Dilfer, so the bar isn’t too high.
    I believe Marc Bulger can still be a good ‘system’ QB, and wouldn’t be surprised if half way through the year is that starter.

  18. That goddamned Ed Werder will probably soon be reporting that John Beck is on his way to the UFL.

  19. You can bet Matt Ryan would never question what’s best for the team.
    Poor Joe Fluke-o.

  20. The more and more I come on this site, I get angrier and angrier about these hacks taking quotes out of context. The quote was not, as the article title says, “I’m sure Marc is a great guy, but…” He said, “I’m sure Marc is a great guy. But I’ve had a great relationship with Troy and Jon.” Now, most people would say “thats the same thing!” But it isn’t. All Flacco is saying is that he doesn’t know Marc and knows one of the other two will be cut. He doesn’t view Bulger as a threat to himself nor did he say anything about “tensions” in meetings besides that having them is not a good thing, not that Bulger is bringing these tensions. Come on Michael David Smith or whoever you are- stop making drama where there is none. I know you need to attract eyeballs and you can get away with breaking rules of journalism by switching around words and punctuation, but all you do is spin the man’s words, when all he is really trying to say is that it sucks that a friend of his will have to be cut. If anyone has ever seen Flacco speak on record you know ( as boring as he is) that all he does is say great things about teammates, old and new.

  21. Eli Manning
    4,021 passing yds and 27 td’s with Steve Smith, Mario Manningham and Hakeem Nicks. 2007 Super Bowl MVP. Two division titles.
    Yeah, I guess he’s overrated.

  22. I guess Bulger is pretty much known to be a jackass around the league these days..? It can’t help knowing his days as a starter are behind him either.

  23. Bert sounds kinda nervous. I think the concern is that if he starts throwing into the dirt, that Boldin will call for the veteran with accuracy to step in.
    It’s easy to throw screen passes when you’re 6’10” with a unibrow, but when coordinators start to mind-F Bert and force him to make reads, dude could buckle unlike Bulger.
    Credit the Ravens for making their roster better….discredit unibrow for being an immature diva. Sorry brah, the meeting rooms won’t be as fun with those two scrub QB’s.

  24. Marc Bulger is not better than Flacco. Let’s get that out of the way right now. That being said, these are, indeed, weird comments by Flacco. I’m not really sure what he was trying to accomplish.

  25. Hey Joe…if you get hurt and we had to go with Troy Smith or John Beck for more than a few weeks we would be in deep sh#t. They both stink. At least we will still have a chance with Bulger.
    The Ravens are about winning…not keeping your buddies around who are no threat to your position.

  26. Flacco might of had man love for Troy or John. He might like a little dark and white meat! He’s so greedy!

  27. Everything is so extraordinary, riveting, and headlines newsworthy, when flacco says something, because he never says anything.

  28. garrettmustgo says: July 19, 2010 4:07 PM
    I hope Crappo can shut his mouth and learn something, im not riding home about Bulger but this guy has already came out and said he’ll accept the backup role…
    Oh my god dude really? Your not riding home about Bulger? I would explain why this is stupid, but I just can’t imagine it being worth my time.

  29. I don’t buy it. If Flacco is that worried about Bulger, he doesn’t have a right to be the starter and he doesn’t strike me as a guy who is worried about his job.
    However, I don’t buy the grizzled veteran crap because a lot of guys DON’T want to be mentors because they know mentor pay isn’t the same as starters pay. Oakland and Tampa could have used a “mentor” and everyone said that it was Garcia but both teams got rid of him when it became apparent that he wasn’t going to be mentoring as much as he was going to be an injury vulture.

  30. and to all the people calling flacco stupid and immature. Do you seriously think he called up the local beat reporter to express his feelings. No they came to him and asked him the question, he could have said no comment but decided to give them an honest answer and to everybody who sees this as a controversy is either an idiot or reading into the comments that were made too much.

  31. The first signs of trouble for a supposed SB Contender which they are not.The Ravens and Cowboys are the 2 most overrated teams in the NFL.

  32. Montsta says:
    Joe better hope he’s not a one year wonder…
    Seriously Montsta? a one year wonder when he is entering his 3rd year with 2 straight playoff appearances…wow….
    bigdaddywaite says:
    Look Unibrow until you win something you should keep your ugly trap shut!
    My friend, you would have a tough time to name 5 qbs who have taken their team to the playoffs in his first 2 years as the starter, not to mention the AFC Championship in his first year. 3-2 in the playoffs and 20-12 in the regular season. So i am pretty sure he falls in the category of ‘win something’.
    Anarcho Purplism says:
    Clearly management was concerned with Flacco’s sensibilities. Otherwise, Bulger would not have come out to say: “I’m here as a backup. I am here to help Joe, but it’s in his corner…..” & etc. etc.
    That’s your opinion, but anyone that follows the Ravens would know that Flacco is the starter. There has not been a second that the organization has thought otherwise. Bulger is the insurance policy if Joe gets hurt. End of story.
    To everyone else trying to flame Joe Flacco, he isnt the second coming of Johnny Unitas, but he is a damn good quarterback who has already proven his ability to lead the team to the playoffs. Go ahead and throw your stats at me all you want, all that matters is wins, and Joe is a proven winner. You can dispute that all you want, but some of these posts reek of jealousy and fear now that Joe has legit weapons outside of Mason and Rice.
    People forget that Joe, Jon, and Troy have developed a friendship. He doesnt want to lose a teammate that he gets along with. He also doesnt want to mess with the chemistry amongst the QBs. Of course he thinks Troy and Jon were perfectly acceptable back-ups, NFL players always seem to think more of their talent than the public (see Terrell Suggs calling for Troy Smith to be the starter in 2008, good call, huh?) Joe is giving candid answers that only translate into concern for friends.
    Get over yourselves….

