A little Wednesday night rock and roll

As you may have noticed, I was off for most of the night.  While Rosenthal toiled away, I attended Florio Jr.’s annual Rock Camp concert, the culmination of a five-day process in which a group of kids learn a bunch of songs and play them at the local Buffalo Wild Wings.

And so we give you the group known as Playing with Dynamite, performing the class Kiss tune named for the town in which the Lions play their football.

Florio Jr., by the way, is playing the drums.  (In the red shirt.)

Finally, we suspect some of you will complain in the comments about my decision to post this video, since it has nothing to do with football.  Isn’t it easier just to scroll down the page?

25 responses to “A little Wednesday night rock and roll

  1. So Florio, I take it you weren’t an IP lawyer then, huh?
    Not a shot at your kid, just at the laws as they’re on the books. Let’s see how long it lasts on YouTube.

  2. Just call it Wild Wings, just like Buffalo wings are CHICKEN WINGS! If it has Buffalo in the title, it most likely tastes like dog shit.

  3. Pretty good. I guess if we have to have kids around, they might as well play kick ass rock ‘n roll.
    Still not sure which one is Florio Jr. though. I’m figuring one of the drummers, but then again, I don’t know who shot the video.

  4. Little known fact:
    Gene Simmons is a avid reader (and sometime contributor) to the PFT family.
    He’s also a rabid Packer fan.
    I don’t think he will complain.

  5. Florio Jr. is actually very good in this video.
    However, he has his “Dad’s Stiff Neck” on camera.
    Loosen up kid, flow with the flow.
    Florio Jr.
    Just because Dad has “The Thurman Munster” neck on camera …. Does not mean you have to have that roman statue neck while you develop into the next Keith Moon.
    I can see a little Keith Moon in you kid.

  6. I read everything you wrote in this post waiting patiently for something to be said relevant to the sport of football. It was only at the end of said post that in a mocking tone that only you Florio are capable of that you inform me that if I am not interested in non-football posts on this football website that it would in fact be easier to simply scroll down. However it was too late. I had already wasted my precious time and mental resources trying to decipher some sort of football related theme from the words that preceded the video. If you had only warned me in the title or at the very least near the start of the post about the lack of a connection to the NFL then I simply would have said “thank you” under my breath and turned the wheel of my mouse and the issue would have been closed. Since you have failed at doing so I am now compelled to type this entire comment that may have a lot or words, but doesn’t really say anything at all. Maybe now you will know how we readers, we fans of profootballtalk.com ultimately feel after such posts as these. Thank you and good day. In all seriousness though you should be very proud of your son (as I’m sure you are).

  7. That was great! Nice to see a bunch of kids all play in time, know how to tune up and sing in key. I would love to see more. Where is the you tube page? Glad they didn’t do “Philadelphia Freedom” or “All my ex’s live in Texas”.

  8. John. As cunning as Gene Simmons and Kiss are. I don’t think they would pull a cover done by (pre)teenagers off of you tube.

  9. Drums, were about the only thing good about the performance. Florio, Jr. played real well. The guitars and the vocals were weak tho. You should be proud of your boy.

  10. Yes, it is easier but it’s even easier not to come to this site at all, so then why do we come? Because we wanna read about FOOTBALL, genius!!!!…

  11. He’s pretty good Florio….. Better than I thought he’d be. I play the drums, so I’m not just talkin’ outta my ass. I am impressed.
    At least one Florio is good at what he does…. just kidding.

  12. Why scroll down and miss a perfect opportunity to complain about something?
    Btw he should have picked a better instrument. You know what they call a drummer without a girlfriend?

  13. Cool. Have actually been wondering how the drummer gig was going. First Frankenstein now this. Glad to see he is learning the classics.
    Keep it up.

  14. Was Florio Jr checking out his Blackberry at the 2:19 minute to see if any T.O. rumors came across? Great drumming

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