Brandon LaFell signs four year deal with Panthers

The latest candidate in Carolina’s never-ending quest to find a complement to Steve Smith signed his rookie contract on Tuesday.

The Panthers announced the signing of the third-round pick, which Aaron Wilson of NFP reports is a four-year deal with a signing bonus just over $818,000

Dwayne Jarrett is seen as the favorite to start opposite Smith in Week One, but we suspect LaFell will pass Jarrett.  LaFell LSU slipped in the draft because of inconsistent hands, but he should be more explosive than Jarrett, who still can’t shake defenders or Mike Williams comparisons. 

Recently signed rookie Armanti Edwards should also be in the mix.

4 responses to “Brandon LaFell signs four year deal with Panthers

  1. Assuming that LaFell can grasp the system; I think he has the inside track to start unless Jarrett shows more than his previous pro years.
    The reason the Panthers took him over some other WRs was his blocking ability; that is a huge plus in John Fox’s run heavy attack.
    If LaFell doesn’t unseat Jarrett; he falls to the 4th WR behind Edwards who has shown better hands and quickness needed for a 3rd WR in passing downs.

  2. The panthers are solid and deep at WR this year. Aside from Smith, Jarrett will have opportunity this year. He will become a very good player. Lafell will play a key role, but he will not start. Edwards will take the first steps toward becoming Steve Smith’s eventual replacement, probably by dazzling fans in the KR game more than the slot-right now. Then there is Kenny Moore, a dependable WR with good hands and some elusiveness. Don’t forget Wallace Wright who figures to get chances, and then there is David Gettis, a beast at Baylor, who runs a 4.39 40. We need TO like a crackhead needs crack.

  3. WR is the most difficult position to play as a rookie in the NFL. It shows with the lack of Rookies making an impact with the exception of a handfull of guys in the past 10 years or so.
    He has a chance to break out, but its highly unlikely and wouldn’t be suprised if Jarret held the starting spot most of the season. I’d look for him to breakout his sophmore season as with Armani

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