  33. @garrettmustgo
    “im not riding home about Bulger”
    Seriously, it’s “writing home”.

  34. Yeah.
    Why aren’t these guys smart enough to just say, “The GM and the coach bring in the guys they think can help us win. My job is to be the best player I can I be and lead this team.”

  35. Sounds like Joe “willie”smoker is gonna miss the leap frog games in the shower room….boo hoo..my two favorite leapin buddies might get cut..it’s ok Joe…marcky looks like he’ll fit right in..if you know what I mean.

  36. Anyone who has seen Joe Flacco in interviews knows that he is extremely candid….almost foolishly so. That being said, this is just Flacco sticking up for his teammates. Any drama arising from this situation is pure fluff and will not have any bearing on the chemistry of the team.

    I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that nobody knows what you mean

  38. # 7370355q$ says: July 19, 2010 5:14 PM
    for bulger mentor pay is more than starters pay.
    He’s getting slightly better than mentor’s pay but he’s getting less than starter’s pay (and I’m talking about typical not what the Ravens are paying their starter). Ok, he’s getting $3.8 mil but the only way that he gets $5.1 is for being a starter. The incentive for him is to BE the starter and NOT being a mentor.

  39. Am I crazy for thinking that when the Ravens decide to downsize, Smith will be the one to go? They have a clear number two in Bulger. Smith might get shipped to Philly or another team that suffers an injury in training camp. Beck is probably a cheap backup and was drafted by offensive coordinator Cam Cameron during his tenure as head coach for the Dolphins.

  40. Wouldn’t it be the funniest of ironies if Flacco were the one traded before the season begins?
    yeah, I know, it won’t happen, but Joe should just shut up and play ball. It’s still a business.

  41. Having actually clicked the link and read the article, I am now convinced PFT is attemtping to become the next BSPN. You guys convientingly left out this gem “While Flacco believes Bulger will be “a great backup,”
    Hmmmmm…. He thinks Bulger will be a great back up QB. He must hate his guts.

  42. If there wsn’t any bad blood, consider it born/ And Joe Flacco is its’ Mother and Father. Some QB’s just don’t understand what to say.

  43. ….and, do you morons read into EVERY story and TRY to come up with ridiculous conspiracy theories????…..unbelievable……stupid…….a riot! LMAO

  44. and Skins1970 is the dumbest PFT poster…..who also has bad taste in NFL teams!

  45. What could he say? He didn’t want to throw anyone under the bus by saying it makes the team more competitive. On the other hand, he didn’t want to make the other guys, one of whom will not have a job, feel bad, either. Best thing was to say nothing. Just happy to be getting ready to play football, and leave it at that.

  46. It’s probably nothing and won’t amount to anything, but why say anything at all? Why go public like that? I’m sure Ozzie’s already given young Mr. Flappo an earful. Hey, if it derails the Raybirds at all, I’m all for it. But it won’t matter because they’re way over-rated with all those wheelchairs and walkers needed for the starting D.

  47. What Joe Floppo really means; “it didn’t take much effort to stay ahead of T. Smiff & Beck”.

  48. Today’s updated QB Depth chart – taken right from ravens.com:
    1. Joe Flacco
    2. Joe Flacco’s Unibrow
    3. Marc Bulger
    4. Troy Smith
    5. John Beck
    Looks like Smith and Beck are the odd men out.

  49. @Paul
    Like I said before he did not intend to go public, the reporters came to him for the info, he didn’t call up jamison hensley from the baltimore sun to give him a full on interview, joe is the last person on the ravens who would go to the press to say anything.
    taken from steelers.com:
    we don’t want you to be part of our fan base.

