Troy Smith pronounces himself a Marc Bulger fan

The Baltimore Ravens’ decision to sign backup quarterback Marc Bulger, likely at the expense of last year’s backup, Troy Smith, doesn’t seem to be sitting well with everyone on the team: Both starting quarterback Joe Flacco and safety Ed Reed have hinted that they would have preferred to have Smith remain in the team’s No. 2 slot.

But Smith himself says he’s cool with welcoming Bulger to the team.

“I’m proud to have another teammate. He’s definitely a good guy. I’ve been a fan of his for a while. That side of what’s going on, I can’t control,” Smith told the Baltimore Sun.

Smith says he doesn’t have any problem with having to compete for a spot on the roster.

“Everybody gets a chance to compete, though. That’s the way the game is. Even Joe is in competition. We all get a chance to bond together and become a great quarterback group,” Smith said.

Realistically, that’s the only thing Smith can say. Even if Smith resents Bulger’s presence, it would be foolish of him to say so. Smith’s best chance of keeping a job as an NFL quarterback is to say he embraces the competition from the player who was brought in to take his job.

21 responses to “Troy Smith pronounces himself a Marc Bulger fan

  1. I am now officially a Troy Smith fan. ALWAYS take the high road if you want to earn respect.

  2. i’d welcome smith to the eagles. we’ll give you mike vick and his duffle bag full of dog collars.

  3. T-Dog will end up on somebody’s roster as a starter within the next 2 years.

  4. At this point in his career, is Bulger really better than Troy Smith? Really? In a true open competition, I think Smith might beat him out for the #2 job.
    I agree that somebody is going to give Troy Smith a chance to start in the next couple of years if Baltimore let’s him walk.

  5. “T-Dog will end up on somebody’s roster as a starter within the next 2 years.”
    Buckeye homerism is cute…

  6. @The Real Shuxion says:
    July 21, 2010 11:27 AM
    I am an anime adult film fan.
    C’mon man!!!!
    Hey Shux, did Frank Burns die or change his name?

  7. Wow WTF are you guys tokin’ on cuz I want somma that! Bulger is veteran insurance and a wise pickup even if the price was steep. I love Troy but bottom line is he doesn’t have the experience to win in the playoffs. He will get his shot; Sad to say it most likely won’t be in Baltimore. For where this team wants to go this year, I think the addition of Bulger was more or less a necessary evil…

  8. Beck sucks release him now and put the drama to rest. Tell troy we want to keep you but it aint just as a qb. We gave you a chance to be picked up AND NO ONE WANTS YOU!

  9. Troy Smith is better than douchebag QB that the Dolphins have as a starter so he definately has shot to be starting somewhere within 2 years

  10. I just wonder if PFT is gonna post every Baltimore Ravens response to how they feel about Bulger on the team.
    Talk about beating a dead horse..

  11. Release him and the Nati can cut O’Weakagain and sign Smith to be Palmers back up….Thats only if Little Brother hasnt continued to develop…

  12. “i’d welcome smith to the eagles. we’ll give you mike vick and his duffle bag full of dog collars.”
    Wow i cant tell you how creative this was. I was laughing my face off for hours with this joke. See what you did was you asked “What happens if Troy Smith doesnt make the team, he will either get cut or traded” then your thought process went to “now who is in the news and a tradeable NFL QB that Baltimore could swap with” Enter Michael Vick….then you were so insightful to add that “We would trade him for Smith straight up, heck we’d even throw in dog collars” making reference to why he was arrested over 2 years ago. Excellent.
    haahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha what a gut buster.
    I havent laughed that hard in years, thank you sir. Its not every day you see a joke of this quality.

  13. Maybe he can back up Philip Rivers, get the job and the Chargers will stop choking..*cough cough*

  14. These comments by Troy Smith and THE reason why the Ravens want Troy in their locker room! Troy is a good influence of everyone around him.
    I don’t think the Ravens let Troy Smith go unless it’s for a legitimate starting job. If he’s going to be a backup, the Ravens would prefer him to be their backup. I think that Troy Smith, even at #3 in the depth chart, still takes snaps in 2QB, wildcat type formations.
    Troy is not the same QB as Flacco. They are not interchangable, they are complimentary. Bulger is interchangable, that is why Bulger is “insurance” against a Flacco injury, Troy Smith is not.
    Next year, after his contract expires, Troy will get a chance to decide what he wants to do. He might decide to go somewhere else as a #2 with a shot at starting. Until then, I think he will enjoy the Ravens and contribute to a great season where he can.

  15. Citizen Strange says:
    July 21, 2010 11:21 AM
    I am now officially a Troy Smith fan. ALWAYS take the high road if you want to earn respect.
    Since he is full of #@$^ with his comment, I am officially NOT a Troy Smith fan. You can support players who play the party line all you want if what you seek is lip service.

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