Kris Jenkins takes a shot at a former teammate, or two

Jets nose tackle Kris Jenkins, who supposedly was coaxed out of retirement by coach Rex Ryan, appeared earlier tonight on NFL Network.

Though most of the discussion about the 2010 Jets has focused on the high-profile arrivals, the Jets have experienced more than a few departures, including guard Alan Faneca, safety Kerry Rhodes, and running back Thomas Jones.

Jenkins addressed the issue of filling the various voids. 

“We have great guys who have come in to step up and fill in a void of
some of the big losses that we have had this [offseason],” Jenkins said.  “In some other cases, we’ve had some real men step up in for the women
that we lost
.  So we’re going to be OK.  Don’t worry about it.”

Ouch.  And Jenkins said “women.”  As in plural.  ‘

Too bad the Jets don’t play the Cardinals this year.  Two of the potential “women” — Faneca and Rhodes — ended up there.

54 responses to “Kris Jenkins takes a shot at a former teammate, or two

  1. I don’t know about Faneca, but Rhodes and Lito definitely qualify. Strickland too

  2. I love how a guy who can’t have the self control to eat himself to 400 lbs is criticizing other people.

  3. tell me if this doesnt beat out the favre issue. some people just dont get how to shut the f@%k up and do there job. jenkins really wasnt that good to be flapping off at the mouth

  4. wow shots fired…
    ill give him rhodes being a woman cause all he cares about is acting…faneca is a hell of a player, i doubt he was talking about him

  5. Sad to see you get to the trashing because certainly I thought you were bigger than that (metaphorically speaking). I have a good feeling Thomas Jones will remember that comment and buckle up dough-boy because he will gun for you a couple of times if we play his team.

  6. As I said before…this is all about selling those UNSOLD PSLs.
    By having the coach, owner, or a player saying something to get in the papers or the web is just what the club decided to do to sell those seats.

  7. Yo Kris, the Jets were one win from the Super Bowl with those “women”, while you were lugging your fat ass around on crutches. Their contributions were much more significant, than yours.

  8. well kerry is a chicks name and alan does have some baloney boobs so he is partially right

  9. Good thing Kris was born without a Mom, or he’d have some answering to do.

  10. can someone tell me how to use HTML tags please? List them and tell me what each does please!!!

  11. can someone tell me how to use HTML tags please? List them and tell me what each does please!!!

  12. Maybe next year the Jets will fill a void created by the departure of a loud mouthed fat ass!

  13. Boy, this team gets easier and easier to hate every day.
    Kris, at least these ‘women’ were able to play for their team while making a playoff run. It’s easy to criticize while you’re watching the playoffs from your sofa.
    And I love how he boasts about the Jets depth. Heaven help the Jets if anyone on their OL or DL gets injured.

  14. he was just tired of having his a$$ whupped in practice, then spanked with his own tampon

  15. What did Kris Jenkins ever win? Big Red is a Super Bowl Champion and one of the best guards to ever play the game. Kris Jenkins went to Maryland, which means he sucks and is also fat. Shut your c@ck sucker, fat boy.
    Big Red. Steeler for Life.

  16. Rhodes is the obvious one, I wouldn’t be suprised if he was also speaking on Sheppard and or Strickland who were out most of the year with injuries and Sheppard especially who played last year in a very womenly manner

  17. I love the way he was honest and let all know how he feels about the Fans. Most players feel this way but never will come out and say it. He called them out as punks and bandwagon jumpers. Saying they are all hyped up when they win but turn on them and run them out of town when they are not winning. Sounds like a great Fan base.

  18. Rhodes, Faneca, and TJ were among the smart ones that knew an ego filled locker room means a 7-9 team at best. I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR THE JETS EXCUSES!!!!!

  19. “seen a big azz and i said word, took a look at the face and jenkins swallowed the whole bird”
    why is it that the fat people always talk the most crap and are the most annoying…..

  20. There’s no way he was talking about Alan Faneca. Kerry Rhodes and Lito Sheppard are the likely candidates. Faneca is well respected universally and might be a HOFer.

  21. Kerry Rhodes is definitely one of the guys he is talking about. Lito or Strickland could be the other “women”. Feely too, thought I doubt Jenks cares enough about a kicker to call him out. No chance he was talking about Faneca or TJ. Those guys were probably the two most respected guys in the Jets locker room.

