Jeremy Green still in jail, lawyer decries "outrageous" bail

Former NFL scout and ESPN analyst Jeremy Green remains in custody on $750,000 bail almost two weeks after he was arrested in Bristol, Connecticut, and charged with first-degree possession of child pornography, possession of narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Hartford Courant quotes Green’s public defender, Claud Chong, as calling the bail amount “outrageous.”

“There’s nothing special about this particular defendant that would warrant such a high bond,” Chong said.

It’s not clear why Green, who has been gainfully employed by NFL teams or ESPN for most of his adult life, needs a public defender, but he apparently can’t afford a lawyer, let alone the bond to get himself out of jail. Green is the son of former NFL head coach Dennis Green.

The Courant reports that the judge “ordered a medical watch” for Green after he entered not guilty pleas during a court appearance Tuesday. Green is scheduled to return to court on August 31.

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  1. What is more telling is that “Daddy” isn’t posting his bail or helping him out. What is up with that?

  2. Screw him.
    There should be NO BAIL AT ALL when it comes to “first-degree possession of child pornography”.

  3. “There’s nothing special about this particular defendant that would warrant such a high bond,” Chong said.
    Is this guy serious? Child porn, drugs, and drug paraphernalia… the guy uses heavily and obviously likes kids way too much in an unhealthy way. If he’s not a risk to general society, then I don’t understand who could be. If the legal system keeps this guy off the streets until his trial, then it looks like it finally might be doing its job for a change.
    BTW, Claud Chong sucks. Maybe we ought to get this douche bag off the streets, or at least out of practicing law if he really believes what he’s saying.

  4. Would you bail your son out or hope he learned a lesson? I’d leave my son in there for as long as they want him. Maybe he’ll take some time to think about the fact that naked pictures of children and cocaine are not a solid lifestyle choice.

  5. Not only can he not afford it (which seems really high… wonder what else is on his record), but his dad isn’t bailing him out… There’s more to this case than we know. And for the record, I don’t want to know any more.

  6. He had best hope to high heaven that his attorney’s law partner has no iteration of “Cheech” in his name or I’m afraid that, after deliberating the case, the jury will come back with a rope!

  7. Hey Jeremy, call Mike Vick – he can tell you what it’s like to be a prag.

  8. When Dennis Green was asked about posting bail he said,
    ” We knew who he was, we just let him get away. If you want to call him an child porn deviant and drug addict,
    Then crown his ass !
    Someone in prison is going to.

  9. The Hartford Courant quotes Green’s public defender, Claud Chong –
    Damn I feel sorry for him with a name like that!!!!

  10. He’s innocent until proven guilty — (except, apparently, here on PFT).
    Unless he is a true flight risk — he deserves reasonable bail.

  11. This is funny cuz it reminds me – Wasnt there a famous rant by his father years ago? His dad was a coach right? I bet some of the comments from that tirade would be funny if I posted them here.
    Im gonna look them up now so I can be the first one to post them, because no one else would ever think to do this.

  12. he has a public defender?!?!? LOL! he should also be charged with impersonating a real NFL expert.

  13. If he doesn’t want a high bail, he shouldn’t have been doing things to get him arrested. Suck it up douchebag.

  14. Listened to him on a podcast once. In the words of Charles was turrible. Amazing he got a job in the first place.

  15. Don’t you typically have to post 10% of the actual number to get out? It’s kind of stunning that this guy can’t come up with 75k (or find a bail bondsman to front it).
    This guy must have really loved the nose candy.
    In a related reported, Claude Chong’s partner Cheech said it was unfortunate he couldn’t have stuck with the weed- it’s cheaper.

  16. @realitypolice you need 10% if you use a bail bondsman. And you never see that money again. Pay the full bail, and you can recover it if you show in court. Most people don’t have $75k in liquid assets.

  17. He doesn’t need bail. He needs the credit for time served.
    This sicko is going away for a long time. What will the jury think when they view the child porn and hear about his drug usage and see the shape of his drug paraphenalia?
    The guy is clearly a danger to society.

  18. cocaine + money = periods of insanity + slow physical death
    The reaction goes to completion.

  19. Levito says:
    July 21, 2010 10:36 AM
    @realitypolice you need 10% if you use a bail bondsman. And you never see that money again. Pay the full bail, and you can recover it if you show in court. Most people don’t have $75k in liquid assets.
    Most people who make a living on TV and whose father was an NFL coach don’t have 75k in liquid assets? Really?
    He apparently doesn’t, but I think he would be more the exception to rule for people in his position.

  20. Its up to the country corrections commissioner to set bond and he decided what percentage a person needs to pay often 10% but frequently the suspect is required to pay the full amount. To those saying he committed a crime and therefor he deserves everything he gets, I bet you all are the same lot that complain about players with gun charges being unconstitutional, complaining about this that and the other that goes against our constitution, but I should remind you that unreasonable bail is unconstitutional as well. With the details known to us in this article it seems unreasonable to me

  21. 1. WTF do you think his public defender is going to say? “Judge, you should raise it”
    2. The purpose of bail is to ensure the defendant returns to court for subsequent proceedings. Its not meant to be a punishment.
    3. Innocent until proven guilty.. (repeat that a few hundred times until you understand the importance of it)
    4. Some states don’t allow bail bonds and you are required to put up $75,000 or 10%. I assure you, if Green puts up $75k, he will no longer have a public defender, Courts frown on burdening the system when you have money to hire a private attorney

  22. Not guilty? Forensic computer analysts can figure out how that porn got there.
    His best move is to start the recovery by apologizing and changing his plea to ‘guilty.’ If his bail were affordable, he’d be a flight risk. The medical watch will make sure he can’t kill himself, so that he can be delivered to his sentence. Then, the inmates will decide his fate, and I hear they have more tolerance for murderers than they do for people committing crimes against kids. Jeremy Green had to have known what he was doing was both wrong and STUPID, even with all the coke. If he didn’t know it was wrong, he needs to be locked up anyway. Make it a quick trial, throw away the key.

  23. I agree totally that the bail amount seems a little “high”, but keep in mind that bail is determined by the type of crime(s) involved, any kind of flight risk, and also be reminded that this foolio is somewhat of a celebrity, and pretty much all county/district attorneys live for cases like these, as many bones can be made and reputations enhanced or destroyed by whatever outcome. If they have what appears to be a fairly solid case against an offender, they’ll do whatever is necessary to keep an offender under wraps until a court date is set. At this point only a judge can lower the bond amount, and that may not happen especially in a case like this. Mr Green is screwed beyond belief. In reference to his lawyer, we can only hope the judge assigned is not named Gladys Dikes (LOL)

  24. Okay, despite the details of his charges, he has the right to a fair trial to determine whether he is indeed guilty or innocent. The amount of the bond is dependant upon whether he is a flight risk or a threat to society. Based on his drug charges, I would say it was a fair amount. That being said, he IS innocent until proven guilty…….

  25. Sad part about this is that it gets absolutely no news coverage. This man was employed by ESPN, as a writer. Skip Baylis sat his ass on tv just a couple of days ago and says Vick should be punished for having a birthday party, but yet they fail to report that one of their own has been charged with numerous counts of kiddy porn. Innocent until proven guilty is so right, however in the Vick party incident it didn’t make a difference at all he was being treated as if he was guilty, for a shooting that he had nothing to do with, wasn’t even there when it happened, yet the media had a field day, and were trying their damdest to make him guilty, and at the same time they failed to cover this freak. And you wonder why people refer to the media as being racist.

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