Patrick Ramsey poised to join Saints this week

The anticipated return of Patrick Ramsey to New Orleans should happen by the end of the week.

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports the Saints are poised to sign Ramsey.  Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, who mentioned the likely move more than a month ago, says the signing will occur soon after free agency signing limitations are lifted on Thursday.

Ramsey attended Tulane, briefly crossing paths with Rich Rodriguez before Rodriguez headed to Florio’s part of the world.  (Yeah, there’s no way I’d include all this detail unless I was at Tulane at the time.)

On the Saints, Ramsey figures to assume the backup role Mark Brunell held last year.  Sean Canfield and Chase Daniel should battle for the No. 3 spot.

14 responses to “Patrick Ramsey poised to join Saints this week

  1. from one danskins throwaway to the next….. brunell, now patrick ramsey…… within a few yrs it’ll be DONNIE!!!!!!! LOL

  2. @ mama tried
    Did mama try to raise you better than to be a slovenly, ignorant Eagle fan? Is that what that means?

  3. so the Saints like collecting the Redskins former qbs?
    Heather Shuler
    Mark Brunell
    Chase Daniel
    Patrick Ramsey
    who else?

  4. Actually don’t see Ramsey stepping in to anything more than the #3 spot w/ Sean Canfield going to the practice squad.

  5. i subconsciously put “heather” shuler instead of heath. guess its because he played like a girl.

  6. Patrick was a great player at Tulane. Welcome home buddy! Hopefully the only time he ever see the field is as the holder.

  7. Bwahhhhhhahaaaaaaaa! I remember seeing that guy get choked slammed at the home opener in 2005 at FedEx by a bears player….dude was knocked unconscious and was replaced by brunell and he never started another game.

  8. # vtsquirm says: July 21, 2010 11:06 AM
    so the Saints like collecting the Redskins former qbs?
    Heather Shuler
    Mark Brunell
    Chase Daniel
    Patrick Ramsey
    who else?
    I heard Jeff George is available….

  9. Wonder if this guy still has nightmares from playing in the Ol’ Ball Coach’s Offense?

  10. Ramsey will do fine. Those who are critical have not researched what has happened to him over his career. He had no offensive line at Washington. Add to that Stupid Steve coaching him who left him wide open. Then Gibbs came in dead set on bringing old Burnell in and had his mind made up. Brunell really made a difference… Right.Had Patrick been drafted somewhere else with a chance on a decent team his career would look different today. The problem is once you get on a crappy team -you get labeled. Two quarterback tragedies that year were David Carr and Patrick Ramsey. They both got on terrible teams and have paid the price.
    If Drew gets injured Patrick can do the job if he gets the chance. Needs a coach who believes in him and he will do well. Good choice.

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