  22. can someone tell me how to use HTML tags please? List them and tell me what each does please!!!
    Teach a man to fish… something, something…

  23. If anyone watched the interview, he basically dumped on all the Jets fans.
    He commented on how great it would be to win it all but then went on to say how the Jests fans are used to big expectations only to be let down.
    He basically could give two sh–s about the Jets fans, called out former teammates as women even though his big fat ass was on the sideline for the Jets playoff run contributing ZIP.
    Multiple ACL injuries, this fat slob is done and is coming back for his cameo appearance on Hard Knocks.
    Truth be told, The Jets actually signed the biggest woman in the NFL known as Lady T. She’ll look good sitting on the bench behind her shield. She has been as HAS BEEN for over two seasons. Seems like the Charger players, ie Shaun Phillips on ESPN are glad the Chargers have moved on.
    This entire team is a great example of what we have seen for the past 41 years, lots of talk and NO RESULTS.
    This team is a joke, the coach is a joke and the players are a joke.
    For all the Jests fans that have been following the team for about fifteen minutes, the Steelers were the best defense going into the 2009 season. How did that work out???
    J ust
    E nd
    T his
    S hit
    or more likely, after week 8
    J enkins
    E nds
    T his
    S eason
    Make all the comments from the sorriest fanbase as Kris Jenkins concurred,
    You haven’t won anything in almost a century and will not anytime soon.
    Good thing, Chico Sanchez has gotten his endorsement deal from Nathans !

  24. PittsburghSteelerz says: July 20, 2010 9:58 PM
    Teach a man to fish… something, something…
    i couldn’t find the one where you type the player’s name and it shows up red so when you click on it, it goes to their page….

  25. I know it’s kinda trendy to rip the jets but c’mon guys, we always rip our athletes for giving those typical cliche laden answers and here somebody speaks his mind and you’re ripping him for it?!? Everybody knows that Kerry Rhodes is a soft player and he was probaby also refering to shepard and strickland who had new injuries every week. Every week they were supposed to come back but had setbacks, well that’s Whats considered womanish in an NFL locker room. (we all know he didn’t mean faneca, florio just threw it out there to stir up stuff)

  26. READY2CRUSH says:
    Rhodes, Faneca, and TJ were among the smart ones that knew an ego filled locker room means a 7-9 team at best. I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR THE JETS EXCUSES!!!!!
    Rhodes was the ego in the locker room douchbag. He got his ass kicked by Thomas Jones in the locker room late last year. No one liked the guy. That’s why he had to be one of the women Jenkins was talking about.

  27. How did you miss the part where he said “naw, I don’t videotape my opponents to get an edge” in response to Rich Eisen asking him about Damien Woody and Rex Ryan’s weight loss?

  28. it’s amazing how far the jets have fallen. i guess they follow their leader … fat and loud.

  29. The only thing missing from this article was “Rex Ryan stepped in front of the camera with a mouthful of crap and declared they are the team of the 2010’s.” Jets will have a banner season, as they finish 8-8.

  30. It was Kerry, and Lito, and I agree with him. Both of them did nothing but cry, and borrow each other’s tampons

  31. # krazykjun says: July 20, 2010 11:18 PM
    it’s amazing how far the jets have fallen. i guess they follow their leader … fat and loud.
    Yeah the Jets “fell” all the way to the AFC Championship. That totally makes sense…

  32. I didn’t think Kris Jenkins mouth could possibly be bigger than his fat rolls.. I was most definitely incorrect.

  33. its amazing how far the jets have fallen? when they have no where to go but up…..good post krazy. we can all see your lack of football knowledge about a team that obviously only got much better in the off season
    steeler the jets defense is alone worth 8 wins, dont count on that.

  34. faneca was a bit of a whiny bitch his last season in pittsburgh, steeler fans want to remember the good times, and those were there, but we won number six, six, count them folks, six, after he left. i could see faneca complaining a lot…doesn’t take away from him as a player, its just part of it…

  35. Oooooo hark at her, bitchy.
    Maybe this why there are no gays in the NFL, some of the players get classified as “women”.

