Fins finalize rookie deal with John Jerry

The Miami Dolphins overhauled their interior offensive line this offseason, trading away weak-side guard Justin Smiley and opening strong-side guard Donald Thomas’ job to competition after his late-season benching.  There have even been indications that center Jake Grove’s position is up for grabs.

The Fins might’ve found their starting left guard in the third round of April’s draft.  John Jerry, a mauling right tackle at Ole Miss with a 6-foot-5, 332-pound frame and 34 1/4-inch arms, was Miami’s selection at No. 73 overall.  While transitioning from the exterior of the line in college to the interior in the pros may prove something of a challenge, Jerry’s makeup is better cutout for guard than tackle because of his limited athleticism but brute strength.
The Dolphins made sure Jerry would be in camp on time by signing him Tuesday to a four-year, $2.64 million contract.  Old pal Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times had the news first.
In Miami, Jerry will compete with Thomas and Nate Garner, the latter of whom wrapped up the ’09 season in the starting lineup.  Jerry has an edge on Garner in terms of run-blocking upside and system fit.  The Dolphins run a power scheme up front, and Jerry is more powerful.

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  1. O line looks complete now if they could only get the D line together!!! SCORE OFFENSE SCORE!!! GO FINS!!!

  2. Call me skeptical but Parcells hasn’t put together a very impressive resume on offensive linemen over the last few years. He’s still earning a living based on his reputation from 20 years ago. He can improve a team just enough to make you think he still has it but he just looks like a cranky, old coach who has let the game pass him by.

  3. To db3300–ok your skeptical..
    some obervations form others who know the game:
    Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williamson examines the upcoming competition for ESPN Insider. He writes “Miami has a chance to have the best offensive line in the league.” also:
    Williamson writes:
    I expect Miami to have an elite offensive line. The Dolphins routinely kept extra pass-blockers in for added protection last season. That trend should begin to change drastically, which should help the passing game. This is a young group collectively, and Miami should be set for years to come. It has clearly been a major priority of this regime to rebuild the front wall after it took over a hapless Dolphins’ team several years ago.

  4. db3300 says: July 20, 2010 4:16 PM
    Call me skeptical but Parcells hasn’t put together a very impressive resume on offensive linemen over the last few years
    Based on the fact that you’ve been listening to a certain idiot Cowboy fanboy who doesn’t know anything or what?
    2003 – 2nd and 7th round. Top pick missed the entire year due to knee injury.
    2004 – 2nd round. Missed season with injuries. Career over, now coaching.
    2005 – 7th round pick.
    2006 – 2 7th round picks.
    4 of his picks were 7th round picks and unfortunately, his two highest picks had severe injuries and he had no control over that. Most of his picks were for back up purposes.
    He drafted Long two years ago and there’s no way in hell that you can criticize him for that pick.

  5. db3300 says: July 20, 2010 4:16 PM
    Call me skeptical but Parcells hasn’t put together a very impressive resume on offensive linemen over the last few years
    You also forget that Sparano is one of the best oline coaches in the league dumbass.

  6. 1998: Miami had a solid 10–6 season in 1998 with a career season for receiver O.J. McDuffie, but it was not enough to get past the 12-4 New York Jets into first place in the division. The Dolphins beat the Bills in the wild card round, but lost in the next round to the eventual champion Denver Broncos.
    1999: Miami suffered the second worst playoff loss in NFL history against the Jacksonville Jaguars: 62–7. After the season, Jimmy Johnson left the team and Marino retired.
    2001: The Dolphins lost in the first round of the playoffs 20–3 to the Baltimore Ravens.
    2002: Miami pulled off an impressive win over the Oakland Raiders and sat at 9–5 with two weeks left in the season, in prime position to steal the AFC East. However, despite dominating the New England Patriots for most of the game in week 17, the Dolphins blew an 11-point lead with mere minutes remaining in the game led to a heartbreaking loss. Due to a tiebreaker, both the Dolphins and Patriots lost out on the playoffs as the Jets took the AFC East title.
    2007: The Dolphins hit rock bottom in 2007, losing eight games in a row before the bye week, five of which were by three points or less. A loss to Philadelphia in Week 11 sealed their fate for the season, and the next game was a rare 3-0 defeat in Pittsburgh. A win in Week 15 over the Baltimore Ravens ensured that the Dolphins would not have a winless season, but the last two matches were lost, ending Miami’s 2007 campaign at 1-15.
    2008: In 2008, the Dolphins performed a 180-degree turnaround, aided by new coach Tony Sparano. The team ended at 11-5 and won the division title, making for the greatest single-season turnaround in NFL history. However, they were routed out of their own building and the playoffs by Baltimore, 27-9.

  7. they took the worst 0-line in football and have gradually made it into one of the best, thanx mainly to getting Jake long and re-signing Carey.

  8. @bleedinggreen ok buddy so what have your jets been up to? first trip to the afc finals since like 82 and which team did they lose too? Ok so this wasnt miami’s decade but the wets dont realy have much to be proud of either. Until rex ryan can do a sit up i will remain unimpressed

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