Terry Bradshaw: Jimmy Clausen "just another guy"

Most criticism of Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen has centered on his personality, rather than his physical gifts.

But FOX analyst Terry Bradshaw calls Clausen “just another guy” and points to Clausen’s mechanics as another reason why the Panthers were able to draft him midway through the second round.

“I don’t like his motion,” Bradshaw said recently. “I just thought he was way too slow with his delivery, way too
much shoulder action. Physically, in the way he threw a football, I just
didn’t like him.”

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  1. Terry’s got the rings, but don’t most agree Jimmy is probably the most ready to step in day 1? Geez, if he doesn’t like the way Jimmy throws it what must he think of Tebow?

  2. According to PFT’s Mike Florio, Terry Bradshaw is dead-. . . -on in his assessment of Clausen.

  3. where does he say Jimmy is “just another guy”? i wouldnt have clicked the article if it said Bradshaw does not like Jimmy’s throwing motion. I wanted the “just another guy” info.

  4. Some people have negative things to say about everything.
    Look at DAN MARINO and the rumors swirling around him when he was drafted. He was passed over by teams he could have won the Super Bowl with: had he been drafted by a better team. It was this negativity as well as being drafted by a BAD TEAM that prevented him from getting a ring.
    If he can keep his head in the game Clausen will be a star.

  5. I differ from Bradshaw’s opinion. Clausen has just as many rings as he does. They’re from high school championship stuff but still they’re rings. Not many JAGS are as douchy as Clausen either.

  6. “Legend”…
    There is a link to a Video in the article.
    And it is the FIRST thing that he says in the video that is linked.

  7. J. Clayton says:
    July 19, 2010 10:35 AM
    The Los Angeles Bradshaws
    I think I like that sound of these guy’s…..

  8. I love Bradshaw. He’s usually wrong, but at least he offers some opinions that veer outside the mainstream. Most NFL commentators are either bland lemmings (99% of them) or spectacularly ignorant slobs (Calling Mark Schlereth…is Mr. Mark Schlereth in the house?).
    Insofar as Clausen is concerned, he can make all the throws but his decision-making is poor and he apparently attended the same charm school as Jay Cutler. When your teammates hate you, it’s hard to lead them. Matt Moore is a solid NFL quarterback who is Carolina’s best bet.

  9. nymets- you’re a dope… and still obsessed with Dan Marino- Miami Dolphin HOF.
    I’d worry about the overrated jhets if I were you instead of coveting another teams players.

  10. J. Clayton says:
    July 19, 2010 10:35 AM
    The Los Angeles Bradshaws
    And by the way everybody is just another guy until you get in the game.

  11. Haha nymets talks more about dan marino than anything to do with new york, the “new york” jets, or the mets. You remind me of when I was 6 and I used to be really mean to the girl I had a secret crush on…

  12. Bradshaw didnt think much of Elway either…. He appears to to spot on with his evaluations. what a loser.

  13. Bradshaw is right on about Clausen! He might eb better than Brady Quinn, but not much better. He’s will be a backup in this league.

  14. Was this on the 1st, 9th, or 17th hole that he made these comments? It would give us a clue as to whether the “Blonde Bomber” was bombed himself. Clausen will be a quality starting NFL QB in this league. I have no doubt. He reads defenses quick and gets the ball out on a rope to where it needs to go, accurately.


  16. If it wasn’t for the steel curtain, Terry Bradshaw would have been just a guy. With his numbers why is he in the HOF? And if anybody says he got rings well hell put the entire Steelers rosters from those years in the HOF.

  17. @winslow
    Good point re decision making. I think that Charlie Weiss allowed him to develop bad habits, e.g. throwing the ball up in the air and letting Golden Tate go get it. Can’t do that kind of stuff in the pros.
    LMAO – Jay Cutler Charm School

  18. Jaxeagle
    If Terrys father had married outside the family Terry would have been able to spell cat.

  19. Can anyone really project QBs with any accuracy? You can usually project other positions fairly well, but it is very difficult to say how a QB is going to pan out in the NFL. (Confession – I thought Matt Ryan was going to be a bust. I may have been wrong on that. 🙂 )
    That’s why I liked the theory I heard a while back of simply spending a late round pick every year on a QB, knowing that every few years, one of them will actually blossom for you.

  20. Was Terry on or off his meds? As I recall, not many folks like Terry’s mechanics either when he came out of college.

  21. That doesn’t explain Tim Tebow being drafted in the first. His mechanics were absolutely torn up by scouts, coaches and analysts.

  22. some guys are just ballers,they can show up on sunday and play lights out, not real good in practice but sunday is a different story,who knows with clausen but i believe he will be pretty good in the pros

  23. I hate Clausen’s personality but I do think his toe probably affected the way he had to throw the ball (mechanically speaking).
    I don’t think Clausen will be good enough to be a complete douche as a person yet be a good QB (Like P. Manning is).
    Matt Moore on the other hand besides looking like a good player so far is also a good dude which counts for a lot with most of the guys in that LR.

  24. Terry Bradshaw has been around the game a long time and his opinion may be valid. Jimmy Clausen has a lot of tools, nice touch, can pick up secondary receivers, arm strength, good pocket passer. My concern with Clausen is his lack of experience playing under center. He played lots out of the shotgun. When playing under center, his 3, 5, and 7 step drops need to be more explosive and sharper. Many QB’s have shaky releases but this reminds me of golfer Jim Furyk with his golf swing. Not very pretty but the results are excellent.

  25. I can’t figure out how anybody can possibly call Bradshaw a loser. The guy is one of the most accomplished QB’s in history, after winning 4 SB’s, 2 SB MVP, 1 NFL MVP; and is in the HOF. Yeah, that fits the definition of a loser.
    In any event, sarcasm aside, TB is probably right on about Clausen. The kid was conceited from the moment he committed to ND; never accomplished anything noteworthy while there (despite his declarations as a freshman that Heisman Trophies and National Championships were coming ND’s way with him at the helm); and hasn’t given anyone any reason to suspect he’ll succeed at the next level. He’s a terrible leader who publicly placed all the blame for any and every shortcoming on his coaches and/or teammates. Now THAT’S a loser.
    And contrary to the comparison with Jim Furyk, and the suggestion that the motion isn’t pretty but the results are excellent, the results have been, in reality, atrocious. I think a more fitting description would be: Not very pretty, and the results are even worse.
    Rather than winning Heisman Trophies and National Championships, he led ND to seasons of 6-6, 7-6, 3-9, and 1 pathetic bowl game (a win against lowly Hawaii in the Hawaii Bowl)… and all this despite the fact that ND was bringing in Top 10 recruiting classes to support him while he was there.
    2009 was his only decent year, as he ended the season ranked 3rd in QB efficiency. In 2008 he finished 44th, and in 2007 he finished 113th. The kid should have stayed in college another year; but I could certainly understand why ND might not have tried very hard to talk him into coming back.

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