  50. @skins1970 – you have the nerve to call the Ravens overrated. When was the last time the Foreskins had a good team? The Ravens have made the playoffs two years in a row with this kid as a QB. If you read the article out of the Sun it was innocuous. (I realize that’s a big word for a Redskin fan but deal with it.)
    MDS on this site made this a bigger deal than it is. Flacco has an established relationship with both Smith and Beck. What he was saying was that it is going to be a bummer when one or both of those guys gets cut because he is their friend. But the bottom line is that Bulger is the backup and they are on the bubble. Flacco is the starter. And for all of you miscreants on this site that trash Flacco, I will remind you that his first two year QB numbers rank in the top 10 in the history of the game for QB’s starting in their first two years in the league. Better than Matt Ryan. Better than Eli Manning. Better than the toasterhead himself. Yes he has pissed down his leg during the playoffs. But this is year three and if he is going to be a top notch QB this should be the year he shows it.
    And for all you hopeful that this will cause dissension or problems in the clubhouse, you are whistling past the graveyard. Flacco is a team guy and a hard worker. Unlike so many others in the NFL primadonna is not in his lexicon (again I apologize to the Redskin fans that need vocabulary lessons.)
    Screw all you haters. We’re going to the playoffs again and if we are lucky with the health of our team we are going to beat the crap out of the Cowboys in the Superbowl.

  51. You idiots who think Flacco is “affraid” Bulger is going to take the starting spot need to wake up from 8 years ago, take a hit off the bong, and go eat a Twinkie.
    The other idiots who think Flacco is over-rated can follow them.
    Truth is, Flacco knows that he is the leader of the team, showed it, stuck up for his guys, and quote me on this, the guy will have top 5-8 numbers in the league.
    This from a non-Raven fan.

  52. Sounds like Joe Flaccid is a worried kid at the playground.
    After week #4
    I can hear the chants now…Bulger, Bulger, Bulger.

  53. Okay fine I’m sorry for calling the Ravens overrated at least they have gotten to the AFC championship game unlike the Cowboys who always get bounced in the first Rd in the NFC playoffs. The Skins last had a good team in 2007.We will have a good team again this year because Vinny Cerrato and Jim Zorn are gone and we actually have a good QB now..

  54. Uh, this is what I like about Flacco: he’s a realist. While it’s all about team, there are individuals and, while he is a first-round pick which ensures his roster spot, he hates the thought of one of his friends getting cut.
    I’m also a realist. I’ve never seen a team assembled with so much talent. Everyone says their Achilles’ heel is their corner position but I’d take Lardarius Webb and the vets over half the other corners in the NFL and, if they had to switch to three safety sets and have Hamlin or Zbikowski covering somebody, that wouldn’t scare me either. No, Greg Mattison, whose defense was number 1 in yards per carry allowed, is more likely to sabotage the season or perhaps a bunch of injuries.
    I’m fully aware that while this team has the talent to go 16-0, that usually doesn’t pan out for those talented teams of the past, even if this one has more talent. Just because paper rosters don’t mean anything, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to assemble them.

  55. Big talk from a green QB about an established winning QB .
    Wow. Bulger all of a sudden is a “winning QB.” His passer rating over the last three years is right around 70, which, as all you football geniuses know, sucks.
    Last year all anyone could say about him is how gawd awful he was. Now that he’s a backup, it’s “I can hear the chants now…Bulger, Bulger, Bulger.”

  56. I love how people are getting so up in arms over Flacco’s comments. In fact, I relish the fact that this guy is honest, instead of feeding the corporate line, like so many other players. If anything he is showing a little loyalty to the guys he has on the team now and the fact that they have a good team chemistry. He doesn’t want some know-it-all vet coming in and messing that up. He is sending the message to Marc, who I think is an excellent pick up for Baltimore, that says “dude, welcome, but don’t be f’ing up what we have here”. Good for Joe to stand up. This guy is turning into a true leader.

  57. wow flacco, way to embrace a veteran that can teach you some things. (or embrace a challenge).
    looks like Beck is out. He sucks anyway. I should know, my team drafted him

  58. Why can’t people understand that Joe Flacco and his epic brow of the eye is about 4567687899754 times the the quarterback that Bulger is and will ever become.

  59. I think people may be judging Bulger as a would be usurper, but think about it from his standpoint and the Ravens standpoint. If he has a great pre-season and looks good in mop-up duty in garbage-time games, he will be trade bait for sure next year. The ravens get premium draft picks and this whole conversation looks silly. At that point if Troy I-would-die-for-you–diamond-if-you-want-me-to Smith is available next year, he and Joe can be buddies again. Sorry for the Prince reference.

  60. It could’ve been worse: The Ravens could’ve signed unemployed Tyler Palko, who Flacco wasn’t good enough to beat out at Pitt.
    Flacco is a career “game manager,” which means he’s wonderful with leads, but terrible when he’s behind. He’s a white Kordell Stewart.
    As a Steelers fan, I’m rooting hard for Flacco to keep the starting job. You Go, Joe!!!

  61. Can’t blame him, I’d rather hang out with my buddies at work than some washed up bum whose brain has been turning to pudding first in a Martz offense and always behind a shoddy line.

  62. to robhug71, aka idiot.
    You can call him anything you like….if a QB takes a team to the playoffs every year, you can call him anything you like…….
    typical moronic squealer fan comment!

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