  36. I Love the constant Jets jealousy. Jets Superbowl win will be so sweet… You are jealous of the greatest Defense of all time and the best coach ever. Thanks.

  37. @ Ravenmuscle:
    Yes we know that you feel every article about the Jets is in regards to the PSL sales, or lack thereof. Unfortunately for you, the Jets have a great team in the biggest media market in the world. Stories about what kind of underwear Jenks wears could probably make it to print. So no, I don’t believe this has anything to do with PSL’s.
    Thank you for commenting ONCE AGAIN about something completely unrelated to the story at hand though. Please drive thru…

  38. # CutlerIsACryBaby says: July 20, 2010 9:08 PM
    can someone tell me how to use HTML tags please? List them and tell me what each does please!!!
    If you start with a and follow it up with your text and then add a you will get the following below:
    Look at my crazy slanted text
    Don’t ask a Steeler fan anything, they are too stupid to help. The fact they read blows our minds.

  39. You are jealous of the greatest Defense of all time and the best coach ever. Thanks.———————————————-
    This is why you noobs will never win anything. You are too stupid to even know your team has been an adject failure for 41 years. The jests have NEVER been the best of anything. 1 year doesn’t mean much in the total picture trolls. Your “so called best D” got punked by the Miami Dolphins for 61 points! 2-4 in your own division sucks.
    But, by all means hang on to your little shallow fluke victory of last years gift…that’s all you got. 5th seed, please. STFU.

  40. There’s no way anyone is talking about Faneca… He may have been opld and declining but, he was a well respected member of th elocker room….
    Kerry Rhodes and Lito Sheppard, on other hand…. Hmmmmmm.
    Article is also funny in that, Kris said he “thought of retiring one day” and playing for Rex was one thing that keeps him going.. .THERE WAS NO SIT DOWN WHERE REX CONVINCED THE MAN TO PLAY…. More Florio spin… The made up stories here are a hoot….

  41. @ SomeFans:
    1. Noobs? How does that even fit into the picture?
    2. Failure? If failure is no SB, then yes. New Orleans was also a failure somewhat recently. So your point is???
    3. You say NEVER and then admit they were the best defense last year. That’s just stupid on your part. Never means never, not one time.
    4. Uhm, 3 of those TD’s were from DEF/ST. So lets ratchet that 61 down to 40. Which is slightly above average for the Jets Def for 2 games last year.
    5. 2-4 in the division may suck, but playing in the AFC championship game does not. And let’s remember that getting there took 2 playoff wins on the road… regardless of what the Colts and Bungals may have gift wrapped for them in weeks 16 & 17.

  42. Funny when Dulfans trash the Jets because it has been over 10 years since Miami has won a playoff game…when was the last time they won2 on the road or 2 in the same season?

  43. @SomeFans:
    So because 1 fan makes that statement you call us all out? WOW kid…I know you hate the Jets and their fans and all but give credit where it is due man…Jets made it to the AFC Championship game last year, not the Pats or the Fins….whether you like how they got there, they did and you can not argue that because it is a FACT

  44. The New York Jets organization could cure AIDS and end world hunger and you losers would still be complaining day in and day out about Rex’s weight or the “loserdom” of the fan base.
    Bottom line is….The Jets are the hottest team in the NFL and that statement could be backed up by looking at the post counts in their threads.
    Bottom line is….most of you losers are fatter than Rex Ryan.
    most of you losers make a fraction of money the lowliest Jets employee makes
    most of you losers dont even have jobs…..ampats has thousands of posts on this website….granted he’s 75 years old and probably retarded… i mean retired, but you get the point.
    Funny how you losers call Jets fans bandwagon fans and in the same breath mention they havent done anything in 41 years….hypocritical perhaps, downright moronic…absolutely
    Pats fans….all 3 of you that are left, turn the lights out when you leave
    Dolphin fans….1 word..J-LO
    Enjoy looking up to the Jets over the next couple of years, your hatred will boost revenues for this site 10 fold. Keep clicking those Jets stories and keep replying 100x a day….easier to sell ad space for Florio.
    He’s not stupid, why do you think he posts so many Jets related articles…..he knows the mouth breathers will piss all over themselves to post how the Jets wont do anything or haven’t done anything in years.

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