Jimmy Johnson currently filming "Survivor" in Nicaragua

Former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson will be on television plenty this Fall other than his usual FOX appearances and ExtenZe commercials.

Mark Francesutti and Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News reported early Tuesday morning that Johnson joined the cast of Survivor, which started taping at the end of June.  Taping only lasts 39 days, so Johnson will be back well before the FOX studio show starts.

The idea seems bizarre, but Johnson previously mentioned in an interview he almost joined the cast a few years back, but he failed a physical.  (Maybe those pills he’s taking really do help!)

Now the 67-year-old two-time Super Bowl champion coach will be one of the oldest contestants in the show’s history.  It’s almost enough to make me watch the show for the first time.

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  1. Haha I hope he wins. He’ll actually probably be one of the firs to get voted off for yelling orders to everyone.

  2. I’d love to make a joke here, but the only two episodes I ever saw were aired in 2000. Don’t they usually separate the contestants into two teams. Picture Johnson saying “HOW ‘BOUT THEM _____?!?” Filling in the blank for whatever they call one of the two teams, and that’s about what the joke would have been.

  3. Are they allowed to have hair gel on the island? How will he take care of his famous hair helmet?

  4. Every Survivor season need’s a giant asshole. I think by the first vote he will be begging to get back to a KFC.

  5. So has this guy not set a penny aside for retirement? First a pitch man for Extenze “male enhancement” and now this?

  6. Those ExtenZe tablets will come in handy. Able to pitch a larger, bigger TENT, and it can stay up longer.
    His male opponents have ZERO chance, and the women will flock to him.

  7. That’s awesome..
    I’d love to see Barry Switzer, Leon Lett, Darryl Johnston, and Michael Irvin join him..some of the old Cowboys
    maybe a few Bills from the early 90s as well – Marv Levy, Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, Don Beebe, Andre Reed..
    although we know who the winner would be

  8. Wow, so now maybe we’ll find out that ExtenZe confers immunity from the tribal vote too, in addition to its other beneficial effects. Hopefully, the immunity will last longer than 4 hours though.
    I will watch, if only to see what Jimmy’s hair really looks like when it’s not frozen in place.

  9. I wonder if they’ll try to “hide” him like they did with Gary Hogeboom a few years ago. Gary went in incognito and didn’t reveal who he was. Granted, Jimmy is much more high profile – even Gary was sniffed out by one of the cast who was a football fan.

  10. It’ll be interesting how his fame works for him.
    Gary Hogeboom lasted a while, but he pretended to own a landscaping firm. Of course he’s not at all known outside the football world and I’ll bet most here dont know what team he was on.
    He had the disadvantage of having an aspiring female talk radio host also on the show who knew him from his college career.
    Fox wont care. Its all a gain for them. He is not going to bump the CBS ratings much and Johnson will be more of an advertisement for FOX’ pregame show during CBS primetime.

  11. # SATAN567 says: July 21, 2010 9:29 AM
    The FOX studio show is terrible.
    Hell of a lot better than the crap ESPN gives you with Tom “I admire that Favre isn’t afraid to throw game losing interceptions” Jackson.

  12. If I remember correctly, JJ has a psychology degree and fancies himself a good motivator because of it. I wonder if he thinks motivation is a form of manipulation that he can transform to win this thing.
    On the other hand, maybe he just likes being sweaty with no shirt on.
    What’s he going to do without all the Heinekens he normally consumes?

  13. If it was April 1st, this story would make sense.
    Otherwise, this is completely mind-boggling. Don’t people go on Survivor to GET famous? I think JJ had that covered.

  14. What classic Cowboy behavior! Pimping Extenze, joining Survivor – line up the kids to get a load of their role model. It’s too bad they are illegal or we could get Jimmah hawking crack rocks and streetwalkers. Next is a line of neon suits.
    Unless you grew up within 100 miles of Ft. Worth, the only explanation for being a Cowboy fan is Bad Parenting! Hail!

  15. nevegreg says:
    July 21, 2010 9:49 AM
    How pathetic is this. Typical Cowboy.
    LOL! And it Drive You NUTS, doesn’t it?

  16. Didn’t he quit coaching so he could be closer to his family???
    Nothing says “I want to be with you always”, like signing up to be stranded on a desert island thousands of miles away from your family with no means of communication!!
    The “honey-do” list getting too long for ya Jimmy boy????

  17. I wanna see T Owens on the show.
    I want to see Owens try to get someone to form an alliance with him.

  18. So no girls will know who he is, some 24 years old will say, I used your pills and they did not work! They needs to have a Bills, Eagles, Redskins and Giant fan on the island, all tell Jimmy they are Cowboy fans, let him run the show, lose the 1st challenge then vote his ass off! Then shout Dallas sucks as he walks off!

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