De Smith: "God help those agents" who violate rules regarding paying college players

The NCAA recently has made it clear that it will no longer look the other way when evidence arises of college football players getting paid.  The NFL Players Association, which regulates contract agents, apparently plans to take the situation seriously, too.

In a Wednesday appearance on ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning, NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said that the union plans to pursue aggressively any agents who have violated the rules regarding the payment of college players.

Smith said that the NFLPA currently is investigating the possibility that an agent hired a runner (a go-between who helps recruit college players) to pose as a union employee.  Smith said that the NFLPA will pursue sanctions against those agents.  He also didn’t rule out the possibility of referring such cases to criminal authorities.

“God help those agents” who are deemed to be guilty of a violation, Smith said.

Currently, the NFLPA has jurisdiction over contract agents and financial advisors.  Both groups generally have been tied to paying players.  Another group — marketing agents — are not covered by the union, but they arguably should be.

Either way, the matter seems to be on the union’s radar screen.  The next question becomes whether the union will be willing to take thorough and consistent action against any and all agents and financial advisors who break the rules, even if it means punishing agents who are on the union’s “most favored nations” list.

UPDATE:  Former NFL sideline reporter and current CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian had an interesting response, via Twitter, to the headline of this item.  “[B]ull-shit,” Keteyian said.  (We had no idea that the term was spelled with a hyphen.)

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  1. Talk is cheap De Smith – lets see the follow through.
    Protecting amateur sports should be everyone’s responsibility.
    If the NFLPA truly means what they say here then major kudo’s to them – let us all know how we can help you NFLPA

  2. Blah blah blah blah blah… I heard this D-bag on the radio this earlier today spewing loads of BS… he’s nothing but another Shyster trial lawyer that loves to flap his gums so he can hear himself talking in circles.

  3. I got an idea..
    Why not give them some money to eat and live on so the temptation wont be so great.
    Most of these athletes are broke as a joke when they get there, and at times dont know where the next meal is coming. Trust me, i was there for that crap!!

  4. And we have no idea that Armen Keteyian was chief investigative correspondence. We thought he was a correspondent or a chief of investigative correspondence.
    Funny how those things are…

  5. i bet duh is friends with most of the offending agents and their runners.
    eugene parker, anyone?
    havent u seen how the obama-ites work… they will bash them… but at the end of their day they are nuzzling in bed together.
    and you are poorer still, mr. taxpayer.

  6. Karma,
    These guys are’t taking money under the table to be able to buy some Ramen.
    They wanna buy LandRovers.

  7. Uniform Athletes Agent Act-Illinois just passed it becoming the 39th state to do so. Among other things it gives schools cause of action against agents and former players.

  8. Maybe somebody can prepare De Smith a list of agents that have tampered with College players and let him go ahead and let God help them so to speak – lets see ACTION De Smith

  9. # Strick says:
    Yeah. Sure DeMaurice.
    The PLAYERS union wants to crack down on AGENTS…
    Really, do you think that it was the AGENTS that pushed to reduce commissions?

  10. karmathaitch,
    You must not know but see college athletes who are on scholarships, which happens to be every player getting paid off because only top players get paid off and receive scholarships, get a meal plan and have a dorm room or apartment as part of their scholarship. Trust me these guys don’t have any complaints. They are popular on campus, professors are easier on them than everyone else, and they don’t have thousands in student loans like the rest of us have.

  11. @ Karmathaitch
    When did the full athletic scholarship and (potentially) 4 free years of room/ board/ college education become not enough compensation for these student athletes and their family’s?
    Their parents don’t have to foot the college bill that so many other family’s incur… so I don’t get what your argument is… and if a meal plan isn’t included with the scholarship package, which I’m certain it is, then why wouldn’t the parents of these kids be able to afford to feed their kids through college… considering they don’t even have to pay for college?

  12. De Smith is full of shit. Players demanding cash from agents and agents paying it has been going on forever without so much as a peep from the NFLPA. What De Smith, Coach Saban and the rest of the alleged “politically correct” nay-sayers shy away from is that it is the PLAYERS who DEMAND large sums of money from the agents, it’s NOT the agents coming to the homes of these kids and offering it. The first word out of these kids mouth, usually with his parent at his side is” HOW MUCH WILL YOU GIVE ME IF I HIRE YOU AS MY AGENT.
    To believe these kids are being taken advantage of is ludicrous; they are willing and demanding participants.

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